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In 2018, the Jakarta Asian Games included e-sports as a performance event; At the end of 2020, the Asian Olympic Council announced that e-sports would become an official event of the Asian Games and would participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games. These series of changes all indicate that the development of e-sports is getting better and better; at the same time, the LED display screen that is indispensable in the e-sports competition scene is particularly important. This article will take you to understand the LED display and The importance of the screen in e-sports competitions! Let’s take a look.

1. What is e-sports-LED display

The LED e-sports professional display is actually a small-pitch LED display; because it is a game competition, it has extremely high requirements for the LED display screen, image quality, and clarity, especially the higher-level leagues that require venues, equipment, and LED displays. The higher the screen requirements, all these small-pitch LED displays can meet.

The LED e-sports screen can not only rebroadcast the game screen in real-time to the audience on the live broadcast end and increase the attention of the game; it can also make the audience on the scene see more clearly, taking care of every audience in the competition venue.

2. What characteristics do e-sports-LED display need to have?

E-sports itself is very strict about the equipment, not all small-pitch LED displays can be used as LED gaming screens, and the following is an inventory of the characteristics that some LED gaming screens need to have.

  • Dynamic performance:

E-sports events are usually held in large indoor venues, and traditional LCD screens cannot meet the high requirements of the event. In contrast, the LED display has a fast response speed, which can produce a shorter response time, improve the real-time performance of the game experience, effectively reduce the game delay, have higher brightness, wider viewing angle, and faster response time; it can provide the audience with a better viewing experience. Whether on the field or in the auditorium, the LED display screen can clearly and smoothly display the game screen and real-time data so that the audience can better understand the progress of the game and enjoy a more shocking and immersive audio-visual effect.

  • Display effect:

With the continuous advancement of LED display technology, the resolution of the display is getting higher and higher, the refresh rate is getting faster and faster, the color reproduction is getting more accurate, and the contrast is getting bigger and bigger. Improvements in these technologies enable e-sports players to see the game screen more clearly, capture details more accurately, and improve reaction speed and game performance during the game. At the same time, the curved surface design of the LED display also provides a more immersive viewing experience for e-sports events, making the audience more involved and enhancing the tension and realism of the game.

  • Marketing and Publicity Capabilities:

As a brand-new form of competition, e-sports needs to be promoted and publicized through various channels. In this regard, LED displays can be widely used in e-sports venues, commercial billboards, outdoor plazas, etc., to broadcast game events, advertisements, and sponsor information. Through high-brightness, high-contrast, and high-resolution LED displays, e-sports events and brand advertisements can be more prominently presented to audiences, improving publicity effects, enhancing brand image, and attracting more sponsors and audiences to participate.

3. The development trend of e-sports-led display

The development of LED e-sports screens and the e-sports industry complement each other. The application of LED e-sports screens will only increase when the e-sports industry develops. Then let’s take a look at the development prospects of the e-sports industry.

  • In recent years, due to the vigorous development of the e-sports industry, existing data show that the actual sales revenue of the e-sports market has increased from 50.46 billion yuan in 2016 to 94.73 billion yuan in 2019, nearly doubling in value, and its growth rate is gratifying.

  • International market research organization Wit Display’s “Global Gaming Display Panel Report” pointed out that the growth trend of the gaming monitor market will continue in 2021, with shipments expected to reach 24 million units and shipments of gaming monitor panels expected to reach 29 million units.

  • According to the latest data from Newzoo, by 2022, the number of e-sports viewers in Asia will increase to 301 million. Compared with 279 million in 2021, the annual growth rate is 7.8%, and the growth momentum is good.

  • In 2018, e-sports was included in the Asian Games, and it will start a new journey on the stage of world-level competitions for the first time in the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games.

With the development of e-sports, LED e-sports screens also frequently appear in the eyes of the audience. It is believed that the development of LED e-sports screens and e-sports will be better and better in the future.

4. What kinds of e-sports LED displays are commonly used in e-sports?

LED rental screens also include small-pitch LED rental screens, which also meet the requirements of e-sports events for LED displays. Some competition venues are rented, such as the League of Legends Academy League, the Glory of Kings World Champion Cup, and the League of Legends Intercontinental Series are all short-term competitions, and the competition venues are not fixed every year; in this case, LED rental screens are generally used, because mobile, Disassembly and assembly are very convenient, which can save a lot of labor costs for the organizer.

Indoor fixed small-pitch LED displays are generally used in the home court of each e-sports club; during the rapid development of e-sports, e-sports clubs have also begun to increase. In order to standardize management and better promotion, many clubs will build their own stadiums in their own cities; since the club’s playing field is fixed and will not change after completion, the LED gaming screen does not need to be disassembled after installation, so indoor More fixed installations.


To sum up, e-sports and LED displays are closely related and promote each other. LED displays provide a high-quality visual experience and publicity channels, allowing e-sports events to be better displayed to the audience and promoting the development of e-sports; the rise and development of e-sports also promote the innovation and development of LED display technology. With the continuous development of e-sports and LED display technology, their connection will be further deepened, bringing us more surprises and possibilities.

If you want to know more about LED displays or have questions about LED displays and need help, please get in touch with us or leave a message on the message board below, and I will help you as soon as possible!

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