How does a LED poster screen differ from other advertising LED screens?

There are so many different types of LED screens used for advertising that it may be difficult for you to choose.

In addition to LED poster screens, the most frequently mentioned ones are usually: outdoor advertising screens, traditional advertising machines.

What’s the difference between them?

What are the advantages of each product?

How should I choose?

If you also have the above questions, then the answer will be given in this article.

First, let me tell you the conclusion.

If you are going to use it outdoors, it is recommended that you consider “outdoor advertising LED screens.”

If you need to use them indoors, it is recommended to purchase a “LED poster screen” or “traditional advertising machine.”

However, if you are looking for better results, more scenes to use, and more ease of use, it is recommended that you purchase a “LED poster screen.”

A specific analysis is given below.

In response to the question [how to choose between many types of LED screen products

We believe that there should be a sense of “customer service,” so we can start with this idea.

Who are our customers?

What kind of venues do customers come into contact with us?

The specific exposition can be understood from the article “LED poster screen: the magic of indoor marketing.”

This article focuses on customers in the indoor scenario, who we can identify as having the following characteristics.

They will wander through the malls with a certain desire to shop.

They are easily impressed by rational product performance, price comparison.

They are also easily attracted to emotional advertising stories and the “beautiful” labels peddled by merchants.

And the mall is full of items, with a bright and colorful environment and décor.

The customer’s eyes are like Google, searching for items of interest before their eyes.

Google searches are known web pages, presenting the ones that best fit the needs on the home page.

Customers search for items that are “visible” and then walk into the store that most attracts them.

I believe that from this analogy, you can see that as businesses, we need to do three things.

First, be seen.

Second, be good looking and attractive.

Third, be comfortable looking.

In other words.

  • 1) The merchant’s store or advertisement should be eye-catching and stand out from the rest.

  • 2) The effect of the picture displayed by the business needs to be detailed and attractive in high definition.

  • 3) The brightness and color of the picture should be appropriate and moderate.

Admittedly, the LED screen you choose has to meet these three needs.

Below, we go through a comparative analysis to determine which LED screen, if any, is best for you.

Comparison of outdoor advertising LED screen, traditional advertising machine, LED poster screen.

1. Outdoor advertising LED screens

It is a kind of LED screen, suitable for outdoor places with a harsh environment and strong light exposure.

It has the following characteristics.

1) large area, high brightness, bright colors, waterproof and pressure-resistant, and strong adaptability to the external environment.

 2) Can achieve seamless splicing to meet various area sizes.

But it does not apply indoors.

The reasons are as follows.

1) oversized, overweight, and not easy to handle, outdoor LED screens are much larger, thicker, and heavier than indoor LED screens.

therefore, it is usually fixedly installed in a location, such as the outside of a building, in the station wall.

In particular, the size of the area is often measured in several square meters.

And indoor space is limited and not suitable for placement.

2) Too much brightness, indoor injury to the eyes.

The high brightness of an outdoor screen is not suitable for indoor use.

In a mildly lit interior, high brightness can easily harm the eyes of customers and create a very bad experience.

3) large pixel pitch design, not suitable for close viewing.

When customers are active indoors, they are usually looking at objects up close.

The outdoor LED screen is widely spaced, and at a distance of a few meters, the effect is not detailed enough to see small gaps in the stitching.

2. Advertising machines

It is another form of product, for LCDs, suitable for indoor places.

It has the following characteristics.

  • Moderately bright and soft.
  • Can play videos, etc, but its shortcomings are also clear.

1) The picture clarity is limited, and the viewing distance is short.

Usually able to play 720p, 1080p video, and the rare ones that can play 2K video.

Due to the lack of brightness, clarity, and fineness, they often only meet viewing distances of up to 3 meters.

And in a larger mall, there is a limited appeal to attracting customers.

2) limited effectiveness and longevity.

It generally uses a CCFL light source, which is a backlit panel of fluorescent material that allows the light source to be distributed on the back of the screen.

This design makes it difficult to evenly distribute light so that the screen does not glow evenly.

In addition, and the lamp has a limited life, it will yellow over time.

3) Cannot be pieced together for use and is of limited use.

The traditional advertising machine has a large frame, and the seams are very large and unsightly when stitching.

Therefore, it can only be used for video playback alone.

And when a large LED screen is needed, it can’t be reused, so you have to find other tools again.

3. LED Poster screens

Compared to outdoor advertising screens.

1) In terms of effectiveness.

Small pitch screen for fine picture HD presentation.

It’s bright enough to take care of your eyes, so you won’t hurt your eyes and look better.

2) In terms of accessibility.

The machine is shipped as a whole and is ready for immediate use upon receipt.

Lightweight material for any handling operation.

The phone cloud controls and turns the LED poster screen into an intelligent, creative display.

Clip-on pull-out design for easy maintenance.

3) In terms of use scenarios:

It comes with its own bracket that can be upright, pushed, or hung, satisfying the merchant’s imagination of the installation design.

Will not just be confined to one fixed location, can have multiple use scenarios.

Compared to traditional advertising machines.

4) In terms of effectiveness.

LED material, every pixel is blooming, and the colors are more vivid, while the advertisers are reflected by the backlight layer, and the color expression is limited.

The LED screen is made up of individual pixels, with millions of LED pixels converging to make the picture more ultra-clear and detailed; the visual effect is even more stunning.

It’s lighter and thinner, less than 4 cm thick, which makes the picture lighter and more technological.

5) In terms of application scenarios.

The viewing distance is even wider, reaching 4-20 meters, far exceeding the 3 meters of traditional advertising machines.

Seamlessly pieced and can be used in many ways.

It can be installed in a variety of ways, such as upright, hanging, or wall-mounted, to meet the individual needs of businesses.

6) In terms of useful life, etc..

LED low power consumption, energy-saving.

The LED light source has a longer life than CCFL light source, a very durable, stable hair color, not easy to yellow.

LED screen consists of countless LEDs when repairing the bad point where the module is removed, a single repair or replacement can be, and the LCD material of the advertising machine is injected into the LCD screen, the end-of-life rate is higher.

Admittedly, the following can be found through multiple comparisons.

LED Poster screen” has a significant advantage in indoor scenes, so we recommend it to you.

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