Preparations Before Investing in Rental LED Screens


As a new medium, LED display has grown quickly and has enormous market potential. Various live performances and concerts are in full swing, especially with the rise of trendy culture. Furthermore, there are numerous weddings, and large conferences held, making the investment in rental LED screens a relatively high-return project.

However, you must be well prepared before investing.

1. Supporting facilities you need to know before investing

We are all aware that a stage is a complete unit, and the LED screen plays a significant role in the total stage design, particularly for some commercial performances, sizable evening gatherings, and sizable speeches. It gives lectures and performances a lovely pop of color. The demand for renting out rental LED displays on stages has increased recently as a result of people’s cultural needs continuing to evolve.

Since the stage is a whole, before you decide to invest in a rental screen, you must understand the relevant supporting facilities.

  • Light

(1) Rendering the atmosphere of the performance

(2) Play the role of lighting so that the audience can see the actor’s performance and the image of the scene clearly

(3) It can improve the beauty of the whole stage

  • Audio

(1) Amplification and playback

(2) Atmosphere creation

(3) Cooperate with the whole performance

  • Trucking

One of the most striking features of rental screens is flexibility. For example, it can be used for concerts, moving stage backgrounds, and music festivals. Typically, it only takes a day or a few days to host an event, then remove it and ship it to a new event. In this process, the use of trucks for transportation is particularly important.

2. The price of the local rental screen

Whatever investment you make, you must fully understand the market. For example, you must fully comprehend the cost of the local rental screen so that you can calculate how long it will take to recoup your principal.

We recommend that you consider the following 7 aspects.

  • Pixel pitch

The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution, the sharper the content, and the higher the price. But smaller pixel pitch LED displays may not always be the best choice for customers, so you also need to know the price for special requests.

  • Size

You must be aware of the costs of renting items of various sizes. Additionally, keep in mind to determine which size is most frequently rented.

  • Leasing period

Obviously, the cost increases with the length of the lease. Typically, the first day of the lease has the highest cost.

  • Install

You can check the local situation, whether the installation fee is included in the rental fee or calculated separately. After all, the more complex and time-constrained the installation, the more expensive labor resources, and additional construction tools will be.

  • Price differences between cities

The market conditions in each city are different. You might consider shifting the rental market to cities with higher rental prices.

  • Transportation costs

Transportation is a high cost, and the time of transportation and the type of transportation truck will make the price difference.

  • Seasonal

It is easy to understand that high season rents out at higher prices. Knowing the specific times of peak season and the specific price of a rental in peak season is very helpful for you to make accurate calculations.

3. Rental price of local second-hand rental LED screens

In addition to what you need to know about the above, we recommend that you investigate the prices of local used rental screens.

You may encounter this situation: you want to sell it after a period of time, and then you can buy a new batch of rental screens with the money back.

The price of the used rental screen should be known at this point so that you can decide when the market is most favorable to sell it.


With the development of society, working from home is gradually becoming more popular, video conferencing has become an important way for company personnel to communicate, and various forms of online concerts are also being enthusiastically carried out. It is expected that as technology advances, there will be more and more applications for LED screens, and their popularity and market prospects will undoubtedly improve.

Not everyone realizes that renting Rental LED screens is a low-risk investment with a high return. Participating in multiple events allows you to recoup your investment quickly. If you can find more potential events, renting LED screens is profitable.

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