Rental LED Screen: 9 Applications Why You Need One

Want to make your event more popular, Insane, colorful and loved?

Come check out this article to teach you how to make your event reach users faster and be loved by LED Screen.

With the development of the cultural and entertainment industry and various commercial activities, user-oriented communication methods have become more and more diversified.

Once a single poster or flyer-style publicity method has been difficult to attract consumers who are willing to pay for the products.

Imagine that if a commercial propaganda activity can only rely on unpretentious propaganda, then consumers will have a hard time feeling the difference in the company in the same propaganda.

It is even harder to understand the company’s products and even pay for the products.

Enterprises that use LED screens for multimedia promotion can maximize the advertising imagination and conduct very attractive promotional activities.

Why choose LED rental screens among many other type LED screen products?

For corporate/event organizers who only use LED screens in specific promotional situations, LED rental screens are a cost-effective, flexible, and convenient solution. 

It has the following advantages:

Firstly, customized

The LED rental screen is a kind of product that can be quickly built according to the requirements of the activity. 

Compared with the fixed installation LED screen, it can be spliced into different sizes, widths, and heights according to the needs of the active scene, and provide personalized style;

Secondly, cost-effective

It can be assembled and disassembled quickly, making it ideal for temporary use and short-term use. 

This trait makes it more cost-effective than a fixed screen, and you can get better results at a lower cost.

At last, excellent communication results

This is a combination of various multimedia technologies, through video, pictures, combined with music, lighting, and even VR, 3D functions, to create an “immersive” viewing experience that is highly integrated with the surrounding environment, to the audience very strong sensory impact.

Where do we need to use him in those places?

Application 1
Application 2
Application 3
Application 4
Application 5
Application 6
Application 7
Application 8
Application 9

Application 1: The T-stage LED Screen.

What kind of elements do you need for a good T-stage show?

Judging whether a T-stage show is qualified or not, the standard is: Can you give the audience a good viewing experience?

Factors affecting this result, in addition to staffing, model catwalk, theme design, there are stage lighting, stage design, and preparation.

A superior stage lighting design can help the T-stage show to better express the theme of the catwalk and show the characteristics of the costumes. 

At the same time, it can also meet the user’s viewing needs and convey the artistic value that the T-stage show wants to present.

Why use the LED rental screen on the T-stage show?

Personalized to create a specific scene, giving the audience a strong visual impact

T-stage show without the LED screen

The big stage can only be used with ordinary lighting and background boards to match the live T-stage show. 

It can’t create a realistic and realistic visual effect.

It can neither give the audience a direct visual expression of impact nor can it let the audience quickly. 

The theme is quickly understood in the atmosphere rendered by the LED screen. 

Just like the Marvel film, when it loses the cooperation of sophisticated video effects, it will greatly weaken the plot impact of the superhero to save the world.

T-stage show with the LED screen

The LED screen full of infinite performance possibilities can be built according to the requirements of the organizer, combined with the stage of the T platform for different sizes, widths, heights, proportions, and even small LED screens placed in different positions to display in all directions; 

The LED screen can also play and display the background pictures and videos in line with the theme of the T-stage show, combined with various color combinations and even video effects, which can best match the model show, revealing the charm of models and costumes, and also in the hearts of the audience. Leave a deep impression.

Diversified means of communication, delivering artistic value and enriching the audience experience

T-stage show without the LED screen

With a single display means such as lighting and set panels, only the intrinsic, rigid, and unchanging scene images can be presented, which is difficult to attract the attention of the audience

In particular, at the moment, most people’s attention has been attracted to mobile phones.

When they find that the T-stage show can’t attract them, they are likely to bow their heads to play mobile phones or chat.

T-stage show with LED screen

A wide variety of LED screens can be combined with lighting and music to give viewers a vivid audiovisual experience

The show is easy to become an artistic creation place for organizers, designers, and models

At this time, if they lift the phone, it is likely to be shared with friends to record the amazing pictures of the show, not to divert attention.

Zoom in to enhance viewers’ feelings

T-stage show without LED screen

Due to the size of some T-stage shows, the settings of the auditorium are also different. 

Larger T-stage shows usually have more auditoriums, and it is inevitable that some viewers will sit in remote, distant corners.

