Surprise! The LED Screen Can Be Made Into A Spherical Shape!

As the public’s demand for LED screen creativity increases, major LED display manufacturers have begun to develop LED creative special-shaped screens, and LED spherical screens are one of the most popular products. The spherical LED screen has a stronger visual impact, which is more eye-catching for advertising and more unique for decoration.

The spherical LED display breaks the limitation of the regular shape of the traditional LED screen and appears in different shapes, leading the development model of the new LED screen industry.

If you are looking for a device that can give you a diverse and wide viewer perspective, a spherical LED display might be the option you want.

What is a spherical LED display?

The LED spherical screen is the most novel, fashionable, popular, energy-saving, and green LED display in the world. It has the characteristics of small size, lightweight, low energy consumption, long life, clear display image, easy installation, maintenance, etc.

The LED spherical screen is composed of a core control module, a rotating display module, a wireless module, a font module, a motor drive module, and a power supply.

Features of a spherical LED display

  1. LED spherical screen can be used outdoors and indoors, and the screen pixel pitch is relatively large.

  2. After special treatment, the display unit can be assembled into various special-shaped screens such as the inner arc display surface, outer arc display surface, inner circle display surface, S display surface, spherical shape, etc.

  3. The front of the pixel is waterproofed by potting with silica gel. The color of the silica gel can be specially configured according to the color card to make it perfectly coordinated with the color of the exterior wall of the building.

  4. The protection level of the fully sealed waterproof structure reaches IP67, which can adapt to various indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity environments. The working environment range can reach -20°C and +80 degrees °C, and it can work in the rain.

  5. The bar-shaped display unit is adopted, which has a strong visual impact and high safety factor.

  6. The viewing angle is 360 degrees, and the video is played in all directions, without the common viewing angle problem of flat LED displays.

  7. It can control and display full-color video synchronously or asynchronously. It is equipped with an audio and video processing system, supports a variety of external signal access, and can realize live broadcasting.

  8. The diameter of the LED ball can be designed and produced according to customer requirements. The module size of the spherical surface is completely completed by numerical control, which ensures the consistency of the overall curvature of the LED ball.

Types of spherical LEDs

  1. Watermelon-shaped led spherical screen

This is the earliest LED spherical screen on the market, which is composed of a PCB similar to the shape of a watermelon rind. The characteristic is that the structure is very intuitive, and fewer types of PCBs need to be used. 

But there is also an obvious shortcoming, that is, the image cannot be played normally at both ends of the vertex. Because the pixel points of all image sources are arranged in rows and columns, but the pixel points at both ends of the watermelon skin-led spherical screen are not arranged in rows and columns but in circles, it is difficult to display. This also leads to a relatively low picture utilization rate of this kind of display screen, and the image will also be distorted to a certain extent.

  1. Football-shaped led spherical screen

The main component of this LED spherical screen is a triangular PCB board, which solves the shortcoming that the watermelon-shaped LED screen cannot play images at the north and south poles, so its screen utilization rate has improved a lot.

But there are still some deficiencies. It has many types of PCB boards, and the pixel points are arranged in a honeycomb shape, which limits the pixel pitch. This kind of LED spherical screen generally needs to be made relatively large, and software writing is also very troublesome.

  1. Six-sided led spherical screen

It is a led spherical screen composed of a quadrilateral PCB board. There are fewer types of PCB boards for six-sided LED spherical screens, and the pixel distribution is closer to conventional LED displays. So as long as the content that can be played on the conventional display screen can be directly applied to the six-sided LED spherical screen. Compared with the above 2 LED spherical screens, the display effect will be much better.

What are the advantages of a spherical LED display?

  1. High resolution

Its resolution, which can be adjusted to meet customer needs and go as high as 5K, ensures image clarity, which enhances the picture’s impact.

  1. Good reliability

The use of air isolation technology can effectively avoid the burning of electronic components caused by air temperature changes, thereby ensuring the reliability of the LED spherical screen.

