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LED displays are becoming more and more popular in our daily lives. From commercial advertisements to traffic information to entertainment venues, they have become an important information dissemination tool. However, while LED displays bring us convenience, there are also aspects that we need to pay attention to, such as fire safety.

Previously, an LED display screen caught fire in Times Square, New York. After the fire was put out, no one was injured, and the building was not damaged. But this is enough to draw our attention. Large electrical appliances, especially LED displays that work for a long time, must pay attention to fire safety.

This article will conduct a detailed discussion on the hazards of fire to LED displays, the aspects of LED displays that can easily cause fires, and how to protect them.

1. Hazards caused by fire

For fire, whether it is connected to the LED display or not, it is very dangerous. It will not only cause property damage but also threaten people’s life safety. Once a fire occurs, it will cause very serious damage to the LED display.

  • High-temperature damage: Fire will produce high temperatures. If the LED display cannot withstand the high temperature, it may cause damage to the display and prevent it from working properly.

  • Smoke damage: Smoke from fires may contain harmful substances, which may enter the LED display, causing its performance to degrade or even be damaged.

  • Power supply damage: Fire may cause damage to the power supply line, thus affecting the normal power supply of the LED display and causing it to fail to work properly.

  • Structural damage: If the fire is severe, it may cause structural damage to the LED display, making it impossible to install and use it normally.

For the user or those at the scene at the time, the injuries are also very serious. LED displays burn very quickly, the fire spreads easily, and the smoke and toxic gases can cause great harm to the human body. In addition, LED display fires can also cause damage to the power system and bring great difficulties to rescue efforts.

2. Aspects that may cause fire and their protective measures

Although fires in LED displays have indeed occurred, it is not inevitable. Below, I will list several common causes of fires and their preventive measures. Please read it carefully and check your own LED display.

  • Overload:

When the current of an LED display exceeds its rated current, it will cause its internal components to overheat. If the overheating is severe, it may cause a fire.

Prevention methods:

Use high-quality power and signal sources to ensure stable output and avoid overload conditions; in addition, rationally design the circuit of the LED display to ensure that it has sufficient current carrying capacity. Strictly follow the maximum rated current in the LED technical data sheet to prevent transient overcurrent.

  • Short circuit:

When the power cord or internal circuit of the LED display is short-circuited, the current will suddenly increase, and a large amount of heat will be generated. If the heat cannot be dissipated in time, it may cause a fire.

Prevention methods:

Regularly check the circuit of the LED display to ensure that there is no short circuit; in addition, use high-quality power cords and circuit components to ensure that the circuit design of the LED display is reasonable to avoid short circuits. At the same time, be waterproof and moisture-proof to prevent moisture from invading the circuit.

  • Poor heat dissipation:

If the heat dissipation design of the LED display is poor and cannot dissipate heat in time, it will cause its internal components to overheat; excessive heat will directly cause damage to the internal components of the LED lighting. If the overheating is severe, it may cause a fire. 

Prevention methods:

Ensure that the LED display has an effective cooling system, such as installing a radiator, enhancing air circulation, etc., to reduce the risk of overheating and keep the operating temperature of the LED within a safe range.

  • Static electricity:

Static discharge may damage the components of the LED display, causing a short circuit; if the damage is severe, it may cause a fire.

Prevention methods:

When touching the LED display, wear an anti-static ring and anti-static gloves to ensure that equipment, devices, and machines are grounded to prevent surge voltage from breaking the LED. When installing, maintaining, and cleaning LED displays, use anti-static equipment to avoid electrostatic discharge.

  • Quality issues:

Low-quality LED displays may have safety hazards, such as aging power cords, poor-quality LED lamp beads, etc., which may cause fires.

Prevention method:

Choose a well-known brand and reliable quality LED display when purchasing, and ensure that its design and materials meet safety standards.

3. 6 aspects that must be paid attention to in daily care

In addition to paying attention to the aspects mentioned in the second part to prevent fires, there are also things that need to be paid attention to in every daily care.

  • Keep the environment dry:

Frequent ventilation in the room and maintaining a clean and tidy environment will help extend the service life and reduce the failure rate.

  • Pay attention to safety protection:

Handle with care during transportation to avoid damage or deformation.

  • Regular inspection:

Remove dust and other dirt in time to avoid affecting the heat dissipation effect. Regularly check whether the power supply voltage is normal and whether the control card contact is good.

  • Ensure the safety of the power line:

Regularly check whether the power cord of the LED display is intact and whether it is overheated to avoid a short circuit or overload of the power cord. At the same time, ensure that the grounding point of the power line is in good contact to prevent leakage.

Regularly check whether the LED lamp beads are damaged and whether the brightness is normal. If there are any problems, replace them in time to avoid fires caused by quality problems.

  • Training and drills:

Conduct fire safety training and drills for personnel using LED displays to improve fire safety awareness and ability to respond to fires.


Although fires are scary, they are 90% preventable as long as daily inspections and care are done properly. So, as long as the measures are taken well, there is no need to be too afraid.

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