Limited by the distance, the model can only be turned into a small shadow in the eyes of the audience in the distance, which makes it difficult for the audience to appreciate the T-show clearly.

T-stage show with LED screen

The organizer can use the zoom effect of the LED screen to truly reproduce and restore the details on the T-stage to the LED screen

This can effectively take care of the audience sitting in different positions, so that they can have more on-site participation, instead of only See the shadow of the model.

The LED rental screen can help the T-show to create a catwalk with visual impact and display, and a live show and artistic style.

Application 2: The concert/party LED Screen.

What kind of concert/ party can you attract the audience?

First of all, a concert and party are to bring an excellent audio-visual experience to the audience.

It creates a strong atmosphere in the program and links. 

Different programs and songs can achieve a rich and fantastic display through rental LED screen and lighting.

Secondly, the audience should have a strong sense of participation, and the various activities can enable the audience to participate actively or passively, and also allow them to get close contact with the singer/star;

Finally, regardless of the size of the concert, the distance between the audience position and the stage is far and near, and the audience can clearly see the stage details through the enlarged stage picture on the LED screen so that the song and dance information of the party is more clearly conveyed.

Why use LED rental screens at the concert/ party?

Rich expressions to create outstanding visual effects.

Concert/ Party without LED screen

Concert venues are usually very large, and thousands of people are moving.

In such a situation, if there is no assistance with the LED rental screen, then the pilaf version can only rely on the light alone, and the viewers who are far away can not see the performers at all. 

In their eyes, there are only a few light and shadows that are dark and dark.

Therefore, under such a party that requires audience interaction, not using LED screens is equivalent to giving up creating visual effects.

At the scene of a large concert, with only a single tone of light and a dark and dark stage, then this can’t show the expressive stage effect, let alone satisfy the consumers to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Look at the psychological expectations of a concert.

Concert/ Party using the LED screen

A variety of background images and videos that match the theme of the party can be played on the top of the LED screen, which can show different color changes on the LED screen when the party is warming up, rotate different video pictures, and combine various activities after the party starts. 

This means, ultimately achieving an excellent atmosphere rendering effect.

Flexible event planning to enhance audience participation.

Concert/ Party without the LED screen

It is only possible to interact through human resources through the casters.

This method is inefficient, and it is difficult to take care of most people at the tens of thousands of parties in the audience, especially those who are sitting far away

Some tricks like interactive activities are difficult to achieve, such as lottery draws and carousel lyrics.

This will not only make the audience experience very bad but also seriously hinder the progress of the concert.

Concert/ Party using an LED screen

It can be installed according to the scale of the event and the planning of the on-site activities to meet the needs of different stages for installation and design and can be flexibly and flexibly disassembled to achieve various stage effects

After the stage is set up, it can also be combined with the forms of the lottery, turntable, carousel lyrics, etc., to make the party’s activities more compelling, and let the user have a stronger sense of participation.

Match the theme design to show various stage effects

Concert/ Party without LED screen

It is impossible to create a scene-like dance lighting effect

It is difficult for the audience to be motivated by the only single lighting aid

The effect of the concert will only be greatly reduced.

In addition, it is impossible to enlarge the singer’s picture and let distant users.

Only the singer’s faint figure on the stage can be seen.

Concert/ Party using an LED screen

The party can make good use of the LED screen, combine VR, AR technology, or play other colors and videos, pictures.

let the atmosphere of the party go up to the climax under the push of the LED screen; 

And also be able to make the details on the stage of the party real The map is enlarged and restored to the audience so that viewers who are close to the audience will not be affected by the appreciation of the party program.

The LED rental screen can help the concert achieve better performance and give users an unparalleled experience.

Application 3: Job Fair LED Screen.

How to attract job seekers and show corporate information at job fairs?

First of all, there must be a clear job description, so that job seekers can understand at a glance whether the recruitment requirements are consistent with their personal abilities, whether the company’s salary and treatment are consistent with their own requirements; 

Secondly, they must be able to demonstrate an attractive corporate culture and values for job hunting

The person can effectively identify whether the company has the possibility of attracting others to stay for a long time

Again, it is necessary to use the means of communication to enable job seekers to be attracted to the information of the company at a glance in the complicated recruitment information

Finally, it is necessary to make rapid, effective, and obvious differentiated information exposure, and to show the difference of the company to job seekers in the same recruitment. 

