How Do Rental Screens Face the Challenges of COVID-19


The development of LED rental screens has been more than ten years. In the past two years, due to COVID-19, the economy has suffered an unprecedented impact, the foreign trade market has shrunk, and the domestic trade market has been sluggish. Many industries have also been hit by this wave of epidemics, and a large number of companies are on the verge of bankruptcy. The LED display industry has not been spared either. Various industries are interconnected, and upstream and downstream enterprises are interdependent. If the economy is not good, users will not have a large budget to buy display products but will choose to rent a display at a small cost. This invisibly promotes an increase in orders in the LED rental screen market.

The current pain point of the rental LED screen industry lies in the reversal of the value of the equipment. The most obvious situation today is:

  1. Continue to purchase equipment, repeat your investment, and add more and more equipment to your inventory. You need to locate a sizable warehouse to house the fixed assets created from the limited profit and cash flow.
  2. Equipment is constantly iterating, and the cycle is getting shorter and shorter, relying on equipment advantages to gain market competitiveness.
  3. The performance nodes are obvious, and the festivals are crammed together. The off-season is extremely busy, and the peak season is so intense that there is no such thing as day or night.

So, how does the rental screen market address these issues and move forward in a new direction?

Develop toward a low-pitch LED display

In the last two years, the more precise the dot pitch of the LED rental screen has been, the more popular it has been, and the corresponding product price has also decreased, based on customer requirements for the quality of the display screen.

Develop more application fields

Currently, rental screens are mainly used in outdoor areas such as stadiums, stages, and stations. Its application fields will be more extensive in the future, such as online concerts, smart factories, and live broadcast delivery. It is worth mentioning that new media technology can help the stage rental market to rebound strongly.

Although offline concerts cannot be held in the post-epidemic era, with the development of 5G technology and the Internet, 5G+VR/AR/XR technologies can empower online concerts, variety shows, and so on, making online concerts and variety shows highly effective. The sense of technology and the shocking effect have prompted an explosion of stage rental screens, promoting the formation of a fast-growing trend in the performing arts industry. It is expected to be 67.943 billion yuan in 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 11.31 percent. The performance market, including the stage rental market, will continue to grow as a result of the empowerment of the 5G+ performance technology pair.

Develop to ultra-thin LED display

With the maturity of display technology, LED rental screens will be improved in terms of material, structure, and installation, and thinner, higher-definition displays will be developed.

Develop patent protection

Due to the fierce competition in the rental LED screen market, in order to grab market orders, expand the scale, and lease at low prices, many companies are reluctant to spend money and energy on research and development, and there have been some plagiarism incidents of display technology. In order to maintain a competitive technological advantage, the patent protection will become a future trend.

Develop towards standardization

Since there are hundreds of large and small LED rental screen manufacturers, there is no unified standard for product quality, price, design, and structure, which is confusing. Some companies blindly sell at low prices, and some companies blindly copy designs, which annoys customers and manufacturers alike. In the future, products will develop towards standardization.


The industry for LED rental screens is currently in a phase of tremendous growth. Each leasing company has a unique development scope, product profile, and product price. Take advantage of the display screen development trend, create “hard goods” products, and provide excellent customer service if you want to compete in the competitive market.

A high probability event, the normalized prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic necessitate that LED display companies fully consider the issue from various perspectives, including enterprises, customers, and social situations, adapt to the normalized epidemic prevention, and follow current trends.

Additionally, LED display companies must use various coping mechanisms in accordance with their unique circumstances and continuously enhance them. I think that under the new normal, LED display firms may take advantage of commercial opportunities, expand their development options, and bring on the blossoms of spring.

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