LED Video Wall: A Few Things You Deserve To Know!


From commercial advertisements to entertainment performances to conference displays, LED video walls play an indispensable role.

But for many people who are new to LED video walls, choosing, using, and maintaining them is a big challenge. This article will give you an in-depth understanding of the mysteries of LED video walls and help you make a wise choice.

1. How do you choose the LED video wall that suits you best?

1). Clarify the needs:

First of all, you need to clarify the occasion and purpose of the LED video wall. For example, commercial advertisements require high brightness and saturation, while conference presentations require higher clarity and multi-angle visibility.

Secondly, it is clear whether your LED video wall is outdoor or indoor. In addition to the difference in location, there are also differences in the accessories of the LED display.

Finally, make it clear where you need to install the LED video wall because there are different installation methods in different locations, such as fixed installation against the wall, hanging from the ceiling, column type outdoors, etc.

2). Size and resolution:

Choose the appropriate size and resolution according to the usage situation. Large size and high resolution can provide better visual effects, but viewing distance and venue size should also be considered.

For example, if the viewing distance is short indoors, high resolution is suitable, and if the viewing distance is far, low resolution is suitable.

3). Control method:

  • Asynchronous control:

Suitable for LED video walls that require long-term playback, such as indoor information displays, billboards, timers, etc. The asynchronous control method is simpler and more flexible and does not require additional external clock signal equipment.

Because it does not require the input of connecting lines, image data can be sent in real time, and the control is more flexible. In asynchronous control mode, image data can be updated as needed without being limited by a fixed refresh frequency.

  • Synchronous control:

More suitable for LED video walls that may undergo certain changes, such as LED video walls on stage, which require staff to be controlled synchronously next to the computer.

2. How do you choose when the budget is limited?

When purchasing an LED video wall on a limited budget, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Need to clarify needs and budget:

If you only need to display PPT in a small conference room, you can choose a smaller-sized LED video wall, which will be relatively cheaper. If you need to display high-definition video in a large auditorium, you will need to choose a larger size and higher resolution product, but your budget will increase accordingly.

  • Choose the right product:

The key here is the choice of point spacing. For example, outdoor ones have a point pitch of p3-p20. The smaller the picture, the clearer the picture will be, and the more expensive it will be. So how do you choose? Of course, the choice depends on your desired viewing distance and budget.

For example, if your LED display is installed in a square, and the viewing distance of the audience is relatively close, choosing P3.91 spacing is definitely the best, but if it exceeds the budget, P8 or P10 is also a good choice. Therefore, it is best to choose the one that suits you best.

  • Choice of accessories:

In fact, the price of LED displays is high, partly due to the use of the best accessories. For example, lamp beads are usually made from two brands, Nationstar and Jingtai. Nationstar is more expensive than Jingtai, and the effect is better. If you want to save your budget, crystal lamp beads are also a good choice.

3. So, Do I have to buy one with a warranty when purchasing?

Can you choose an LED video wall supplier without a warranty?

It is possible to choose an LED video wall without a warranty, but this is not recommended. Because the LED video wall itself is a huge electronic device and is not cheap, you cannot ensure that it will not have any glitches while using it.

And its maintenance price is relatively expensive. There is no need to spend a lot of money on maintenance later just to have a little money left when buying it, so it is best to choose one with a warranty.

This not only ensures that if any subsequent problems arise, someone will help you solve them for free but also ensures that the supplier can provide you with technical support.

4. How do you buy a high-quality LED video wall?

The best solution to this problem is to find a reliable LED video wall supplier.

Reliable suppliers will have dedicated sales technicians to communicate with you about your needs. During product production and testing, they will send you inspection videos and prices for confirmation to ensure that your LED video wall is of high quality before packaging—and shipping to you.

If you want to buy Chinese LED displays, which suppliers are reliable?

As we all know, China is a big manufacturing country. In Shenzhen alone, there are hundreds of LED video wall suppliers. So, as a person who has never been to China, how should you choose?

First of all, you should search for keywords on different platform websites, such as LED video wall suppliers, etc. Excluding advertisements, the ones that are always ranked at the front are good choices.

Looking at recommendations from local people who have installed LED video walls is also a good choice.

(If you don’t want to find one, I have helped you make a list of trustworthy LED suppliers. Click here to learn more.)


As a product of modern technology, LED display screens have brought a lot of convenience to our lives and work. However, selection, purchase, and use require certain knowledge and experience. Hope this article is helpful to you.

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