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With the slow passing of COVID-19, large-scale social activities are also slowly entering the planning process. Many large-scale exhibition activities and large-scale seminars are in full swing. For any company or brand, every trade booth is a powerful way to introduce oneself to others and make customers pay attention to themselves.

However, most exhibitions display the same type of items in the same exhibition area, and many companies and brands from the same industry are participating in the exhibition. Therefore, it is worth considering how to stand out among the crowd and showcase the characteristics of one’s own LED display screens, emphasizing differences while profoundly impacting the exhibition.

This article will tell you how to use your LED display to stand out and attract attention from the crowd.

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1. Advantages of LED display screens at exhibitions

  • Product customizationmore suitable for you

LED display screens are not like other electronic products that have already been designed with their appearance and function. They can be customized according to the size and function you need, so compared to other displays that can better fit your product, you can customize LED display screens to the shape you want, such as; Spherical or soft screen; Place it on the booth and play your brand logo or promotional video.

  • Easy disassembly, effortless

The LED display screens at exhibitions are usually rented, and their biggest advantage is that they are lightweight and easy to disassemble and assemble. Because the duration of each exhibition is usually no more than one month, and the shortest is only three days. Sometimes, in order to participate in an exhibition, one may even cross borders, So it is particularly important whether the LED display screen is easy to disassemble and carry, and the LED rental screen perfectly meets these two requirements, ensuring the display of the LED display screen and achieving convenient disassembly and carrying.

  • A unique booth that stands out

LED display screens have a high degree of functionality, and in addition to your customized appearance, they can also bring you different surprises in terms of display. Through their brightness and high definition, they can play product videos or display brand logos to give visitors a visual impact and attraction, leaving a deep memory. Targeted advertising or interesting product introductions can be played to attract interested customers; In addition, the interactive mode allows visitors to interact with LED displays, giving visitors an immersive experience.

  • High efficiency

We all value efficiency and profit in our business, and LED displays are precisely products with high efficiency and low cost. Although the cost incurred during the initial purchase may be a bit expensive, it is a long-term device. The exhibition venue is special and the time is short. If a one-time display board is purchased for each exhibition, the accumulated cost may exceed the cost of purchasing an LED display screen. The leased LED display screen has durability, and as long as it is not intentionally damaged or used improperly, it is completely no problem to use it for 5-7 years.

In this comparison, the initial purchase cost seems less expensive, Especially in places like exhibitions where there are many brands; if you want to stand out, you must be different from others, and LED display screens are your best choice. Placing LED display screens in exhibitions will have a stronger visual impact on exhibitors than canvas, and LED display screens can play dynamic videos, display exhibition promotional videos, and exhibit promotional videos, and the exhibition promotion effect will be better.

2. How to use LED display screens at exhibitions

  • Display the background to create a booth atmosphere

You can display your company’s logo and brand name through an LED display screen and add some pictures and videos to enhance the atmosphere; The biggest feature of LED display screens is that they can convey the most attractive things to the audience through smooth image quality and delicate visual expression; Through this method, leave a deep impression on your booth in the minds of viewers and achieve your goal of participating in the exhibition.


  • Highlight the details and craftsmanship of the exhibits themselves

As mentioned above, you can showcase your product through the excellent display ability of LED display screens. However, many people have expressed doubts. If just playing product images or advertisements is definitely not attractive, how should it be played?

In fact, you can do this. There are some details of the product that we cannot see so carefully with our naked eye. You can use an LED display screen to play enlarged images of the product, especially unique local enlarged images so that interested people can better understand your product; In addition, there is the addition of interactive effects. Currently, many LED displays can add human body sensing devices so that you can also design products through LED displays to interact with people, giving viewers a personal experience and making their impression of the product more profound.


  • Combining with the Internet to attract attention

In today’s rapidly changing world, the internet is something everyone cannot do without. People like to obtain various amounts of information on the internet, such as following a blogger or celebrity, understanding their updates, etc. This is also a very good way. You can display your social media account on an LED display screen and try to choose which article has a unique product or your company’s characteristics, Or if your company’s TikTok posts a video, ask them to pay attention when there are a large number of viewers so that they can receive product inquiries in the future and lay a foundation for future work.

3. So, what kind of display screen is suitable for your booth?

The booth of each exhibition is not fixed, and the area cannot be fixed, so we don’t have to worry too much when purchasing LED displays. You need to confirm the following points.


  • High definition

Whether it is high-definition or not determines the resolution and dot spacing of your LED display screen, which is closely related to the video you want to play and affects the quality of the image you play; If your dot spacing is small, it means high resolution. Your LED display screen will have higher image quality and a better display of details. Generally, it is used to play videos with delicate colors and rich social colors, and the distance will also be relatively close.

If your dot spacing is large, the resolution will be low, and the image quality of the LED display screen will also decrease. The display of details is not as good, usually used to display large color blocks or text, and the optimal viewing distance is generally far. So it would be best to make choices based on the content you want to play.


  • The level of brightness

There are many factors that affect the brightness of LED display screens, such as whether your exhibition is open-air and the amount of lighting in the venue. If the brightness of the LED display screen is low, the color and brightness will be lower during display, and it will not be attractive. Therefore, sufficient brightness is crucial.


  • Durability

This is very important because the LED display screens used in exhibitions often need to be moved, and there is a high possibility that people at the exhibition site can easily collide with the LED display screens. At this time, if your LED display screen is not sturdy and durable, and there are problems during repeated disassembly, it will be a big trouble. So when choosing an LED display screen, you must confirm this with the LED display screen supplier.


  • Suitable size and style for you

Because LED display screens are customized products, once the appearance and size are determined, modifications cannot be made. Therefore, you must confirm the size of the LED display screen you purchased. If it is a large booth, it needs to be larger, while a small booth needs to be smaller. You can discuss the specific size and appearance with the LED supplier, and they will provide you with a suitable solution.

4. Here are some tips for using the exhibition LED display screen

  • As mentioned above, the most important thing is to choose the most suitable LED display screen for you, which is half the battle! It will bring a different feeling to your booth.

  • The displayed content must have a sense of priority. You need to know what you need to display most through the LED display screen. Do not put product introductions and product images all over it, as it will make people feel cluttered and uninterested in continuing to read. Instead, use the LED display screen to display excellent features to showcase the product.

  • Being personally involved, moving feels much better than light. You can add sensors to the LED display screen to achieve an interactive feeling and increase the product impression.


Excellent display capabilities at exhibitions can bring a lot of business opportunities to brands, and LED displays are currently the most outstanding display devices, which can be seen in various shows.

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