Print Display AD VS LED Advertising Display


With today’s rapid development, the use of LED displays has been very wide. For example: in shopping malls, hotels, museums, etc., It can be seen everywhere. But in addition to LED displays on the market, people often use print display ads, like on the freeway.

So this article will discuss print display ads and LED displays. Let’s have a look.

1. What is a print display ads?

Print display ads have been around for a long time. People use inkjet billboards or automatic flipping billboards, both Print display ads. They are usually simple mechanical actions or static settings. So the playback mode will be relatively simple.

2. What is an LED display?

The LED display screen is the product of science and technology advancing. It’s not the same as a printer display ad. No manual changes are required. It is set in the program and can be a fully automatic operation display.

This is the most advanced advertising display. There are many kinds, such as indoor LED displays, outdoor LED displays, transparent LED displays, and a range of products. Wherever you want to install it, it will suit your needs.

3. The advantages and disadvantages of print display ads

Print display ads in the current society are also used; the general will appear on the highway and see more. So what are its pros and cons? Let’s find out.

1). Advantages

  • Energy saving: Print display advertising are usually in a static or straightforward mechanical motion state, requiring little electricity. So electricity and other energy consumption are minimal, and the energy-saving point is very prominent.

  • The price is low: Print display advertising is simple, and production is straightforward. You need to paint the user-specified picture on the Billboard. So its price is also lower.

  • Waterproof: The print display advertising is more in the open air, such as the highway, and its structure is relatively simple; there is not too much wire and power. Almost all of them are steel structures. So its water resistance is very good.

2). Disadvantages

  • Lack of dynamic beauty: The print display advertising is no video playback function, so it can only be pre-factory set. The picture is what it has always been that way. It is static, not vivid.

  • Lack of wisdom: Almost everything is becoming intelligent these days. As long as people are connected to the internet, they can change the pictures as they wish. But print display advertising is not intelligent because they are not connected to internet cables. So it can not use the computer to control it to change the picture. If you need to change the screen of an ad, you have to get someone to do it. It takes time and effort.

4. The advantages and disadvantages of LED display

The LED display is the choice of the screen industry favorite; we often see it on the street, so do you know its advantages and disadvantages? Let’s have a look.

1). Advantages

  • HD, full color: People tend to be color-sensitive, and the display color is a gorgeous LED screen is more likely to attract people’s attention. LED display screen play picture is evident, especially the tiny spacing series. No matter how complex the playing screen is, it can be displayed. The full-color LED display can say more than 160,000 colors and maximize color recovery. Achieve high-definition images and accurate color.

  • Intelligent: Technology is in continuous progress, intelligent things are increasing, and LED display is no exception. LED display can be directly connected to your computer, set up the program can be automatically played on the screen. Implement intelligent operations.

  • Long life: LED Displays and other electronic products have the same service life. LED display life is generally about 10 years.

  • Ultra-wide angle: LED display angle of view is very large, support level 170 degrees, vertical angle 160 degrees display. No matter where you stand, you can see clearly

  • Custom-made: Each customer’s installation location is different, using each user’s LED display size and shape are different. The LED display is a module by a module, and the size the customer wants can be customized.

  • Variety: Today’s society for LED display more and high demand, and installation location is not the same, so LED display is divided into very many types. There are dedicated to doing posters for the LED poster screen, the stadium LED stadium screen, indoor LED display, and transparent LED display on the glass. There is now a trendy 3D LED display, and so on—some products. You can choose any product that suits you.

2). Disadvantages

  • The price is high: Each LED display is customized to the user’s requirements; the larger the screen, the higher the price.

  • Outdoor LED displays are brighter because they are exposed to direct sunlight. But this will inevitably bring some light pollution at night. But as technology advances, technologists also work on designs that automatically adjust the brightness according to time. This shortcoming will improve shortly.

5. How to choose between the print display ad and the LED display?

There are a few things to consider before choosing.

1). Your budget

No Matter What you buy, we must first consider the budget; if your budget is tiny, looking for a low price, then the Print display ads are a good choice. I recommend LED displays if you have a big budget and want a good display.

2). Whether intelligent systems are required

If you need to be wise: it’s all about whether or not you want to play video. Print display ads can’t play video, but LED displays are great for video.

3). Viewing experience

An essential choice in traditional and LED displays is the viewing experience. If you only need to play a short time of static pictures, the picture quality requirements are not too high. For example, you only need to show a picture, and show time may be a few weeks to a month or so. The Print display ads can meet your needs.

Suppose you need a long show. And show more than one picture; the picture requirements are very high. For example, you need to play long-term content. I recommend LED displays.


The above is the difference between print display ads and LED displays.

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