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Stage performances have always been the focus of the cultural entertainment field, and the development of modern technology has provided more creativity and possibilities for stage performances. In order to enhance the audience’s visual enjoyment and convey the information of the performance, LED displays are widely used on the stage. LED stage screens are favored by stage designers and performers for their high brightness, high definition, and versatility while also bringing an immersive visual experience to the audience.

So, this article will take you to learn more about the stage LED display. Let’s take a look below!

1. What LED displays are suitable for stage use?

Different stages are suitable for different LED displays. If you want to choose an LED display, you must determine your stage plan and choose the most suitable one.

Here are some common LED displays on stages and the types of stages they are suitable for.

1). LED rental screen:

LED rental screen is a kind of LED display screen that is often used in events and temporary places. It can be rented and installed according to needs and has the characteristics of flexibility and mobility.

1.1). Advantages include:

  • Flexibility and mobility: LED rental screens can be quickly installed and disassembled as needed, adapting to the needs of various places and activities.

  • High brightness and visibility: The LED rental screen has high brightness and good visibility, which can display clear pictures in outdoor environments.

  • Quick construction and debugging: LED rental screens usually adopt modular design, which can be quickly assembled and debugged, saving time and labor costs.

  • Customization options: LED rental screens can be customized according to tenants’ needs, including size, shape, and resolution.

1.2). Applicable stage:

Because the LED rental screen is easy to disassemble and transport, it is more suitable for temporary or short-term stages, such as concerts, music festivals, etc. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor LED rental screen, it can provide high-quality visual effects for the stage and attract the audience’s attention.

2). Indoor fixed LED display:

Indoor fixed LED display is a kind of LED screen used in indoor environments, usually installed on indoor walls or ceilings. It consists of multiple LED modules and can display high-definition images and videos.

2.1). Advantages include:

  • High brightness and high contrast: Indoor LED displays can display clear and bright images under strong indoor light conditions.

  • Strong detail expression: LED display has high resolution and fine pixel density, which can present more precise details.

  • High color vividness: LED display screen can display a wide color gamut, presenting full and bright colors.

  • Strong customizability: The LED display screen can be customized in size and shape according to needs, adapting to the requirements of different stage shapes and sizes.

2.2). Applicable stage:

Indoor fixed LED display screens are suitable for indoor, fixed-position stages because once the indoor fixed LED display screen is installed, it is difficult to change its position. Therefore, it is generally installed in theaters, studios, concert halls, and other places. It can add visual impact to the performance and enhance the audience’s feeling and participation by displaying stage background, stage effects, pictures, and videos.

3). Creative LED display:

The creative LED display is a kind of LED screen with an innovative design and special shape. It can be customized according to the stage’s needs, showing various fashionable and unique display effects.

3.1). Advantages include:

  • Innovative design: The creative LED display adopts a unique shape and design, which can bring a unique display effect to the stage.

  • Strong customizability: The creative LED display can be customized according to the needs of the stage designer, focusing on the stage’s overall effect and the audience’s visual impact.

  • High color vividness: Creative LED displays can display a wide color gamut, presenting full and bright color effects.

  • Strong visual impact: Through different shapes and designs, creative LED displays can bring a strong visual impact to the audience and enhance the shock of the performance.

3.2). Applicable stages:

Creative LED displays are suitable for large-scale stage performances, music festivals, fashion shows, and other places and stage performances with high stage design requirements. It can add visual appeal to performances and create unique stage effects through unique shapes and designs.

2. 7 major advantages of stage LED display

LED stage screens have multiple advantages in stage performances, which make them an indispensable element:

  • More income possibilities:

Revenue can be increased through higher ticket sales and sponsorship opportunities. LED screens can also be used to display advertising or sponsor logos, creating an additional revenue stream.

  • HD quality and vibrant colors:

The LED display screen’s high resolution and excellent color reproduction capabilities enable it to present delicate images and vivid colors, enhancing the audience’s visual experience. The high resolution and fine pixel density can present precise details, allowing the audience to appreciate the performance content better.

The light conditions on the stage often change, and the LED display can adjust the brightness as needed to ensure that the picture is clearly visible, whether in bright sunlight or on a dim stage. High contrast can display bright and gorgeous pictures on the stage and enhance the visual effect.

  • Versatility:

The LED stage screen can not only play videos and images but also display text and animation, adding a lot of color to the performance. Some advanced LED displays have touchscreen functions, allowing the audience to interact with the stage, improving participation and entertainment value.

  • Flexibility and customizability:

LED stage screens can be customized and spliced according to the needs of the stage to adapt to the requirements of different stage shapes and sizes.

  • Energy saving and environmental protection:

LED display screens are more energy-saving than traditional projection equipment. They use LED technology and have the characteristics of low power consumption and long life, reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

  • Easy to control and manage:

Through the LED display control system, you can control the playback content very well and have a fast response speed to the performance of real-time content.

3. Preparation before using LED stage screen

To ensure that the stage presentation is the most perfect, we must make sufficient preparations before starting to ensure the smooth progress of the performance.

  • Determine stage requirements:

According to the design and performance requirements of the stage, determine the size, shape, installation location, and other details of the LED stage screen.

  • Content size checks:

Prepare the video, image, text, and animation content that need to be played on the LED display and ensure that they fit the theme and emotion of the performance. In particular, whether the format and size of pictures and videos are consistent with the LED display.

  • Consider ambient lighting:

The brightness and contrast of the LED stage screen are affected by ambient lighting. It is necessary to evaluate the lighting conditions around the stage and choose a suitable brightness range.

  • Technical support:

Professional technicians are required to install, debug, and maintain the LED display to ensure that everything operates normally.

  • Power supply and media playback:

Make sure there is sufficient power supply on the stage and prepare media playback equipment such as video controllers, players, etc.

  • Background control system:

Prepare the background control system through which you can adjust the screen display effect and switch content.

4. Factors affecting the price of LED stage screens

The LED display screen is a customized product, so the price of the LED display screen will be different for each customer. There are many factors that affect the price of LED display screens. Here are the main factors I’ve taken stock of for you:

  • Resolution: Higher-resolution LED displays typically cost more because they offer sharper images and a higher visual experience.

  • Size: The larger the size of the LED display, the higher the production and shipping costs are usually, which affects the price.

  • LED chip quality: The quality of LED chips used in LED displays is different, and the prices will also be different. High-quality LED chips have better brightness, color reproduction, and service life.

  • Brightness: High-brightness LED displays have more advantages in outdoor performance, but the cost of high-brightness LED lamp beads is higher.

  • Technology type: Different LED technology types, such as SMD (Surface Mount Device) and DIP (Dual Row Pin), have different prices. SMD technology is usually more expensive but provides better visual effects.

  • Display module quality: The quality of the display module used in the LED stage screen is directly related to the reliability and stability of the product. Good quality means lower failure rates and maintenance costs.

  • Brand and Manufacturer: The reputation and quality standards of the brand and manufacturer can also affect the price.

  • Customization requirements: If a special shape, curved or flexible LED display is required, additional design and manufacturing costs will be involved.

  • Installation requirements and accessories: The brackets, fixtures, control systems, and other accessories required to install the LED stage screen will also affect the price.

  • Service and Support: After-sales service and support provided may also be reflected in the price.


In stage performances, LED displays have become an indispensable technology. The emergence of LED stage screens enriches the visual effects of stage performances and brings a richer and more shocking viewing experience to the audience.

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