Through the above four points, the attention of job seekers can be effectively obtained, and it is more likely that the candidates who are suitable for the company can be selected among the job seekers.

Why use LED rental screens at job fairs?

A unique way of propaganda differentiated means to pass information.

Job fair without LED screen

Most of the job fairs can only be promoted through traditional posters, roll-ups, etc. 

This is a static, non-interactive, universal, and homogenous means

It is difficult to stand out in various recruitment companies and can not attract job seekers.

Job fair using the LED screen

It can play corporate brand promotion videos, pictures, or QR codes with recruitment information, detailed recruitment items, and display clip videos of internal employees of the company through different display methods.

These methods can effectively demonstrate the competitiveness of the company, better enable job seekers to deliver resumes more conveniently, and most importantly, show the humanistic feelings and recessiveness of the applicants to the job seekers through the editing video series of the employees’ daily records, welfare and so on.

Quickly attract job seekers and help them position their businesses.

Job fair without the LED screen

At most job fairs, the means of recruiting job descriptions are usually relatively simple

They are usually explained by network descriptions, posters, and brochures

This is not easy for job seekers to quickly understand whether he is the talent that the company needs. 

Job fair using the LED screen

It can display the needs of enterprises (Job description) in a variety of forms in the form of video and audio, and can effectively find job seekers and even potential job seekers who are interested in the company

Various job seekers after seeing such video descriptions Can be shorter and faster than words to know if they need to know more about the company;

Of course, if the company is willing, then they can also put the contact information directly in the video‘s conspicuous position, faster and able to find a job seeker Communicate and attract talent faster.

Personalized communication to create, DIY custom design, all-round display of corporate characteristics.

Job fair without the LED screen

Job fairs that do not use LED screens can only display promotional materials in ordinary places.

The overall style design and the construction of publicity platforms can only be ordinary;

Job fair using the LED screen.

The flexible and detachable features of the LED rental screen can be quickly built and transferred according to the individual needs of the recruiter, including the flexible design of DIY according to the size of the recruitment space, whether it is a corporate promotion or recruitment information promotion show in all directions.

LED rental screens can help recruiting talents faster and more efficiently.

Application 4: The Church LED Screen.

Why do churches need rental LED screens?

The church is the main venue for religious communication activities

It is impossible to avoid the need to sing poetry, preach, and spread stories or information-rich in religious traditions to people. 

In the past, churches usually carried out missionary and choir activities in some traditional ways, but in the new era, LED rental screens can help church activities to spread religion at specific moments better.

For a church, what is the difference between using an LED rental screen and not using an LED rental screen?

Help the choir to remember the lyrics.

The church without LED screen

When performing a choir, people may forget the lyrics, and there may be no effective means to help them prompt the lyrics. 

And if you use the way of printing paper, it is very troublesome, and this will also encounter such a situation: some people can’t keep up with the rhythm of singing poetry and can’t find the corresponding lyrics.

The church using the LED screen

Through the LED rental screen, the computer can control the LED screen and scroll the lyrics in time, so that every choir member can easily see the lyrics and keep up with the rhythm.

Better spread religious stories.

The church without LED screen

Religious stories can only be spread through human words and printed atlases in a single form, making it difficult to achieve high-fidelity information dissemination;

The church using the LED screen

Through the LED rental screen, we can display documentaries, videos and pictures related to religious history and display them in a variety of ways.

The LED rental screen can help religious information and value communication.

Application 5: The Exhibition LED Screen.

What kind of exhibition can make people want to have a deep understanding of the works or products at the conference?

Generally speaking, the exhibition is a publicity campaign to showcase product technology, carry out brand promotion, and broaden sales channels

Therefore, how to grasp the viewer’s attention, let them know more about your products/ artworks, and pay for your products/ arts is a problem that needs to be seriously considered during the organization of the exhibition. 

Generally speaking, the exhibition will display the products in the exhibition. 

When the viewers are curious to approach, there will be a guide to introduce the voice. 

But this way has become obsolete, and it is difficult for viewers to be attractive

So how do you make them refreshed? Please be assured that the LED rental screen will be your solution of choice.

Why use LED rental screens at the show?

Display artworks with rich means and guides users to consume

Exhibition without LED screen

It is only possible to place artworks/ commercial products at the venue, attracting users with guides, signs, and placement designs. 

