5 points to buy indoor LED displays from the manufacturers ?

indoor led screen

Today, we are going to share some points that makes you more understand about how to choose the correct indoor LED displays.

Generally speaking, there are only two type for the LED screen, Indoor and outdoor. So, when you make the solution for the indoor LED displays, it is kind of different with outdoor type.

Here are five details need to pay attention as below.

1.View angle

View angles is deciding how many audience can view the LED screen clearly. Wider view angle, more people can view it. So it can make your cost and advertising maximization . The view angle is cause by encapsulation of the LEDs, therefore, if you have enough budget, choose the better encapsulation of the LED.

2. Brightness 

Someone must noticed if the brightness is too high, our eyes will easy to get the damage, BUT if too low, the screen will not clear enough. So the standard brightness for indoor is 800-1200 nits.

3. Flatness

Bad flatness will absolutely make the effect of the LED screen worse, and the standard flatness is keeping ±1 mm. So, when we are making the solution, die-casting aluminum cabinet will be the best for indoor LED screens.

4. The LEDs

There are two type of LEDs for indoor, white SMD LED and black SMD LED, the black LEDs we are using mostly for the pixel pitch which is lower than 5mm, and we have to choose the black LEDs for indoor LED screen, this is a very important point.

5. Dead pixels

The LED screen are made by so many small pixel LEDs, so, less dead pixels, better effect. It is also according to the technology and original material, when you asking the price, make sure the original material is what you need.

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