LED Window Screen——The Aesthetic Allure Is So Strong That It Blows Up!

1.What is a LED window screen?

In the mid-to-high-end retail sector, we have seen an increase in LED window screens in recent years. It could be said that the window is evolving into a piece of art that people value in addition to being just a window. The LED screen can convey product information, create a positive brand image, and take full advantage of the dynamic impact of the screen when combined with the window’s decoration style.

Although the window screen can be referred to as translucent, it is more than that. Window LED screens include transparent screens, indoor LED screens, poster screens and flexible LED screens, etc. How does the window screen look? Let’s delve deeper together! 

2.Classification of LED window screens

· Classified by the screen function

1)Monochrome text screen

It is commonly used in stores that face the street. The shopkeeper will hang a monochrome scrolling screen in the window and play it on repeat to remind customers of the shop’s goods, services, and contact information.

2)Full-color text screen

A full-color screen costs slightly more than a monochrome screen, but the display impact is greatly enhanced. The information about the store will be disseminated through colorful performances, attracting prospective customers who come and go to join the store or call the store owner.

3)Conventional full-color screen

This kind of scenario is frequently used in the store’s large display. To broadcast commercials, the owner puts a sizable display screen in the window. The display effect is excellent, and the advertisement material includes but is not limited to videos, pictures, text, etc.

· Classified by product type

Transparent screens, flexible screens, indoor LED screens, and poster screens are the most common products that can be utilized as window screens.

1)Transparent LED screen

Transparent screens are often found in high-end brand stores, such as gold and jewelry stores, to play brand promotional videos. When the transparent screen plays content, it does not affect the light of the store.

2)Flexible LED screens

The sector of advertising windows has utilized flexible LED screens because they can accommodate a variety of unique screen requirements.

3)Indoor LED screens

To entice visitors to enter the store and make purchases, learn about store promotions and new product displays in the easiest and fastest method possible. People are more likely to enter and make purchases when the LED screen serves as the background and blends in with the store’s aesthetic and product arrangement.

4)Poster screens

The ease of moving a poster screen makes it a good choice for a window.

3.Advantages of LED window screens

  •  Improve brand image

The LED window display transforms the window from the conventional static to the gorgeous dynamic, the color is more exquisite, the content is richer, and it is more appealing to the customer flow, which significantly raises the store’s grade. It enables retailers to take advantage of every sales chance.

  • Simple to use

It is capable of broadcasting advertisements continuously. The LED window display enables multi-display network simulcasting and allows remote control and content management. According to their requirements, store owners can unify posts and change advertising content, such as new product launches and product promotions.

  • Cost saving

You can save a lot of money if you have an outstanding LED window display. Although the installation cost of an LED window display is not inexpensive, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that you can save a lot of money in the long run. You can change the related advertising content at any time to reflect special holidays or seasons.

  • Stable performance

Unfortunately, if your LED window screen breaks in a specific link (such as poor contact), the display impact will not be affected. The device has a backup communication feature and is very reliable. It also has excellent heat dissipation, no noise interference, and supports brightness self-adjustment, energy saving and environmental protection, and long service life.

  • Unique design to make your store stick out

The LED window display is ideal for a variety of advertising windows and can be customized in terms of size and shape. For large angles, it also allows right-angle or swivel mounting. Installing LED window screens not only enhances the impact of artistic decoration but also creates a pleasant shopping environment and converts passenger flow into real revenue.

4.Conditions to consider when choosing LED window displays

Customers can gain new and popular product information from LED window displays, which can immediately stimulate their desire to buy. So, what are the most important factors to consider when purchasing storefront displays?

  • Choose a professional brand

You do not have to choose the most well-known or biggest, but you must go with the most professional. Because some well-known producers have not been growing in the field of transparent screens for a long time, and their strength is insufficient. I believe you should go with BIBILED because our professionalism has been acknowledged by the industry, the product quality is consistent, after-sales service is minimal, and customer satisfaction is high.

The brightness of 1000 can satisfy your requirements if the indoor lighting is dim. 

The brightness should be around 1500 if the interior lighting is strong. It typically ranges from 2500 to 3500 in a semi-outdoor setting. 

Stronger outdoor lighting with regulated brightness of at least 4,000. 

  • Examine the installation surroundings

During installation, pay attention to the corners and radians, and contemplate splicing some angled glass, such as right-angle seamless splicing. If your installation site includes radians or angles, you must select a screen with front lighting technology.

5.Several application scenarios 

You can use the LED window screen to post event information after having it installed, such as promotional activities and other things. Customers can view pertinent information through the LED display in the storefront window, which contributes to an increase in focus and foot traffic. Customers’ perceptions of the store as a whole will be improved by the distinctive, imaginative, and vibrant display design style, making it more likely that they will remember the store in the future. Let’s look at a few typical application cases.

  • Automobile 4s shop

Provide car owners with a distinctive viewing experience and boost brand recognition.

  • Clothing brand store

Marketing times can be set, and various ads can be played to bring a sense of fashion and technology to the entire store. 

LED transparent screen successfully combines modern art beauty and shopping mall environment, and has a broad variety of application prospects in shopping mall sightseeing elevators, glass partitions, and so on.

  • Mobile phone or jewelry store

LED window screen dreamlike display effect, deeply favored by the mobile phone and jewelry market.

6.The price of an LED window screen

The cost of selecting an LED window screen is an undertaking with many variables, so the quote will change depending on the circumstances. Each must be taken into account in conjunction with the location. Currently, the market’s prices for window LED transparent screens are largely concentrated in the 6,000–12,000 yuan/square meter region. To learn more, get in touch with us. 


Passenger flow equals money flow! Let the company thrive! LED window screens have become the new favorite of companies due to their dependable performance, ease of installation, unlimited information, and ease of replacement, as well as a more upscale image! Look for BIBILED LED window screens!

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