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At yesterday’s Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, with the ringing of the bell, the three-day 21st LED China 2024 exhibition officially ended.

So, during these three days of the exhibition, which booths and products have become the focus of everyone’s attention? Let’s take a look.

1. There are many exhibitors and visitors

This three-day exhibition not only continues the classic exhibition + symposium mode but also reaches a new height in content, technology, and scale. The exhibition covers more than 12 scientific and technological themes, involving solutions in 18 popular fields, and presents visitors with a panoramic picture of LED technology.

More than 2,000 participating brands gathered from all over the world, representing the latest technology and innovation trends in the LED industry. These brands not only bring their own classic products but also show the latest applications of LED technology in various fields.

The three-day exhibition attracted attention from all over the world. According to statistics, more than 2,8000 spectators came to the scene, including more than 1,400 professional buyers from 93 countries and overseas regions.

At the LED China exhibition, these visitors and buyers are not only looking for their favorite products and technologies but also looking for future cooperation opportunities. Their arrival undoubtedly proves once again the great influence of the LED China exhibition in the LED industry at home and abroad.

2. Indoor ultra-small pixel pitch LED display screen unveiled at the exhibition

Among many booths, the indoor ultra-small pixel pitch LED display launched by Power Giant Color Company in Hall 1 has become the focus.

The point spacing of this display has reached an amazing 0.9 mm, which is almost unbelievable. It adopts the latest LED technology and sophisticated manufacturing process to achieve an ultra-high refresh rate and ensure the smoothness and clarity of the picture.

Even at a very close distance, this display can still show amazing clarity and details. Whether it is viewed with the naked eye or taken with photographic equipment, the picture maintains extremely high clarity. This ultra-small pixel pitch LED display provides a new visual experience for indoor advertising, exhibitions, conferences, and other scenes and also opens up a new way for the further innovation of LED technology.

In addition to this powerful ultra-small pixel pitch display, there are many other eye-catching products and solutions at the exhibition.

From smart home lighting systems to smart city solutions, from stage performance lighting to automotive lighting technology, the application field of LED is constantly expanding, bringing a more convenient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly experience to people’s lives.

3. The combination of LED display and meta-universe

In recent years, with the rapid popularization and continuous upgrading of XR, 3D, AR, and other metaverse virtual technologies, the combination of LED displays and these technologies has become a new trend in the industry.

Metaverse, as a new digital world integrating virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality, has brought unprecedented development opportunities to LED displays.

At this exhibition, many LED display suppliers have demonstrated their latest products combined with meta-universe virtual technology. These LED displays not only have ultra-high-definition picture quality and excellent color reproduction ability but also bring an immersive visual experience to the audience through the integration of XR, 3D, AR, and other technologies.

For example, Levin Display Company showed an XR virtual LED display. The product uses a rendering engine, 3D camera, virtual tracking system, media server, and other technologies to achieve highly flexible graphics editing and real-time control.

4. United Hong Kong and Taiwan to develop China's LED display technology

At this exhibition, representatives from Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Taiwan gathered together to discuss and exchange the technical development of LED display screens and professional audio-visual equipment.

This kind of cross-regional cooperation and exchange not only helps all parties learn from each other but also injects new vitality into the development of the LED display screen and professional audio-visual equipment industry.

Exhibitors from Hong Kong and Taiwan brought their latest technologies and products and had in-depth exchanges and discussions with their counterparts in Shenzhen.

They shared their research results and practical experience in LED display screens, professional audio-visual equipment, and other fields and discussed future development trends and market demand.

5. Many related summits

During the three-day 21st LED China 2024 exhibition, many relevant summits sprung up, providing an excellent platform for participants to have in-depth exchanges and discuss industry trends.

These summits are not only rich in content and topics but also closely linked to various themes and fields of the exhibition, bringing unprecedented learning opportunities to participants.

From the first day of the opening to the last day, the schedule of the summit is full, involving many hot topics such as large-scale party production, audio-to-scene application base, meta-universe, and the ecological development of Mini LED display.

Each summit has attracted the participation of many industry elites, experts, and scholars, who have brought rich experience, unique insights, and profound inspiration and reflection to the participants.

I believe that those who participate in these summits will gain something. For both novices and veterans in the industry, these summits are a rare learning opportunity.

By participating in the summit, the participants can not only broaden their horizons and enhance their professional quality but also lay a solid foundation for the development of their careers.


In general, the 21st LED China 2024 exhibition is undoubtedly a successful event. It not only provides a platform for industry insiders to display and communicate but also promotes the progress and development of the LED industry. We look forward to more surprises and innovations at next year’s LED China exhibition.

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