  1. Lamp beads have a long service life

It can greatly reduce the number of screen replacements, thus saving a lot of maintenance costs.

  1. The control system is perfect

Various control methods can be used, such as wireless control, network control, etc., which can easily realize the control and management of the screen.

  1. Good waterproof performance

It can perfectly prevent the intrusion of water vapor, thus effectively protecting the safety and reliability of the LED spherical screen.

  1. Large lighting angle

Its light angle can reach 180 degrees.

  1. Easy to install

It can be constructed in any shape, and the installation and operation are simple, which can greatly improve work efficiency.

  1. Easy to assemble

Flexible assembly methods can be adopted, and flexible layouts can be realized according to different site environments, to meet the different needs of various sites.

  1. Low energy consumption

The energy consumption is lower than that of ordinary LED screens, which can effectively save energy and thus reduce operating costs.

  1. Good anti-interference performance

With good anti-interference performance, it can effectively resist external interference, so as to ensure the clarity and fluency of the picture.

Where can the circular LED display be used?

The application scenarios of LED spherical screens are extremely wide, and various display effects can be realized on various occasions, providing more possibilities for the development of society.

  1. Shopping malls

Shopping malls are one of the most common application scenarios for LED spherical screens. The LED spherical screen can magnify the advertisements, new product releases, and event news of the mall to every corner of the space so that everyone can clearly see the information and let more people participate in it.

  • Installation mode: Hanging or Standing
  • Reference case: A shopping plaza in the United States

  1. Concert and stage

The LED spherical screen is also one of the commonly used visual elements in concerts. It can display a variety of dynamic patterns, enhance the visual experience, create a live performance atmosphere, and provide the audience with richer audio-visual enjoyment.

  • Installation mode: Hanging or Embedding
  • Reference case: The stage of an entertainment show on Zhejiang Satellite TV

    3.Science and Technology Museum

The LED spherical screen combines various technologies of sound, video, light, and electricity, and uses high-tech means to display the dynamic space of the exhibition hall in a multi-dimensional and three-dimensional way, bringing the audience an immersive 360° full-view audio-visual experience.

  • Installation mode: Hanging or Standing
  • Reference case: Science and Technology City in Nanning, Guangxi

  1. Museum

The LED spherical screen is installed in a prominent position in the museum hall, and the screen plays the history of the museum and the video of the cultural relics. The appearance is powerful to attract the audience’s attention. 

  • Installation mode: Hanging, Standing, orEmbedding
  • Reference case: A spherical LED screen titled “Pulsation of The Earth” at the Tibet Museum.

  1. Outdoor

Outdoor spherical video advertising applications, such as star hotels, large open places, railway stations, ports, shopping malls, etc., use LED spherical screens are very common. The display screen displays discount advertisements and brand images of merchants, and people coming and going in all directions will be attracted by the spherical display, bringing more potential customers to merchants.

  • Installation mode: Hanging, Standing, or Embedding
  • Reference case 1: A spherical LED screen outside Meruo Mall in Shanghai

  • Reference case 2: A spherical LED screen in the center of a park in Guangzhou


The above is a detailed analysis of the spherical LED display. BIBILED has a relatively complete production chain and excellent technical personnel and is engaged in the production of indoor and outdoor special-shaped screens. After obtaining the design scheme from the customer, we will provide one-stop service, customize the finished product of the scheme and deliver it to the customer, which greatly reduces the workload of the customer, and provides good after-sales service and free after-sales technical guidance. Contact us if you need to buy.

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  1. Hello, this is Seo In-seol, assistant manager of the PCN R&S headquarters development team.

    We want to show vivid Earth and cities.

    If there are existing products
    Can I know what the specifications of those products are?

  2. We want to show vivid Earth and cities.

    If there are existing products
    Can I know what the specifications of those products are?

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