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LED displays can be seen in many places now, and their “strength” has been recognized by the majority of users. As a highly customizable display technology widely used in modern exhibitions, LED exhibition screens are almost, It can be seen everywhere; with the continuous advancement of technology and the expansion of the scope of application, LED exhibition screens have become one of the most important display methods in the exhibition.

Then, this article will take you to learn more about the current darling of the exhibition, the LED exhibition screen.

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1. What is an exhibition LED display

  • It is the most effective way to show your company and products, and the most attention-grabbing way

  • It is an indispensable part of today’s exhibitions. It attracts attention with brilliant content and achieves the purpose of promotion.

  • It is an important publicity tool to help you stand out from many competitors, and you can create a memorable exclusive booth.

  • It is a combination of design and aesthetics, which can make your booth and the products you want to promote more memorable.

2. Common exhibition LED display types

Now LED display screens have become the mainstream equipment in exhibitions, and you will always see them when you walk into an exhibition; the following article summarizes several common LED types in exhibitions for you; let’s have a look together.

There are usually a lot of people at the exhibition. As a person who visits the exhibition, if there are too many people, it is easy for the people in front to block my sight, so I want the product to be seen by more people; making full use of the venue is the wisest choice! The LED soft screen can be made into a circle shape and hung above the booth so that even if there are many people, it will not be able to stop it, and it can also allow people around 360° to see your brand name. It can also be made into different shapes to match your booth and make your booth unique.

If your exhibition venue is relatively small and does not support your use of a larger LED display, then the LED poster screen is also a good choice; it occupies a relatively small area, but the displayed content is also very comprehensive. You can put the new products and introduction of the exhibition on it; and, it is movable if you want to change the position in the exhibition, it is also possible.

Usually, the larger LED display screens in the exhibition are LED rental screens because the time of each exhibition is not long, so its easy disassembly and assembly feature is particularly important; coupled with its excellent image quality display And the ultra-high resolution, it also occupies a place in the LED exhibition screen.

This is generally installed on the glass partition of the exhibition, and a promotional video with brighter colors is put on it to give the visitors a different aesthetic feeling to achieve the purpose of attracting attention.

3. The benefits brought by the exhibition of LED screen

It has been said above that LED display is an indispensable equipment in the exhibition now, so what makes it so important to the exhibition? Let’s take a look at the benefits of using LED exhibition screens at the exhibition:

  • Attracting eyeballs:

LED exhibition screens have the characteristics of rich colors and high brightness, which can attract more audiences and eyes and increase the exposure and visit rate of exhibits. You can display your logo on it, and its characteristics will make your logo more eye-catching. Just making a poster background should attract more attention.

  • Excellent display effect:

At the exhibition, you can play promotional videos or product pictures through the LED exhibition screen, and the high-resolution and high-definition images and videos displayed on the LED exhibition screen, with bright colors and strong contrast, have excellent display effect Far better than traditional posters and leaflets, it can make your booth more interesting, and it also highlights the products you want to promote on your booth.

  • Strong interactivity:

When viewing the exhibition, people are always used to walking and watching, so the memory of each booth is actually the same. If you want to stand out, you must let people stop for your booth. You can use LED on The exhibition screen, and the audience plays an interactive game, such as face recognition, sensor technology, and other technologies to achieve interactive effects, thereby attracting more audiences to participate in the exhibition activities.

  • Easy to install:

Almost all the LED displays at the exhibition are easy to disassemble and assemble because, considering that the time of the exhibition is not very long, it is a waste to use fixed LED displays. It is a rental type that is easy to disassemble and assemble, which also facilitates the operation of the LED display.

  • Environmental protection and power saving:

Compared with traditional display equipment, LED exhibition screens are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, such as low power consumption, long life, and other characteristics, and will not cause any pollution to the environment so that you can use them with complete confidence!

To sum up, the use of LED exhibition screens can improve display effects, attract audiences, increase visitation rates and interactivity, and become one of the important tools for modern exhibition promotion.

4. Tips for using the exhibition LED screen

Maybe you are using an LED exhibition screen for the first time; here are some tips for using it; I hope it can help you:

  • Choose high-quality LED screens:

When you choose LED displays, you must choose high-quality LED displays. The demand for LED displays at exhibitions is different from other places because, at exhibitions, the audience is far away from your booth. Close, naturally, it will be very close to your LED display, which requires a very high-quality LED display; if the audience comes to your booth and sees your LED display is blurred, then the impression will be a great discount.

  • Adjust the brightness and color temperature:

The location of each exhibition is different. Some booths have bright natural light, and some are a little dark. Therefore, the brightness and color temperature of the screen should be adjusted according to the light environment of the exhibition hall so that the LED display presentation is better.

  • Use dynamic content:

Dynamic things are often more attractive than nearly static ones. Appropriate use of some dynamic content can better attract the audience’s attention, such as dynamic images and videos; but pay attention; it must conform to the theme you want to exhibit and don’t deviate from the theme; in addition, it can be combined with movement and static, and the effect will be better.

  • Make sure the text is clear:

Words are very attractive expressions, and simple and clear words can let people know what you want to express at a glance. Too procrastinating or too much text will appear to have no theme, so when displaying text on the screen, the text must be clear and easy to read so that the audience can easily understand the content.

  • Arrange the layout reasonably:

Every LED exhibition screen is like a display board; you must be clear about the following points;

1). What must be shown

2). What can account for a little less

3). Are they display content simultaneously or sequentially

4). Whether the display content is static or dynamic

You have to consider these issues clearly, and then according to the size and shape of the booth, a reasonable arrangement of the LED screen layout can make the display more attractive.

  • Preview in advance:

This is the most important point; it can ensure that there are no unexpected changes in your booth during the exhibition; before the start of the exhibition, you have to turn on the LED display to see all the content you need to play, to ensure that there is no How to solve the problem; if there is a timely repair, adjust.

5. How to choose an LED exhibition screen

Before choosing, you need to consider a few points:

  • What kind of LED exhibition screen do you need?

  • What are your requirements for resolution and image quality?

  • What size LED display do you need?

After thinking about these, you can go to the LED supplier, and they will give you a solution that suits you best.


With the development of science and technology, LED display screens continue to innovate and evolve, becoming an indispensable way of exhibition display. It has become an important means to display corporate image, promote products and expand influence. At the same time, LED display is also a part of digital media in today’s society.

If you have any questions about LED displays or are interested in LED displays, please get in touch with us!

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