How Does LED Display Prevent Moisture?


LED display as an electronic product, wet and rainy weather is always an important challenge it needs to face.

Moisture can be a big screen killer, especially for connections that aren’t waterproof. In some humid cities, due to the drastic temperature changes, the circuit board and components are prone to moisture condensation. Moisture can easily cause permanent damage to internal components. In this case, the service life of LED displays will be shortened from 30% to 50%, causing great losses to the company.

How can moisture and moisture condensation be avoided to extend the life of the screen circuit board? The solution is introduced from two perspectives: Outdoor LED Screens and Indoor LED Screens.

Moisture proofing of Outdoor LED Screens

Solution 1: Use a professional waterproof coating

The use of conformal coating can not only prevent the circuit board but also improve the service life of the product. This solution needs to be prevented during the production and construction of LED displays.

(1)  The principle of this scheme is to attach a layer of protective coating with micron thickness on the surface of the circuit board through low-concentration micron coating technology. Due to the extremely low surface tension of this layer, water droplets on the circuit board will automatically slide off, thus preventing moisture condensation.

(2)  When creating an LED display, the PCB board should be anti-corrosion-treated well. For example, the surface is coated with three anti-paint layers, and the power supply and power line should be made of high-quality components. Waterproof box sealing should be improved, and the screen body should be IP65 rated. Welding is the most likely place to be corroded, so we should pay special attention to protecting it, especially the frame of the display screen, which is prone to rusting.

Solution 2: Electric heating for outdoor LED displays

For electric heating, a moisture-proof device must be installed inside the LED display to keep the temperature inside the screen higher than the ambient temperature. Keep the relative humidity inside as low as possible to completely prevent moisture condensation inside the panel.

Solution 3: Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning of dust attached to the inside and outside of the display can also help the display better heat dissipation, and reduce the attachment of water vapor.

However, outdoor LED display maintenance needs to emphasize not only humidity but also daily waterproof measures. Fine sealing installation helps reduce the risk of moisture and dust adhesion inside and outside the display.

Moisture proofing of Indoor LED Screens

Because indoor air humidity is lower than outdoor air humidity, indoor LED display moisture will be much easier than outdoor LED display, the most important point is to reduce humidity.

Solution 1: Moderate ventilation

Moderate ventilation helps water to evaporate quickly and reduces the relative humidity in the room. In places where there is no wind or air circulation, wet weather can increase indoor humidity.

Solution 2: Use a desiccant

Desiccants can reduce the moisture in the air by physically absorbing moisture to keep the indoor environment dry without worrying about moisture on the screen.

Solution 3: Use air conditioning

If there is an air conditioner in the space where the display screen is installed, you can turn on the air conditioner on a humid day.


Overall, whether indoors or outdoors, the most effective way to prevent moisture from ruining the function of an LED display is regular use. Working screens generate some of their heat, which evaporates some of the water vapor, greatly reducing the possibility of a wet short circuit.

As a result, frequently used displays have much less humidity impact than less frequently used displays. Industry insiders suggest that the LED screen should be used at least once a week during the rainy season, and the screen should be turned on at least once a month for more than 2 hours.

If you have any questions about the maintenance of the LED display, please feel free to contact us!

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