DOOH LED Display Era Is Coming


With the rapid development of digital media, more people will turn their eyes to the LED display industry; Dooh LED display also emerged. Advertisers love it because it spreads so widely that people can quickly understand a product; places with high traffic in that place can almost see their own shadow.

So, this article will take you to understand the Dooh LED display.

1. What is a DOOH LED display screen?

  • DOOH LED display screens are also known as outdoor LED advertising displays. That’s what we call outdoor LED advertising screens. It is an LED display screen that can be installed anywhere except indoors.

  • It is modern outdoor advertising equipment is a digital media performance. Compared with traditional print media, advertising content is more dynamic because it can be at the appropriate time to convey information and content to consumers, so more suitable and now product promotion.

  • It is an indispensable part of the construction of a digital, intelligent city. In addition to advertising content, the Dooh LED display can also display some safety knowledge in a specific location or convey some traffic knowledge to people.

  • As the media of information dissemination, its dissemination capacity is larger and broader than the television at home. It lets you in the outdoors grasp some real-time dynamic information about life.

2. The application of DOOH LED display screen

In daily life, outdoor LED advertising screen is almost everywhere. Let’s look at some of its more common locations.

1). Large urban squares

Outdoor LED display screens are seen on large urban squares in each city, fixed LED display screens are installed on the exterior walls of buildings, and LED poster screens are placed at store entrances. There are many. Because large squares have a huge pedestrian flow in every city, there may be thousands of people in a day, and the square in a popular tourist city may even have tens of thousands.

This huge flow of people for commodity merchants is a huge hidden wealth. The greater the flow of people means here to put advertising, see more people. The more likely you are to convert your customers. So many advertisers like to place their products here.

2). Bus stop

This is also a place where there is a lot of traffic in every city. The outdoor LED display not only plays ads but also loops the movement of government vehicles passing through the station in a real-time. Let passengers know when their bus will arrive. Make it easy for people to travel.

3). Streetlights

Outdoor LED ad screens have become popular recently. The function here is the same as the outdoor LED ad screen at the bus stop. In addition to some advertising videos, there are some city promotion videos and photos to promote your city to people better. Improve the city’s happiness index.

4). Taxi top

Taxis are shuttled between cities every day. The promotion of information also has a huge role. Previously, the LED display on the top of the taxi remained in a dual-color or monochrome state. Only some text can be displayed. The content of the advertisement is very monotonous. But with the constant improvement of LED displays. Select the LED display on the top of the taxi to display pictures and videos like any other display.

3. Future development trends of DOOH LED display screen

Although the current DOOH LED display is very advanced, but also meets the current people for outdoor LED advertising screen requirements. But the times are constantly in progress, and people’s requirements will continue to improve. So in the future, DOOH LED displays will have some changes? Let’s take a look at the trends in DOOH LED displays.

1). Naked-eye 3D is everywhere

So far, naked-eye 3D outdoor LED displays account for about 15% of the market. The market share of naked-eye 3D is expected to be as high as 50% in the future, proving that the outdoor LED display screen will produce a naked-eye 3D advertising screen on a large scale. In addition, most young people nowadays prefer to take photos under the naked eye 3D LED screen, which also helps the city’s tourism industry, and the government will provide more support.

Almost all the well-known squares will have a naked eye visible 3D outdoor LED advertising screen—examples: Shinjuku, Times Square, Seoul, Chengdu, etc.

2). Energy saving

This is the trend of the LED display industry, no matter what type of LED display, energy saving is always the pursuit of suppliers. Especially the outdoor LED display screen, with its high brightness and long use time, so for a long time, the consumption of point power is relatively large. So energy saving is one of the necessary development trends in the future.

In addition, the state for energy legal person control is increasingly strict; energy-saving is also related to the cost of using units. Therefore, using energy-saving outdoor LED advertising screens will reduce the subsequent price, and people will be willing to buy some.

3). Adapt to the natural environment

Outdoor LED displays differ from other displays in that they are installed outdoors, so they must have a strong ability to adapt to external weather. Outdoor conditions will affect the life of the LED display screen, with waterproof, wind, anti-ultraviolet, flame retardant outdoor LED advertising screen a necessary condition.

At present, the global greenhouse effect is still continuing, often in some extreme off-season weather. For example, in Long-term heavy rain and summer temperatures above 40 degrees, these are outdoor LED display screens to overcome the natural environment. Improve its windproof, snow-proof, and other protective equipment; the shell and internal structure adapt to extreme temperature fluctuations. All of this is to make it better adapted to the natural environment, which also means it can extend the service life, greatly improve the sense of use, and save more maintenance costs.

4). Simplify the look

The lookthe outdoor LED screens we see so far are very large or heavy, so simplification is a must for LED vendors. Cell phones, computers, and other electronics are getting thinner and thinner. Outdoor LED advertising screens also need to do in the appearance and weight of subtraction, reduce the pressure of wall load-bearing, and reduce the appearance of the thick sense of weight. In this way, transportation and installation can save a lot of money and time.

5). High resolution

Outdoor LED displays are now more than just subtitles, and many people now prefer to put their own ads or short videos on them; this is a test of the resolution and fluency of outdoor LED advertising screens. The resolution of the display for the playing screen has been greatly improved; people will be more inclined to the higher resolution LED display.


With the great development of new media, they are also very helpful to the LED display industry; outdoor LED advertising screens can help them display their works and promote their products. This is a mutually beneficial cooperation. The market for commercial LED displays is forecast to 2024 $13.1 billion, a huge opportunity.

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