What is the difference between floor LED screen and advertising LED screen?

Q1) Who is this article written for?

Users who do not clearly distinguish between advertising LED screens and floor LED displays;

Users who are ready to purchase one of these products;

Users who are interested in learning knowledge of LED screens.

Q2) What will help after reading this article?

To understand the differences in product characteristics, positioning, usage, and usage methods between floor LED screen and advertising LED screens;

After reading the full text, you can understand how to make a choice.

Q3) What is the core content of this article? 

When you think about the LED screen, what do you remember?

Large concert and dance party scene, colorful LED screen. 

High-end shopping malls outside the building, with LED screens for advertising

Large-scale themed creative exhibitions to build LED screens for scenes. 

We can find that the LED screen has the good visual performance. 

It is often used to play videos and pictures at long distances.

Among its many uses, “advertising for a product or brand” is the most useful, so the sales of “advertising LED screens” have always been high.

However, with the development of the LED screen industry, a new type of LED screen product called “floor LED screen” came into being.

This LED screen that can be stepped on and interactively played, to gives people a visual experience, and more and more companies are beginning to use this product.

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On the one hand, there is a widely used product, “advertise LED screen,” and on the other side, a new product, the floor LED screen, with a novel shape.

In the face of these two, I believe you, like other business owners, cannot help asking the following questions:

1. They are LED screens. What’s the difference? 

2. Now that I have purchased the advertising LED screen, why should I buy a floor LED screen?

3. In the face of two products, should I buy both or choose only one of them? Which one is best for me?

Today, the BIBILED team will compare floor LED screens with the most typical ordinary LED screens, advertising LED screens, so that you can easily understand their similarities and differences to make the right choice.

Chapter 2: The War Between "Floor LED Screen" and "Advertising LED Screen"

Introduction to floor LED screen

Before starting the comparison, you first need to understand:

1. What exactly is a new type of product called “floor LED screen”?

2. Is it the same as the “Advertising LED Screen”?

To put it simply, a floor LED screen is a kind of “LED screen on the floor.” 

It has the display effect the same with an advertising LED screen, but it has two more characteristics than an advertising LED screen:

First, it adds the function of interactive entertainment, you can communicate with the items produced in the video;

Second, it can bear the weight of many people, and it is not easy to be trampled.

If you think about it, you can learn more.

2 Three differences between the floor LED screen and Advertising LED screen

The difference between the “floor LED screen” and the “advertising LED screen” is mainly reflected in the three aspects of function, positioning, and location.

1ST Different functions of floor LED screen

” Advertising LED Screen”

It is most closely related to out of home advertising, so it is usually installed on the outer walls of buildings such as shopping malls and buildings so that people can see it at a glance when walking and shopping.

Wide indoor walls such as subways and shopping malls are also one of the most commonly installed locations.

While its function also the date that you see every day, it can play video, pictures but also combine sound effects, bringing the user visually, hearing the effect of multi-sensory stimulation.

“Floor LED screen.”

It is a new product developed based on ordinary LED screens, so it first has the same display and magnification functions as other LED screens.

Secondly, it provides an intelligent interactive function, which is its most core function.

“Floor LED screen” usually has a built-in sensor chip or a Radar sensor, which can identify the user’s actions and transmit them to the video. 

The video used of floor LED screen is a specially crafted interactive video that responds in real-time based on user actions.

This craftsmanship technology finally allows users to experience the real experience of playing and interacting with the LED screen, creating a feeling of “being there.”

This also makes the LED screen no longer an ordinary screen, which becomes a source of creativity, fun, and spirit.

2ND: Different positioning

“Advertising LED Screen”: Advertising Publicity to Promote Consumption

Advertising LED screens have a fixed location. 

They are generally located in a large number of business districts. 

The main group of people who are active in business districts is usually people who are shopping. 

They have a certain amount of consumption power, shopping desire.

Therefore, the advertising promotion carried out in the advertising LED screen is closely related to specific brands and specific products.

For example, various makeup brands and advertisements that are often seen, celebrity spokespersons directly use their products in videos to show the advantages of the products and use them with users.

The production of health products is attractive.

In other words, the positioning of the advertising screen of the existing traffic in the business district, promote the products and brands to the people in this part of the traffic and urge them to make purchases.

“Floor LED screen”: interactive fun, attract traffic

Floor LED screens are not directly related to publicity. 

In addition to being used in commercial places such as shopping malls, they are also exposed to public welfare places such as public squares.

Due to its interactive nature, it can provide customers with a novel experience and stimulate everyone’s curiosity to come and play.

Therefore, the “floor LED screen” is often used to attract customers and increase the attraction of shopping malls and stores.

The principle is very simple.

Customers come to the floor LED screen because of fun and curiosity. 

Naturally, they will visit the shops near the floor LED screen.

Some people will ask, floor LED screen can not directly make advertising for brands, can attracting customers bring benefits to the enterprise?

The answer is: yes!

Just as the logistics industry has grown under the rapid development of the e-commerce industry, it has always had a kind of pain point called “the last one.”

