The four of main parts for the full color LED screen

The full color LED screen is assembled by many components . And today , BIBI LED are going to share the four of main parts for the full color LED screen.

Power supply LRS-350-5


Power supplier

The stability and performance of the power supply determine the performance of the display. And there are a lot of different brands for the power suppliers on the market today . Such as meanwell ( Our long term cooperation partnes ) , G-energy , Changlian , Greatwall , etc . The quantity of the power suppliers are required for the full color led screen is calculated based on the power of the LED modules , and the calculation for different model of the LED models are different.

LED cabinet


LED Screen Cabinet

There are a lot of different design , size and material for the cabinet . And the purpose of each cabinet is different , Like the steel cabinets mostly for the outdoor or indoor fixed installation ; Die-Casting aluminum mostly for the rental purpose application ; front opening cabinet mostly for the outdoor access applications . You need to discuss more details of your projects with your suppliers about the cabinet solution before they make the quotation for you.

LED modules

LED module is the most important parts for the whole full color LED screen . And the LED modules is composed by PCB board , mask , pixels , and the basement . Then the full color LED screen is composed of the LED modules , which is the large-screen led screen that we see.

Control system

The control system is an important part of the full color LED screen display. The video transmission is sent to the receiving card of the full color LED screen through the sending card and the graphics card. and then the data on the hub card is transmitted to the single-line or single-row to the full color LED module through the data cables , and then each full color LED modules are also connected through the data cables. It is how does it works.

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