The form is monotonous and single-minded, making it difficult for users to generate an impulse to understand and consume.

Exhibition using the LED screen

It can combine the product color of the exhibition and the theme of the work to create a variety of scenes with a strong sense of the screen for the user

For example, in a jungle oil painting art exhibition, you can use LED screens to display different distances and sizes, and at the same time, the scene will display scenes, colors or videos

For example, in business At the product exhibition, you can use the LED screen to play the pain point scene that the product can solve, and use the actual consumption scene to impress the User.

The level of content is full, and the value is emphasized.

Exhibition without LED screen

It is difficult to pass the single work on the scene and directly convey the information or value that the organizer wants to convey, which will hinder the transmission of the connotation of art.

Exhibition using the LED screen

You can screen out individual key exhibits, combine LED screens and artwork, and display them in a visual way, such as 3D, VR, AR, etc. so that users can feel the truth.

Just the right information spread, let users “actively” look for products.

Exhibition without LED screen

The information transfer of the product can only be explained by words, posters, and oral presentations by the guides, but this form is too singular, especially the instructions of the guides in some cases will also be for those who want to immerse themselves in the artwork (or User in the product) is bothered.

Exhibition using the LED screen

You can use the LED rental screen to display the artistic meaning, historical value, or product use-value of the exhibit through a dynamic video display, and express the artistic connotation or commercial value of the exhibit. 

You can also Place a large LED rental screen at the entrance of the venue to display the exhibits and commentary videos and promotional videos that the exhibition wants to display.

The LED rental screen can help the exhibition to convey the artistic connotation more quickly, strengthen the user experience, and have outstanding expressions in cultural creativity, IP, and art.

Application 6: The promotion LED Screen.

How to get the promotion of the mall? How to stand out in the fierce market competition?

The competition in shopping mall promotion is very fierce

In order to be quickly found and acquire customers in the competition, we need to do the following three things:

First, we must actively promote the publicity, do the brand exposure work, and strive to be seen by consumers and become theirs.

The current choice; Second, to attract high-quality brands to settle in, and actively display these high-quality brands, get more businesses to participate in promotional activities; 

Third, need to provide quality services, such as pregnant women, novice mothers can provide some special stuff.

The rest area will show up these quality services and inform the settlers: “Compared to other shopping malls, we can not only provide better products but also provide better services and bring more consumer traffic. “

Why use the LED rental screen for the promotion of the mall?

How to use it to get a better advertising drainage effect?

Quality brand exposure, guiding consumers.

Shopping malls that do not use LED screens

It is not good to show those brand advertisements or promotions that are attractive

For example, the advertisements of some well-known make-up brands are very attractive.

The mall can use them and show them to consumers

It should be known that with the guidance of posters and shopping guides, users can only passively accept the promotion of the mall, and will not actively find the door to find products

Then the end result will only be that consumers regret to miss these products.

The mall lost a batch of orders.

Shopping mall using the LED screen

 You can use LED rental screens to expose premium brands and promotions, showcase the content of the main branded products, and display these highly attractive content under the scene of high traffic.

The rules you need to follow are: playing dynamic ads in a static scene and playing static ads in a dynamic scene.

Spread all kinds of promotional advertisements to attract users to consume

Shopping malls that do not use LED screens

Shopping malls usually launch some promotional discounts on special days (such as Valentine’s Day). 

These activities are beneficial to consumers, but due to the lack of good communication channels, consumers often do not know these activities, which ultimately leads to these.

The activity is flat.

Shopping mall using the LED screen

The mall can carry out more personalized, vivid and rich advertising designs according to the theme, nature, and characteristics of the event, and fit these designs with advertising communication means to attract the attention of users and ultimately increase the passenger flow

Here, the mall needs to use the LED screen to show the competitive advantage: people have excellent quality service, people have no exclusive brand, promotion price reduction and so on.

The LED rental screen can help malls get customers quickly and realize traffic conversion.

Application 7: The Wedding Party LED Screen.

What are the essential elements of a once-in-a-lifetime wedding?

