Easy! 6 Tips To Teach You How To Correctly Use An LED Screen!

With the continuing development of the economy and society, the application range of LED screens is becoming increasingly broad, covering a large portion of urban advertising carriers.

However, in practice, many users do not fully comprehend the operation method. The improper operation will damage the LED display and reduce its lifespan.

Do you know these 6 tips for using LED screens? Let us learn how to properly use LED screens from BIBILED.

The surrounding situation

    1. A high-temperature, high-humidity, high-acid/alkali/salt atmosphere should not be used or stored.

    2. Keep gas, particles, and flammable substances at a distance.

    3. When transporting, avoid strong collisions and collisions with sharp items.

    4. Avoid leaving the screen exposed for an extended period of time when the outside temperature is too high or the heat dissipation conditions are poor.

    5. The LED screen will suffer permanent harm if the humidity level is exceeded because it will cause component corrosion and even short circuits.

    6. Water, iron particles, and other conductive metal are absolutely forbidden on the screen body.

        To avoid circuit damage, LED displays should be placed in as clean an environment as possible. In the event of water, please turn off the screen immediately until all components in the screen body are dry before use.

Turn the screen on and off

    1. Turn on the screen: after the control computer has started up and is operating regularly, turn on the large screen of the LED display.

    2. Shut down the computer after turning off the screen: start by turning off the LED screen’s body electricity, then the control software. (Turn off the computer first, then the LED display; otherwise, high brightness areas will appear on the screen’s body and the lamp tube will be burned, both of which have detrimental effects.)

    3. The time between switching screens should be longer than two minutes.

    4. Prevent your computer’s screen from being completely colorless. The impact current on the complete distribution system is the largest because the all-white screen is the state with the highest power.

Power supply

    1. Ac power supply is prohibited for LED modules. The positive and negative terminals of the power supply terminal are strictly prohibited from being reversed (note: once they are reversed, the product will burn out or even cause a serious fire).

    2. The power source is far from a source of great strength.

    3. Avoid performing additional power-on tests if a short circuit, trip, wire burning, smoke, or other abnormal situation occurs. Identify issues and promptly call customer service.

    4. To prevent lightning strikes, make sure the power supply is steady and correctly grounded. Use with caution in unfavorable weather, particularly when there is a chance of lightning.

    5. In order to prevent excessive current from heating up the power cable, damaging the LED lamps, and shortening the lifespan of the display screen, it is not permitted to play an all-white, extremely bright screen on an LED display for longer than 30 minutes. It is suggested that you watch dynamic movies.

    6. Non-professionals are forbidden to touch the internal line of the large screen of LED screen, so as to avoid electric shock or damage to the line. If something goes wrong, contact a professional for maintenance.

Daily cleaning

    1. Consistent maintenance and cleaning. Since the LED display spends a lot of time outside, it must be cleaned frequently and effectively to maintain its viewing quality.

    2. Use a soft brush to carefully scrub the module’s surface. To avoid damaging the LED lamp bead, avoid using any liquid to clear the surface of the LED module.

    3. Alcohol wipes, a brush, or a vacuum cleaner can be used to clear dust from the LED display’s surface rather than a wet cloth.

Software operation

    1. Software backup: If you use Windows 7, Windows 8, or other programs, databases, or software distribution programs, you can use the user-friendly “one key recovery” software.

    2. Continually look for malware and remove useless data.

    3. As much as feasible, non-professional personnel shouldn’t operate software systems.

Moisture-proof and storage

    1. Requirements for storage temperature: after opening the package, LED products must be kept in an atmosphere with a temperature of 30°C and a humidity level of 60%.

    2. Avoid insect bites and, if necessary, position anti-rat poison in accordance with the environment of the display body and control part.

    3. It is impossible to shut the LED display completely. If the screen body is in a high-humidity atmosphere and isn’t used for a while, it needs to be preheated and lit each time.

    The specific lighting operation method is as follows:

     If the screen body is not used for more than seven days, it is preheated for four to eight hours at 30% to 50% brightness before being lit at the normal brightness (80% to 100%) to get rid of moisture. The screen body should be preheated for more than 12 hours at 30%–50% brightness if it hasn’t been used in more than 15 days. Then, it should be lit at typical levels (80%–100%) to get rid of any moisture.


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