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Why are giant LED displays becoming more and more popular?

Because it is more in line with the market’s needs, contemporary people’s pursuit of spiritual needs is getting higher and higher, the pure visual image has caused visual fatigue, and the emptiness of the advertising content cannot resonate with the audience.

Therefore, there is an urgent need for more meaningful advertisements; in addition to creative and in-depth content, how to perfectly display the content?

The giant LED screen can do it; it not only brings a great impact to the visual display but also has a high-definition and light display effect, which can quickly and intuitively displays the playback content, bringing new opportunities to the previous outdoor advertising and film and television culture opportunities; such as 3D naked-eye LED display, XR stage film, and television creation, etc.

If you don’t know how to choose a giant LED screen or want to buy related products, please read the following articles to help you easily get buying inspiration, especially chapter 4.

Let me dig deep together!

Table of Contents

1. What is a big led screen?

 LED screens are large-scale displays composed of a single light-emitting diode (LED). 

They have high resolution, high brightness, and delicate full-color display capabilities; compared with other displays, large LED displays are more popular.


 Because you can customize the large-size display area, the service life is long, and the annual light attenuation value is relatively stable compared to the data.

The popular 3D naked-eye display, large-scale sports meetings, events stage, and building curtain walls have been indispensable for large LED display screens in recent years.

The use of giant LED display screens is a new trend in the display field in the 21st century.

2. What scenarios are giant LED displays suitable for? What are the advantages?

The changing trend of LED display screen terminal market application and demand has changed, and it is mainly used in the following 5 areas: 

1) Commercial center

Whether it is Times Square in the United States or the streets of South Korea, the flow of people is enormous, which is undoubtedly very suitable for advertising. 

Under the changing demand trend of the times, the application of naked-eye 3D LED display screens on the market continues to increase, and it is usually made of 2 sides; it is composed of a large-screen LED display and then made of special 3D video.

Why is it advantageous to use a large-screen LED display in a commercial center?

  • The display content is flexible, and the information can be updated quickly so that more advertisements can be placed and more advertisers can be accepted.

  • No matter how good the advertising creativity is, an HD display needs to be displayed with a clear picture; a high-definition display is a basic requirement for LED displays and is also a quality inspection standard.

  • Bringing new ideas to advertising planning companies, seeking new development opportunities on the streets of South Korea, a “very real three-dimensional ocean wave, as if the next moment the wave is about to hit, and the water drops will soon wet your hair and clothes”, it brings a little coolness to the soul in the hot summer. The naked-eye 3D advertising video that went viral on the Internet won tens of millions of likes and views, making the planning company D’strict famous, and the wave of naked-eye 3D applications of LED displays swept across the industry again.

  • Become a city landmark and drive the local economy. Naked-eye LED large screens have become the most popular on the Internet, from the giant tumbling waves of D’strct in South Korea to the huge three-color cats on the streets of Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, Japan, to the robot dogs in Jiefangbei in Chongqing, China, and the spaceships in Taikoo Li, Chengdu, Sichuan, etc.; many tourists come here, especially to the red city.

  • The display area is large, and the range of visual radiation is wider and farther; the displayed content can be seen from a distance of more than 10 meters.

2) Major sports meeting

In 2022, from the Winter Olympics in China to the World Cup in Qatar, giant LED displays will play various important roles and provide top-level services for the events.

The visual presentation of the Beijing Winter Olympics adopts an all-LED solution to create the world’s largest high-definition LED three-dimensional stage, and in the World Cup in Qatar, which is known as the richest in history, 8 unique stadiums were built at a huge cost. Nearly 10 Chinese LED screen companies provided fence screens and on-site score screens for major venues for the World Cup.

Why is giant LED displays so popular in large sports events? What are the advantages? 

  • Showing the fact that the game is updated faster, and the visual radiation range is more expansive.

  • Create the event or sports atmosphere, let the spectators devote themselves to it, and increase the contestants’ confidence.

  • Strong advertising input, as long as you can’t avoid the input of advertising while watching the game, it will be subtly implanted in your brain, and the stimulation of the game is more willing to pay for advertising products.

  • A good investment project, many world-renowned brands are running for sponsors and suppliers, even if they ask for their own pockets in the early stage; why? Because the benefits are significant, after becoming a sports meeting sponsor, you have the priority to display advertisements on various types of LED displays, which is a very good brand and marketing method.

  • One of the best ways to show the country’s strength and culture to the world, the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games are like a stage visual feast, vividly expressing the country’s culture and creativity, such as the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics, a giant LED floor tile screens, fantasy rings, ice cubes, ice waterfalls, snowflake-shaped torch stands, etc. lead people all over the world into the fantasy kingdom of excellent LED displays. Therefore, LED displays screen is more outstanding,” and more people understand and explore.