Wedding is the most important moment in a person’s life, and if you want to hold a wedding once in a lifetime, you must pay attention to the following four points: 

First, you must have a reliable wedding event planning;

this plan can help the effective wedding Next to each process link; 

Secondly, there must be an experienced master of ceremonies, and he can express the atmosphere of the entire wedding through the rapid on-the-spot reaction ability and outstanding speech expression; 

Thirdly, the romantic scene picture needs to have a light dance The cooperation makes this wedding of the famous name full of ceremonial feelings; 

Finally, it is to trace the love story of the wedding newlyweds at the most critical moment.

What are the benefits of using LED rental screens for weddings?

Create an atmosphere and add a sense of ritual.

Wedding party without LED screen

In this extremely ceremonial occasion, the host and the site layout alone are not enough to create a more attractive atmosphere;

The various tear scenes and activities at the wedding scene are difficult to advance due to the lack of important media, which is more inconvenient. 

The rental led screen will bring the new couple with the best memorize through high-definition, high-fidelity video.

Wedding party using the LED screen

It is able to display a video recording of all the experiences of newlyweds from an acquaintance, love to marriage, and the blessings of friends and family

This is the key to promoting the wedding atmosphere to the climax in the wedding session.

Shape the scene and build a wedding party flexibly.

Wedding party without LED screen

If there is no media assistance such as LED rental screen at the wedding party, it will be difficult to have strong expressive power, lack of light and beautiful dance, and there will be more rich scenes and color changes with the wedding process;

Wedding party using the LED screen

The LED screen can be used in conjunction with the various aspects of wedding event planning and the language of the master of ceremonies to show different pictures and colors, to create a romantic scene that will make the bride and groom unforgettable, and more importantly, to make the wedding party full of happiness

Flexible and configurable LED screen.

The rental LED screen can be set up by DIY and the scenes that match the width and height of the wedding scene to form better the shaping effect, which can match the walking position of the wedding activities and the scene-setting.

LED rental screens can help promote the wedding to all aspects, the best experience for newlyweds and guests.

Application 8: The Live Broadcast LED Screen.

What is the correct way to watch the live broadcast?

With the development of sportsmanship and the e-sports industry, more and more live broadcasts of large-scale events have appeared in people’s field of vision.

For sports competitions and e-sports organizers, the following question is what they must think about:

How to attract people‘s attention in the increasingly rich personal leisure activities, and let them be willing to come to the event?

Race, participate in a series of activities?

Therefore, if there is not enough detailed and visualized sound transmission method and excellent and luxurious activity design, then the audience is more willing to stay at home to watch the drama and drink Coke.

But BiBi LED can provide you with an effective solution.

Why use LED rental screens on live broadcast/retransmission?

The screen zooms in, broadcasts the details of the event, and draws closer to the audience, making the atmosphere more intense.

Live broadcast without the LED rental screen

An LED rental screen with a magnifying effect is a must-have item for the live broadcast of such a large-scale event. 

Without it, the audience at the event cannot know the details of the event, and it is impossible to follow the progress of the game, and it is impossible to follow the game. 

Make a variety of emotional reactions.

But imagine, a live game that will make the audience unresponsive will attract them? 

Just as love produces strong and complicated feelings due to dopamine, the game will become more attractive to them by stimulating mood swings and producing adrenaline.

Live broadcast using an LED rental screen

It can provide hundreds of viewers with a medium to watch game dynamics, player expressions, and sports events.

More importantly, they can sit in a more comfortable way to enjoy the game, instead of having to let them move — the distance and dynamics of the game.

Using LED rental screens to break space constraints is undoubtedly the right choice.

Compared with TV sets, it can meet the needs of thousands of people on the spot, and stimulate a strong sense of resonance.

Live broadcast without the LED rental screen

Although some people think that the game can be enjoyed well through the TV set.

The TV set is usually a medium for a few people to watch indoors and cannot meet the needs of on-site viewing. 

There are a large number of people on the scene. 

If there is only the screen size and volume of the TV, then the event has not yet had time to notice the event.

It has been disturbed by the crazy audience and a large number of people.

Live broadcast using an LED rental screen

The live game is an outdoor event

Usually, with thousands of people (such as the world-famous Olympic Games, League of Legends All-Star Game), a huge rental LED screen can bring everyone closer, let them For the win or loss of the game, the feeling of “side by side.” 

Once the loss of the large LED rental screen is lost, it will be difficult for them to generate a huge sense of collective honor on the spot through ordinary communication methods, not to mention the excellent impression of the event

In contrast, LED rental screens are more suitable for live broadcasts.

