How Much Do You Know About Second-Hand Rental LED Screens

Because of the rapid advancement of technology, the replacement rate of LED displays is increasing, and there are many second-hand rental LED screens on the market. Many people are skeptical of second-hand rental LED screens because they believe they are untrustworthy. In reality, users who understand the market or products can choose such products because they can save a lot of money.

Would you consider second-hand rental screens? Is it reliable to buy a second-hand rental screen? How to choose a second-hand rental screen?

This article will break it down for you.

Wait, before we choose a second-hand rental LED screen, let’s clarify a few points:

  • Second-hand rental LED screens preservation rate

Previously, the hedging rate was primarily used in the automotive industry. Simply put, it is also known as second-hand rental LED screen depreciation in the LED industry. Depreciation is the remaining value, which can be recognized by the sales market after a rental screen has been used for a period of time. Depreciation is a value curve that follows the life of a rental LED screen. The hotter the rental LED screen market is, the higher the retention rate. Simultaneously, the rental LED screen with a high-value retention rate demonstrates that its price is not significantly affected by the price reduction boom, and customers only need to bear the minor property losses caused by commodity price drops.

  • The golden age of selling rental LED screens

If you are going to invest in rental LED screens, then you will definitely keep buying equipment and repeat the investment, which will lead to more and more inventory and more and more equipment. We should not convert the limited profit and cash flow into fixed assets but sell the existing rental LED screens in a timely manner and use the funds to purchase the latest upgraded products.

Generally speaking, according to the rental LED screen model you bought and sold before it is replaced, it is a more suitable time, usually about 3 years.

By the way, there’s one more thing to mention! Rental LED screens are manufactured in batches, and rental LED screens manufactured in different batches will have minor color differences. Only by using screens from the same batch together can the perfect presentation effect be achieved. Remember to sell the same batch of rental screens at the same time if you want to sell them!

Then let’s talk about how to choose a second-hand screen.

Choosing a second-hand LED screen is mainly to buy the right product at the right price. Factors that affect the price of used screens include the following:

  • Years of use/duration of use

The longer the used rental screen, the lower the price.

Like other electronic products, the LED display has its service life. Although the theoretical life of LED is 100,000 hours, and it can work for more than 11 years 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, the actual situation is much different from the theoretical data. According to statistics, the lifespan of LED displays on the market is generally 6-8 years, and large LED screens that can be used for more than 10 years are considered very good, especially for outdoor LED displays; the lifespan is even shorter.

Therefore, when buying second-hand LED rental screens, pay attention to screening out some particularly old products, which must be based on quality and service.

Untrustworthy second-hand rental LED screens may pose a safety risk. Before purchasing used rental screens, make sure they have been repaired. Some second-hand products have only been used for a short time, and some are still under warranty. We may want to look at the factory dates of some newer second-hand rental LED screens before purchasing them. In the absence of sales invoices, some manufacturers will begin calculating the warranty period based on the rental LED screen’s factory date. It will undoubtedly be more reliable if you can purchase products within the warranty period or buy used rental screens with extended warranties.

  • Brand

When purchasing second-hand rental LED screens, it is also critical to distinguish between brands. After all, different brands of products may have different assembly processes and materials, and the quality stability will naturally vary, so we should try to choose used rental LED screens with a good brand reputation. The price for rental LED screens of general brands and higher quality will be higher, but they will come with a longer warranty.

  • Configuration

The higher the Configuration of the rental LED screen, the higher the price. For example, whether there is intelligent brightness adjustment, clarity, whether it is windproof and waterproof, etc.

  • The price gap with the new rental LED screen

In the second-hand rental LED screen market, regardless of the value of the rental LED screen, as long as it changes hands, it will be discounted, and buying it means depreciation. Under normal circumstances, the price gap between second-hand rental screens and new screens is about half.


A second-hand rental LED screen is a good option for bosses with a limited budget. However, it must be carefully screened, and it must be clear whether the second-hand rental LED screen was purchased through a formal channel and has not been used for a long time.

Warm Tips: If the product is delivered by logistics, it is recommended to ensure the price or to trade locally. At least you can check it yourself, such as dead pixels. The pictures are generally not visible, and you have to test them yourself.

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