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What is a curved LED screen?

When mentioning the LED screen, the first thing that people think of is a flat screen, because the flat LED screen is often used on various occasions. But for some special occasions, the flat LED screen will be limited.

Today’s article is going to introduce you to the LED curved display screen. Compared with the traditional flat LED display, it will have a certain curvature. Generally speaking, the curved LED screen surface can be divided into an outer arc, an inner arc, and a circular arc.

Advantages of LED curved screens

  1. Better immersion

Yes, you read that correctly. When the edge of the curved screen is slightly curved forward, you will feel like you are in the real world. When you watch pictures on a curved screen, you will feel more immersive and enhance your visual experience

  1. Wide viewing angle

The viewing angle appears wider and larger on a curved LED screen. Sometimes the screen may be reflective depending on where the user is sitting. This problem can be solved with a curved LED display because you can have a wider viewing angle. In addition, a more balanced image and picture can be obtained. Expand the user’s field of vision and reduce edge loss.

  1. Ergonomic

In addition to the exquisite appearance of the curved LED screen itself to attract consumers, the more important thing is that the design of the curved LED display conforms to ergonomics. Since the human eyeballs will have a certain curvature, the curvature of the LED curved screen can ensure that the screen information seen by the eyes is conveyed to the human eye accordingly, which is very close to the physiological structure of the human eye.

  1. Greater flexibility

Curved LED screens have better flexibility and can manufacture some specific radians to meet product requirements. 

Application Scenarios of Curved Screens

  1. Shopping mall

With the rapid development of the economy, business districts around the world are rising rapidly. Many large commercial plazas have adopted transitional full-curved LED screens, such as naked-eye 3D screens. Glasses-free 3D can present the content of more products or services to the audience more specifically and vividly within a limited time. It attracts the audience’s attention while increasing the amount of disseminated information, increases the audience’s viewing completion rate, and virtually improves the publicity effect.

  1. Architecture and advertising

From the giant pandas rushing towards Taikoo Li, Chengdu, to the various naked-eye 3D videos that come one after another in major business districts, it can be felt that the visual sensory experience is gradually becoming a “hard indicator” in the development process of LED screens. This novelty shocking visual experience is easier for enterprises to accept and adopt because of its good effect and widespread. The curved LED screen can fit the outline of the building better during installation, which can effectively reduce space waste and reduce installation costs.

  1. Cinema

The screens in movie theaters are also slowly reforming. Curved LED screens still only account for a minority, and they are likely to be widely used in the future. After all, the real curved LED screen will achieve clearer and sharper picture quality and restore the real scene.

  1. Venue

If a giant LED screen is placed in a conference hall that can accommodate 1,000 people, then the LED screen must be curved.

  1. Stadiums

The LED curved screen is mainly used to broadcast exciting pictures and slow-motion close-ups of stadium games. The control system of the LED curved screen is connected to the cameras in all directions of the venue, and these live broadcasts and switching images can be seen from all angles. Just look up and you can see the unique charm of the LED curved screen.

  1. Entertainment and cultural venues

The biggest advantage of an LED curved screen is its flexibility. With the continuous maturity of technology, the picture of LED curved screen is clearer and the performance is more stable. It can achieve more flexible and changeable scene changes, complete screen switching in an instant, and achieve arbitrary display effects through technical means, with clear display screens, rich content, and realistic effects. Applied in entertainment and cultural venues, such as games or art venues, it can create a specific atmosphere.

Will the price of a curved LED screen be more expensive?

There is no doubt that curved LED screens are more expensive to manufacture than flat LED screens.

What does the price of the curved screen have to do with it?

  1. Related to the size

Generally speaking, the larger the screen size, the higher the price. Because it requires more LED light panels, as well as more installation space and technical support, the cost will also be higher.

  1. In relation to technical support

The installation of an LED curved screen requires more professional technical support. The better the technical support, the higher the price.

  1. Related to the brand

Famous brands of LED curved screens will cost more because they have higher quality and better technical support.

  1. Related to the environment

If the installation environment is more complex and requires more technical support, such as installation at high altitudes or in mountainous areas, the price will be relatively higher.

Different ideas about curved LED screen

Every coin has two sides, and curved LED screens are no exception. While there are many positives and alluring qualities to an LED screen, it also has limitations. If you’re used to flatting LED screens, suddenly installing a curved screen on your wall might be a bit of a struggle. Of course, this may not be very important. The important thing is that the curved screen is more suitable for large-scale events and outdoors, so the visual effect will be better. But if installed in a relatively small space, it may not be so good.

BIBILED previous cases

·P4.81 Outdoor Curved Rental LED Display

Application: Both indoor and outdoor place is able used.

Indoor fixed LED screen application:

The indoor fixed led screen is mainly used in the indoor commercial advertising LED display industry.

It is used for shopping malls, supermarkets, airports, subway stations, etc.

Indoor Rental LED screen application:

The LED screen is primarily used as a backdrop to play ambient video or to relay live feeds of the actor’s performance.

It is used for shopping malls, concerts, speeches, etc.


The above is the relevant introduction to the LED curved display. For more information, please follow us! We are professional in making LED curved screens!

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