This means that after the logistics transport the goods from the enterprise to the logistics sorting center near the customer, it also needs to send the goods from the sorting center to the customer.

The “sent to customers” link is the shortest distance, the only link that needs to directly connect with customers, and the final link of logistics distribution is the key.

The level of customer satisfaction and experience often also depends on this below image.

By analogy, what is the “last mile” in contact with customers in offline places such as shopping malls?

The customer came to the business district from other places and chose the distance from your store and the mall when choosing among many nearby malls.

This is different from the “last one kilometer” of logistics. 

Logistics inevitably contacts customers, but shopping malls can only wait for customers to choose.

Therefore, at this time, the customer is closest to you, but also the farthest from you; meanwhile, he is physically close to you but lacks the reason and attraction to choose you.

In this situation, it is difficult to directly urge him to choose “you” through the brand promotion of the advertising screen alone, and the novel and interesting floor LED screen will make him think of “let’s have fun.”

When the customer walks to the floor LED screen, the traffic flow around them naturally increases, and the pain point of your “last one kilometer” is also resolved.

THIRD: Different site selection requirements

“Advertising LED screen”: Select a place with a lot of traffic

Whether it is a TV advertisement or an LED advertisement, its core delivery guidelines are: choose a place with many people!

The more people you watch, the higher the exposure rate, and the greater the transmission efficiency, the better the advertising effect and the higher the purchase rate.

Therefore, advertisers will naturally choose to install their advertising screens in areas where there is a large number of people, such as the outside of buildings in the CBD shopping malls, and the locations of high-speed rail/airports.

I was waiting in the car in the waiting hall.

Because only in this way can we attract large business owners to come and advertise and charge a considerable cost.

But this also makes it necessary to go through a rigorous inspection in the early stage and then chooses the installation address, which is more restricted.

“Floor LED Screen”: Flexible and optional space.

Floor LED screen, as a kind of “interactive” LED products, is mainly used to provide users with a good fun experience.

Because everyone has “conformity” and “crowd mentality,” the “fun and novel” floor LED screen is easy to attract customers.

Therefore, the place where it is installed can easily become the place where traffic is gathered.

Therefore, the selection of the installation position of the floor LED screen is not high.

Chapter 2: These misunderstandings, be careful!

The floor LED screen has not been around for a long time, and many people still don’t understand it, and even some misunderstandings will occur.

BIBILED knowledge will explain these common questions for you one by one:

Cognitive 1: Floor LED screen and Advertising LED screen are LED screens, no difference!

Error! They are so different!

1, the floor LED screen is more versatile, it can be stepped on directly, and it can also play interactively; the advertising LED screen stands on the floor and can only be viewed.

2. The floor LED screen is more diverse, and customers can directly participate in the video, which will make people impressed. 

Advertising LED screens can be seen everywhere. 

There is no other way to watch them.

He was so special; it was difficult to make an impression.

3, The floor LED screen function is richer, it uses new technology, with the help of the core chip or radar, the interactive function is even stronger; the advertising LED screen is not very different, and the functions are single.

Cognitive 2: The floor LED screen is put a load-bearing board mask on the surface, nothing special!

NO! There is indeed one more layer of mask on the floor LED screen, but this is a new type of craft, instead of the simple “1 + 1 = 2”.

Such as PC board floor LED screen.

1. It has a circle of rubber on the edge of the LED screen module, which fits with the PC board; many tightly threaded spirals screw its module and the shell.

These two are combined, so that the LED screen is completely wrapped, and has good water resistance, wrapping, and load-bearing properties.

2. The outer shell has friction and strong texture, which can prevent slipping and falling.

Chapter 3: Which product should I choose?

Use in combination to form a win-win situation.

The two products of “floor LED screen” and “advertising LED screen” are LED screens, and they will inevitably make a choice.

But! This is not a non-competitive relationship.

On the contrary, they have a complementary relationship due to their large functional differences and different application scopes.

Therefore, we suggest that you can use the “floor LED screen” and the “advertising LED screen” together to achieve a win-win situation.

Such as:

Use advertising LED screens for advertising your brand on a large scale to increase visibility.

At the same time, based on the location of the advertising LED screen, the location of the floor LED screen is guided to guide the traffic near the advertising LED screen to the place where the business owner expects customers to go.

In this way, it not only realizes the promotion of customer awareness but also realizes the drainage and realization of users after entering the mall.

Buying strategy

For shopping malls, we recommend that you purchase “advertising LED screens” first, and then purchase “floor LED screens” after the development of the shopping malls.

In addition to being able to promote the products and brands of this shopping mall for consumers to purchase, the “Advertising LED Screen” can also increase advertising revenue for shopping malls.

Besides, the “advertising LED screen” is an indispensable promotional tool for shopping malls.

The “floor LED screen” can make the mall even more icing on the cake, and it can directly bring economic benefits.

However, it can increase the attraction of the mall after the mall is completed, and the store is settled, becoming a customer preference.

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