The Difference Between Movable Rental LED Screens And Fixed Installation LED Screens


Compared with the fixed installation LED screen, the main difference between the movable rental LED screen and the fixed installation LED screen is that it needs to be moved frequently, dismantled, and installed repeatedly. As a result, the requirements for the product are higher, and the product’s shape, structure, and material choice are all exquisite. Today, allow me to give you a thorough overview of this problem.

There are 5 differences between movable rental LED screens and fixed installation LED screens.

First: The Installation Process

Movable rental large LED screens require simple repetitive installation, disassembly, and handling, and the staff can finish the work quickly and decrease labor costs for customers. Fixed installation of large LED screens is installed in sequence, and the size is extremely uniform. The movable rental screen’s box structure has a quick lock design, making it simple and quick to take apart and put back together. For instance, it might be disassembled after a concert and moved to another stage to be built, saving time and labor. The typical installation methods for LED display screens, both indoor and outdoor, are mainly fixed. It will be difficult to move once the installation position has been determined.

Second: Transportation

The movable rental LED large screen has a high tolerance for minor bumps in transportation and handling, and the size must conform to the loading system of the transportation tool, particularly when traveling across continents. Because of the frequent handling required, the design of the LED large screen itself must be sturdy enough to withstand handling; otherwise, it is easy to collide during the handling process, causing damage to the LED, and even a broken LED light will affect the overall effect.

Third: Package

Rental LED screens can be used repeatedly and often need to be transported to different venues, so wooden air boxes or plastic air boxes are generally used for packaging. The bottom of the flight case has wheels for easy transport. The traditional LED screen is fixed installation, and the installation position will not be easily changed after installation, so only one-time wood binding packaging is required.

Fourth: The Difference Between The Cabinets

LED displays in traditional engineering are fixed. The cabinet adopts a simple waterproof cabinet or a standard waterproof cabinet, which mainly plays the role of fixing and waterproofing, and the structure is relatively heavy. The movable LED rental display needs to be disassembled, built, and transported frequently, so the cabinet requires easy disassembly in structural design and lightweight and convenient transportation. Rental LED displays are usually made of die-casting aluminum cabinets. The structure is light and thin, and the same size is more than 40% lighter than conventional LEDs. It has high stability and is more convenient to install and disassemble at any time. It is suitable for holding concerts and stage performances.

Fifth: Application Scenarios

LED rental screens are widely used in stage rental, singing and dancing events, various conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theaters, auditoriums, lecture halls, multi-function halls, conference rooms, performance halls, disco bars, nightclubs, high-end entertainment discos, TV stations Spring Festival Gala, important cultural activities in various provinces and cities, etc. The LED fixed screen is mainly used for outdoor advertising, such as building curtain walls, street advertising columns, community media, gas stations, etc. Secondly, LED fixed screens will also be used in exhibition stages, KTVs, entertainment venues, and some display counters. Not only do they provide energy-efficient lighting, but they also promote and deliver information.

Sixth: control mode

LED fixed installation screens are generally controlled remotely through the Internet, without manual control by special personnel. However, due to a large number of external devices, the rental LED display needs to be manually controlled by professionals to switch the screens on different devices in time.


The above are some distinctions between the movable rental LED screen and the fixed installation LED screen, and as a result of these distinctions, the two will have some differences in product configuration and structural design, resulting in a price difference between the two.

In addition, it should be noted that: in the combined installation, the lessor should provide a professional control system instruction manual, and the installation equipment should also indicate the instruction details so as to facilitate the personnel to identify the components and installation sequence and prevent installation errors from affecting the progress of the rental screen. 

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