Indoor Rental LED Screen and Outdoor Rental LED Screen, Which One Is More Suitable for You


The advancement of LED technology is becoming increasingly efficient, and the cost of production has decreased dramatically. These developments in LED technology are having a considerable impact on the LED screen display business. As a result, LED screens are now more reasonably priced than they once were.

Choosing the right rental LED screen can be a difficult task because we are not looking for the cheapest or most expensive product. When making any purchase decision, the most important factor to consider is the cost-to-performance ratio. In short, users want to select the best product for the best price and performance.

As an LED screen expert in China, BIBI LED advises you to clarify your needs by asking yourself 2 questions before selecting the right LED screen.

  1. What is the application scenario of your LED screen?
  2. What is the environment like?

What is the application scenario of your LED screen?

LED screens can be applied in a variety of scenarios, including both indoor and outdoor ones. Different varieties of LED screens are required for various applications. Additionally, there are differences between indoor and outdoor installation methods. Our Rental LED Screens are separated into indoor and outdoor rental LED screens depending on the application conditions.

  • Stage

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The stage layout is both indoor and outdoor. The structure of the open-air stage is critical and requires adequate support to ensure that it can withstand strong wind loads. The height of the ceiling is the most important consideration for the indoor stage. Because most ceilings have a load limit, only small and medium-sized LED screens can be installed. It’s worth noting that not every ceiling structure is designed to support heavy-hanging objects.

  • Conferences

Recommended Product: Indoor Rental LED Screen 

Conferences are generally held in indoor venues. When organizing conferences, especially large-scale conferences, this professional rental screen can be quickly assembled to ensure layout speed.

  • Sport arena

Recommended Product: Outdoor Rental LED Screen 

LED rental screens are widely used in sports venues. Digital LED scoreboards, for example, are used to display game scores. Furthermore, multi-functional LED rental screens can display the large LED screens of sports venues, live games, video playback, game scores, and advertisements.

What is the environment like?

The location or surrounding environment of the LED display is very important. It affects factors such as screen brightness and weather resistance.

  • Brightness

The main distinction between indoor and outdoor rental LED screens is the brightness of the screen. The brightness of a screen is measured in nits (cd/m2). Higher brightness levels allow the screen to be seen even in bright sunlight.

Outdoor rental LED screens are typically brighter, ranging from 4,500 nits to 7,500 nits. Some high-quality LED panels can even achieve 12,000 nits. Indoor LED screens, on the other hand, do not have high brightness requirements. Ambient light levels are low in indoor environments. The viewing experience will suffer if the indoor screen is too bright.

It is worth noting that the outdoor rental screens can be used indoors as well; simply adjust the brightness. Indoor rental screens, on the other hand, can only be used indoors.

  • Weather resistance

Another difference between Indoor rental LED screens and outdoor rental LED screens is the degree of weather resistance. Typically measured by the degree of protection (IP).

IP2X and IP3X are the most common indoor rental screen panel ratings. Large physical objects, but not moisture, are resistant to indoor rental LED panels (indicated by an X).

And IP65 is the industry standard for outdoor rental LED screen panels. The panel is dust-tight and water-jet resistant. If the user intends to use the LED screen outside, the rating must be at least IP65.


The 2 questions we mentioned above are very important when choosing the best rental LED screen.

Contact us if you are still uncertain about your selection of a rental LED screen.

As important as choosing indoor or outdoor LED rental screens is the application location, this article may be changed for your reference

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