The LED rental screen is the best tool for you to create a close-up live broadcast of the national event.

Application 9: The Training/ Speech LED Screen.

How to effectively conduct training or speech?

Nowadays, it is an era of fast, effective, and quick information dissemination. 

In various information dissemination activities, the information density spread by training and speech is relatively higher. 

If you are a training speaker or a sponsor of a training event/speech event, I believe you must be working hard to spread the message more efficiently and to let the audience quickly understand the skills or related information. 

BiBi LED can provide you with a better way to spread, helping information to be delivered quickly in a higher quality form, thus helping you to get better training results/speech appeal.

Why use LED rental screens at the training/ speech presentation site?

Use PPT or video to display information with high fidelity, to avoid the situation where information is reduced during transmission.

Training/ speech presentation without LED rental screen

Training speakers usually use whiteboards and blackboards for training, but this method relies heavily on the trainer’s personal ability to express, because they can’t put a picture he might need anytime, anywhere on the whiteboard/blackboard, or A very useful video

It is difficult for the trainer/speaker to control the training standards for the trainers/speakers alone.

For the listeners, they cannot obtain information with high fidelity. 

With the verbal expression of the trainers and the low-fidelity blackboard.

Of course, some people will choose a projector

But pay attention to the projector‘s usage scenario: you usually need to turn off the lights to assist the projector, which will affect those who want to improve themselves through training, because they often need to take notes. 

The dim light not only damages their vision but also prevents them from writing on paper

Besides, the brightness of the projector is generally low, especially for some low-quality projectors, which can hardly display the picture, even if it is shown, it is often color distortion

This is almost catastrophic for training on graphics, color, and design.

Training/ Speech presentation using LED rental screen

You know, if you want to describe a lot of things in this world to others, verbal expression is often not as effective as an impactful picture

The LED rental screen can help achieve this effect

When the trainer talks about the key points, he only needs to use PPT to play a picture, and a video, which can just hit the listener‘s mind just right and let him ” Inspiration is immediately available, and then the meaning of the trainers can be understood

Also, as the old Chinese saying – “seeing is believing,” compared to verbal expression, visual impact can more restore the real situation, but also deepen people’s impressions

This can effectively reduce the situation in which information is reduced or even distorted during the process of transmission.

Compared to projectors and whiteboards, the content of the screen displayed by the LED rental screen is not only affected by external light but also maintains a high-quality content display – clear colors and bright display

This is precisely what is needed to deliver information in a training presentation, and it is a necessary condition for high-fidelity information transmission

Want to deliver a more effective training presentation to your audience?

The LED rental screen must be your best choice.

Pave the way for the audience to immerse themselves in the speech and create a climax of emotions.

Training/ speech presentation without LED rental screen

For the speaker, not using the LED rental screen is equivalent to voluntarily reducing the transmission effect by 50%

The speech is about rendering the atmosphere, impressing the audience, and spreading emotions.

In the past, when media technology was underdeveloped, these effects were easily realized by the speaker’s presentation skills and content.

However, in today‘s highly developed media technology, people have accepted various aspects from film, radio, and image processing technologies. 

Feeling shocks, and language is becoming more and thinner, and it is increasingly difficult for them to be touched.

Training/ Speech presentation using LED rental screen

For the audience, in the face of many viewers, the first task is to let them immerse themselves in the atmosphere he creates, follows his rhythm, and produce joy or sadness, according to the progress of the speaker. 

The sympathetic resonance of the anger, and behind the resounding emotions, is the foundation for the speaker to push the speech to the climax. 

These links are crucial.

In some cases, the speaker only needs to use the LED rental screen to play a good picture, which will allow the audience to reach the highest point of the mood.

Of course, letting this all work together is a LED rental screen that appears as a helper role.

The led rental screen can effectively act on the training presentation site, allowing you to impress people in an efficient and quality way.

Why choose BiBI LED as your rental led screen supplier?

We can provide you with high-quality LED rental screens and can provide suggestions according to your needs to meet your different needs.

We have a good communication service process to help guide installation and design.

We are your professional quality LED screen manufacturer in China.

We can provide good after-sales service and will actively cooperate with you to solve problems.

BiBI LED, an LED screen supplier that provides you with industry solutions.

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