3) XR stage

Data shows that the global XR film and television shooting-related market size will exceed US$3.2 billion in 2022. 

As the main display medium of xR technology, LED display is the essential hardware equipment for building XR virtual studio, which marks that the giant LED display has entered a new stage and faced new challenges. It has become a new field since the digital film revolution.

So, why is XR technology needed in LED displays? What are its advantages?

  • The immersive virtual world makes the actors more involved in the performance; in recent years, the film and television works “The Lion King” and “The Mandalorian” produced by Disney have used a less and less green screen and blue screen synthesis. The LED display screen can expand the virtual scene, creating a fantasy 3D virtual environment.

  • The post-production work of film and television production is more efficient, and the combination of XR technology and LED display screen has the advantages of current affairs editing, faster calibration camera tracking system than the traditional green screen, etc.

  • Save on shooting costs and improve actor safety, the actual production site of “The Mandalorian” is unbelievably small; it only needs a few small sheds to solve the problem, and the actors don’t need to shoot the scene in really dangerous places. They only need the post-production team to make the scene in advance, then let the 270-degree cylindrical LED screen display the production content, so it is easy to switch between different stages.

4) Transportation

The denser the population, the more worthy of publicity. Installing large LED displays on highways, airports, stations, etc., is a good choice for advertising and marketing.

So what advantages does it have?

  • The advertising display effect is good; suppose that when you drive to the airport, whether it is on the roadside or indoors and outdoors at the airport, LED display screens are installed, and the screen shows mouth-watering burgers and delicious expressions of eating burgers; if at this moment when you are hungry, the first thing you think of is a hamburger, it is a subtle advertisement.

  • To reduce traffic congestion, when a traffic accident or natural disaster occurs on a certain section of the road, the city control system can warn different areas of the road, which is conducive to dredging traffic flow and avoiding traffic accidents.

5) Live events and concerts

If you want to hold a successful medium and large live event and concert, it is necessary to use an LED display screen.

Why? Taylor Alison Swift, an American singer-songwriter and music producer in 2018, Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour had 53 stadiums in North America, Europe, and Asia, and LED displays of different sizes were installed in 53 concert venues. The tour also made Taylor Swift the third highest-paid concert ($345 million) among female singers worldwide and the highest-paid concert in American history, so the LED display also has its important value.

So why do you strongly recommend LED displays for events and concerts? It has 4 main advantages:

  • To improve the visual experience, the LED display has a high-resolution, bright, and lifelike image quality and can render the background image according to the style of the song on the spot, centering on the song’s theme and bringing the audience a good visual and listening experience.

  • Increase engagement when the event needs to warm up the scene and activate the atmosphere, or increase the stickiness with the audience, play games, quizzes, etc., for example: draw a lucky audience, the LED display screen can display every expression of the lucky audience in real-time and high-definition.

  • Opportunities to increase revenue on advertising investment had strong brand awareness. A place with a lot of traffic is always an excellent place to advertise. LED display screens provide a large and eye-catching platform for companies to promote their brands. It can not only become one of the sources of income for event organizers but also bring sponsors Additional benefits.

  • The stage design is more creative. The LED display screen can be customized in various shapes and sizes to create visual effects and provide a large stage design space, greatly improving live events’ production value.

3. How to choose a giant LED display? What is the best outdoor giant LED display?

How to choose a big LED screen? 

Before buying a giant LED display, you need to know the following 7 points so that you can choose a suitable outdoor LED display screen:

  • Viewing distance:

The viewing distance is one of the important basis for judging the correct pixel pitch of the LED display. 

The correct pixel pitch of the LED display can allow the viewer to clearly and completely see the displayed content.

How to calculate the best viewing distance of the LED display, please click to learn and calculate.

  • Brightness and contrast of LED screen:

Brightness and contrast can determine the quality of the LED display screen, but not the higher the brightness, the better. 

According to the application scene of the LED display, the brightness of the large outdoor advertising LED screen will be higher than that of the indoor display. 

The environmental influence factors are mainly relatively large, such as the dry season or the high sun brightness; it needs enough brightness to display clearly.

Related reading articles:

1.) What are the brightness, nits, and lumens of led screens? 

2.) Led screen contrast 

  • Optimal Pixel Pitch:

The best LED display can get the best natural image quality; the smaller the pitch, the more delicate and clear the displayed picture.

Does that mean that the smaller the pixel pitch is, the best?

