6 Advantages Of Selecting Chinese LED Screen Suppliers


We all know that China is a significant manufacturing and exporting country worldwide. Whether it’s the small things you use in your daily life or the large pieces of furniture in your home, almost all of them are made in China. The LED display industry can still see the figure of being made in China. Most of China’s LED displays are in Shenzhen. Shenzhen is not only the electronic product capital of China but also the electronic product production capital of the world.

You will find that most of the LED display you search for on Google are supplied in Shenzhen, China. So why is Shenzhen the place with the most concentrated development of LED displays? Because whether the government’s support for this industry or its superior geographical location has helped Shenzhen’s development in this industry. So, what are the benefits of choosing a Chinese supplier of LED displays? This article will take you to take a look at the selection of Chinese LED suppliers’ 6 benefits.

1. The price is affordable, and the quality is excellent

Made in China has always been known for its excellent quality and affordable prices. LED display in China has a complete and fast industry chain. In this industry chain, every link can link up very well. There will be a series of quality checks after the product is finished. Ensure that every LED screen produced is flawless.

No matter how the market changes or how high customer demand is, they can solve your needs quickly. And some LED suppliers in China and other countries are not inferior. For example, NationStar, Nova Star, and Meanwell are excellent suppliers of LED raw materials. There is complete assurance of quality.

2. Exclusive one-to-one service

Customers who buy LED displays may not know so much about LED displays. LED display has a very wide range of categories, and there are large categories of indoor LED display, outdoor LED display, and semi-outdoor LED display screen of these three categories.

If you do not understand the LED display, as long as you click on the official website of each LED supplier for consultation, there will be a salesman to follow you for a reply. You can ask him any questions about LED displays, such as what kind of LED display you want, what size, what kind of LED display meets your needs, etc.

They are very familiar with LED display professionals with rich consulting experience to provide you with exclusive one-on-one services. Not only can you answer all the questions about LED displays, but you can also customize only your LED display solution.

3. More Suppliers, more choices

Above, we said that China LED display has 80% in Shenzhen. According to incomplete statistics, Shenzhen currently has 2300 LED suppliers. Unilumin, Absen, Ledman, and Bibiled have all done well in recent years. Both the industrial chain and product quality are very good.

When you’re choosing, look at each company’s website, which details the products their company owns. Any good LED vendor will have 2-3 unique products. You can choose the most suitable for you on the official website. And every official website will have cases; you can also find their own countries to view the case. See if it suits you.

4. Custom product

The most significant difference between LED displays and other products is that they are custom-made. Unlike other products, it can not be mass-produced in a single size. Because each user will be installed in different locations with different requirements, there will be some arcs, squares, high resolution, etc. Some differences in requirements.

 In response to this situation, China’s LED suppliers have launched custom LED services. According to the needs of each customer, first of all, customized for this customer’s LED display scheme. After the plan is passed, it will be produced as planned. This will ensure that each LED display meets the needs of the user.

5. After-sales service protection

Like other large electrical appliances, the LED display screen is also after-sales protection. If you are still worried about its failure, maintenance will not be very troublesome, and then you can rest assured. Chinese suppliers have long thought of this, and we have cooperation in 80% of the countries that have repair companies for your home repair.

And each export LED display has a 2-year warranty; within 2 years, the sales staff can solve any problems with the LED display, to a large extent, guarantee your user experience. Of course, if it’s overdue, you may have to pay. But in addition to going out and paying some fees, we will try to help you solve this problem.

6. Good suppliers

Last but not least, suitable suppliers. This is the choice of Chinese manufacturing, the most critical link, but also the most significant benefit. Since ancient times, the Chinese have mostly been paying attention to honesty-oriented, such as the industry being reliable and trustworthy. To choose a good supplier is to choose a good partner; it can Make Your shopping experience more relaxed and pleasant so that your after-sales are more secure.


In recent years, with the support of national policy and the Chinese People’s production strength, China’s LED manufacturing industry has become one of the world’s leading exporters of LED displays. Currently, most LED displays are imported from China, showing other countries of China’s LED display manufacturing industry recognition and acceptance.

With policy support and external approval, China’s LED display industry is growing. I collated the Chinese LED display suppliers list for you, and I hope to help you.

Bibiled is also a supplier of LED displays in Shenzhen, China. We always adhere to the principle of stability, reliability, and professionalism. With 6 years of experience in LED display export, our products serve more than 50 countries in the world. Here’s a case study:

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