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With the development of science and technology, LED display is developing faster and faster, and more and more enterprises are starting to pay attention to LED display innovation; for example, it can be installed on glass and can be made into a variety of shapes. These LED displays often look creative, and we call them creative LED displays.

Creative LED display of various special LED display on the screen to stand out, deeply loved by consumers. This article will take you to understand the specific creative LED display; let’s look at it.

1. What is the creative LED display?

  • The creative LED display is a special appearance LED display based on the traditional LED display, which breaks the simple square shape of the traditional LED screen and can be freely stitched into a variety of irregular shapes, such as: Diamond, spherical, cylindrical, and so on. This new installation and unique shape in the LED market by consumers love.

  • The creative display is based on the traditional LED display on the basis of the appearance, and some performance innovations and the birth of special LED display.

  • The creative LED display is an innovative marketing approach that gives viewers a different viewing experience to attract consumers.

2. Which LED screens are creative LED screens?

As we all know, LED display is like a huge family, there are many branches in this family, and creative LED display is one of the larger branches; Then let’s take a look at those LED display is creative LED displays.

  • LED transparent display: LED display is one of the creative LED displays installed on the glass because of its lightweight; the pressure on the glass is relatively small; in addition, it is a hollow structure, but also ensures that the glass daylighting.

  • Floor LED screen: This is a ground-mounted LED display; other LED display is different. It’s the creative point are you can step on it. LED tile screen with waterproof and load-bearing functions to ensure that the installation of the normal use.

  • Flexible LED screen: We often in the mall on the large cylinder or a variety of vehicle showrooms to see different radian LED displays; these are LED soft screens. Its creative point is to change its material, not a hard screen, but it can be bent into a different arc of the soft screen.

  • 3D naked-eyeLED display: This is the hottest LED display in recent years, it is in the video source to do an upgrade, coupled with an LED soft screen, and the effect is very good.

  • LED curved screen: The LED curved screen is the original LED display on the basis of the increase with a radian so that the LED curved screen has a super wide angle of view, can guarantee 180 degrees or greater angle is no dead angle display.

3. Creative LED display application

The creative LED display is now compared to the popular type of LED display, which also can be seen everywhere in the street.

Here are some of the most common pairs for you:

  • City Plaza: Each city’s large plaza is a huge flow of people, but also advertisers like to place ads. Almost every developed city in the city square will see a huge 3D naked-eye LED display installed in the most prosperous location to attract the attention of pedestrians.

  • Shopping Center: Here, the use of LED soft screen and transparent LED display, soft screen are installed in the center of the shopping center; transparent LED screen is generally used by merchants, generally installed in glass partition above, that is to save space and attract customers.

  • Bar: The bar is the most important atmosphere; ordinary LED displays can not meet the needs of the bar. Now many bars are installed with LED tile screens, coupled with sensor chips, so that LED tile screens can interact with people and push the atmosphere to a higher climax.

  • ExhibitionThe exhibition is the most common LED soft screen, such as curved into a wave of LED display or spliced into a circle of LED display. Both the product display and attract customer interest.

  • Large-scale e-sports competition scene: In e-sports competitions, often used LED display for broadcast; there will be a hanging LED soft screen at the scene, which can allow the audience to watch the game without blind spots.

  • Stage aesthetic design: With the development of LED displays, more stage art designs have added LED displays. The especially creative LED display is becoming an indispensable part of the stage art design industry. LED display screen with different creative shapes with different themes of the program creates a sense of atmosphere so that the audience has a bright feeling.

4. The advantages of creative LED displays

Before you buy a creative LED display, you may also ask why I bought a creative LED display. What are its advantages?

So let’s look at some of the advantages of creative LED displays.

1). Unique design, eye-catching

The creative LED display is a very new song expression; in many LED displays, creative LED display design is one of the best and will be more inclined to a special location of the installation, for example, glass or cylinder. It can be customized according to customer needs for different materials and structures of creative LED displays.

Among the many LED displays, creative LED displays are also very attractive to viewers because of their unique shapes. In particular, the naked-eye 3D LED display brings the viewer the ability to shock even more significantly.

2). Excellent anti-static capability

Each LED display has an anti-static function, and a creative LED display is the best of this function. The utility model can avoid the damage of accessories caused by static electricity and save electric energy. Therefore, it has a long life and can reach over 100,000 hours.

3). Magnetic structure, easy to install

The most creative LED display is to use magnetic structure installation and maintenance before the way, so up it will become the installation and maintenance of the fly is very convenient and simple.

In addition, the LED soft screen is seamless stitching, so you do not have to worry about the installation of an LED soft screen that will not appear when the gap.

4). Creatively marketing

Creative LED displays are particularly good at advertising and ambiance because they can be designed so uniquely that they don’t look like the things you would normally see in your life, so they stand out and make you want to see what’s on them. In this way, it attracts a large number of customers to watch and thus transfer to the user.


The creative LED display is the product of the development of society, deeply loved by all major consumers, and plays a vital role in the place of consumption, not only bringing more interesting and comfortable shopping experiences to customers but also providing enterprises with more marketing methods.

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