You need to choose the appropriate pixel pitch according to the scene you are installing because the smaller the pitch, the more expensive it will be. For example, if you have a 3X2m LED display, there are two data for the best viewing distance; one is 8 meters and 10 meters. 

How many meters would you choose when the image quality is the same? If you are wise, you will select 10 meters in consideration of cost, so P10 is also very popular in many of our outdoor LED display cases.

Then how to calculate the pixel pitch, you can click to learn: How do you figure out the maximum viewing distance for led walls?

  • What is the maintenance method?

Maintenance methods are divided into front maintenance and rear maintenance.The most popular maintenance method for the large outdoor LED display screen is post-maintenance.The purpose of maintenance is to repair quickly and regularly check the LED display for use.

However, the specific maintenance method needs to be determined according to the installation environment. If you want to learn more about the LED screen maintenance ways  click quick learning: How to choose front or back maintenance for your led display.

  • What are the best brands of LED lamp beads on the screen?

For electronic products, stability is the key to quality. There are many brands of LED display lamp beads. As a LED display manufacturer in Shenzhen, China, bibiled has more than 7 years of experience. The Nationstar lamp bead brand is a lot of customers’ choice.

  • USA: CREE\Lumileds

  • Germany: Osram

  • China: Nationstar \ Kinglight \ Edison

4. How much does a giant led screen cost?

Since each LED display screen is customized according to the customer’s installation location and specified technical requirements, and the price of raw materials for LED display screens has fluctuated in recent years, there is no standard price list.

But you can roughly estimate the cost based on these 6 points:

  • The cost of large outdoor LED display products

  • Transportation costs

  • The cost of installing the LED display

  • local expenses

  • Post-maintenance costs

  • Electricity cost

Details of the cost of outdoor LED display can be clicked to know: How much is an LED billboard?

5. What is the useful life of a giant led screen?

In general, the running time of the LED screen is 80,000 to 120,000 hours.

However, if the quality of the LED screen is relatively poor or there is no regular maintenance for the LED display, then this data is not so high, and the above data is for reference only.

6. What is the ideal size for a giant led screen?

The ideal size of the LED display is to ensure that the content of the displayed picture is clearly and completely presented to the viewer.

You don’t need to worry because before buying, you only need to tell the LED sales, your installation location picture, your purpose, and the installation size you need; professional sales will give you an ideal size of the LED display screen.

7. Who is in charge of installing the big led screen?

In terms of product installation, although individual boxes splice the LED display screen, it is very easy to assemble, but the outdoor LED display screen generally needs an outdoor bracket frame before installation, and it is not easy to carry the outdoor box at a high altitude. 

In application scenarios, outdoor LED displays are generally installed on high-altitude buildings. In addition to installation and electronic skills, tool carts are also required for high-altitude work. 

This greatly tests the psychological quality and difficulty of installation; for consideration of safety reasons, please use a professional installation company.

If the outdoor LED display you installed is low and the area is small, after determining the bracket frame of the LED display, you can try to unpack the components and assemble it with your friends. 

If you encounter something you don’t understand, you can call, or video provides technical guidance.

8. Is it safe for a big led screen to be outdoors?

When purchasing an outdoor LED display, some customers will ask, where we live likes to rain, so will the LED display be easily damaged by the rain outdoors? or is it easy to catch fire in a place with high temperature all year round?

As an outdoor LED manufacturer with more than 7 years of experience, we have developed an outdoor LED display that has the characteristics of preventing high temperatures, thunderstorms, moisture, and insects. It can face the harsh external environment well without worrying too much.

However, if it is terrible weather, we still need to customize a solution for you. For example, suppose a large-scale LED display is installed in a climate where the high temperature is above 40 degrees Celsius all year round, then in addition to the self-dissipating system of the LED display. In that case, we suggest you install it. 

The air conditioner can effectively cool down. When the external temperature drops steadily, the air conditioner can be turned off and use its heat dissipation system. At the same time, materials that are easy to dissipate heat will also be used.

All in all, a suitable LED display screen solution will be given according to your local climate.

In conclusion:

The above is the introduction of an outdoor large LED display screen; you can understand it from 8 aspects: application, how to choose, cost, and lifespan.

The giant LED display gives advertisements a new creative design; in the past 3 years, the 3D naked-eye LED display creativity that has been popular all over the world has been unanimously praised, so the giant LED display has attracted the attention of many advertising companies and electronics manufacturers.

Therefore, please take advantage of the high flow rate of the giant LED display now, buy it quickly, and invest in your marketing and advertising strategies as soon as possible.

Let us predict what will be the next visual display technology hotspot when the naked-eye 3D display has become the ubiquity of advertising. You can leave a message below to discuss or email us; we welcome your wonderful ideas!

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