The LED Dance Beauty Of The Concert Is Full Of Creativity!


As the new crown epidemic gradually subsides, various outing group activities are actively carried out; this year can be said to be one of the years with the most concerts held by celebrities, and major singers are actively preparing. As a fan, in addition to being excited, I am also looking forward to what the concert stage will look like, whether it is gorgeous or full of technology.

Everyone knows that the success of a concert depends not only on the strength of the singer itself but also on the layout of the stage. The stage design organically combines stage, lighting, sound, and special effects to present visual shock and artistic enjoyment to the audience. If you want your fans to feel the mood of your song, staging is essential. A well-designed stage setting can immerse the audience in the atmosphere and emotion of the music, enhance the viewing pleasure, and enhance the artistic value of singing.

Then some friends may want to ask:

  1. What is generally used in concert stage design?

  2. Can the stage LED equipment of the tour concert be recycled?

In fact, these problems have been resolved during the concert preparation stage. Next, I will show you how to solve it together.

1. What is generally used for concert stage design?

The concert is temporary, and the activities held outdoors usually do not exceed 3 days, so the stage construction materials are generally made of detachable steel, and the most important thing is to match the colored lights. What can best reflect the stage effect is the LED display. This is a must for every concert.

1). Why is the LED display screen the most important device for concert stage art?

Because the audience of a concert may reach tens of thousands, so there will always be places where the situation on the stage cannot be clearly seen. This is the time when the real-time broadcast of the LED display is needed. In addition, if the stage is to reach the envisioned For effect, some ingenious designs are necessary, and the LED display screen can do it. For example, the following points have met the necessary conditions for the concert:

  • High-definition display: The LED display can achieve high-resolution video display effects and can present vivid, clear, and delicate images, allowing the audience to appreciate the visual effects of the concert better.

  • Large screen size: The stage space of the concert is large, and there needs to be a large enough screen for the audience to watch from a distance. LED displays can be spliced into large screens of various sizes, which can meet the display needs on the stage.

  • Deformable display: The LED display can realize not only flat display but also display various shapes such as arcs and arches. This makes the concert stage design more flexible and diverse, breaking the limitations of the traditional stage, and can be designed into many stages with a sense of design.

  • Bright colors and high brightness: The LED display has strong color expressiveness and can present various bright and bright colors, making the stage effect of the concert more vivid and eye-catching.

  • Real-time playback and interactivity: The LED display can realize real-time playback and can immediately present the wonderful moments of the concert scene to the audience. At the same time, interactive design can also be used, such as interacting with the audience, displaying real-time social media content, etc., to increase the audience’s sense of participation and interactivity.

2. Can the stage LED equipment of the tour concert be recycled?

Most of the items in the concert are actually recyclable because the concert is not long, so these are also considered in the design. For larger LED displays, you will choose to rent LED displays, which can be reused after disassembly.

Rental LED displays usually adopt a modular design, which is not only relatively quick and convenient to install and disassemble but also can meet the needs of concert tours. The display can be easily transported to different sites and installed in a short time. It also avoids the cost of buying and maintaining your own display. Concert organizers can choose a suitable rental plan according to their needs, flexibly control costs, and do not need to store display equipment for a long time.

3. Tips for choosing LED rental screens

In fact, the leased LED display can not only be used in concerts but also in other temporary activities, such as various exhibition venues, etc. If you want to buy, you must pay attention to the following points!

  • Choose a reputable leasing company: Be sure to choose an experienced and reputable leasing company to ensure the quality of the equipment and the reliability of the service.

  • Consider the venue conditions: Before renting an LED display, it is necessary to understand the size of the concert venue, light conditions, and the visual needs of the audience so as to choose the appropriate LED display specifications and parameters.

  • Installation and commissioning: Negotiate with the rental company on the time and process of installation and commissioning to ensure that all equipment can operate normally before the concert begins.


In the stage design of the concert, the rental LED display plays an important role, bringing visual shock and artistic enjoyment to the audience. Together with the singers, they will bring a wonderful and unforgettable audio-visual feast to the audience.

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