How Do You Choose The Outdoor Rental LED Display Model?


With the continuous advancement of science and technology, outdoor rental LED displays have been widely used in advertising, publicity, event display, and other fields, and they have their unique advantages.

Especially in the rental market, outdoor rental  LED displays have become the preferred display tool for various events and exhibitions due to their flexibility, efficiency, and visual impact. However, with so many models and brands on the market, how to choose a suitable outdoor rental LED display has become a problem faced by many users.

Choosing the right outdoor rental LED display model is not only related to the quality of the display effect but also directly affects the success of the event. A display with stable performance and reliable quality can attract more attention, enhance the brand image, and enhance the audience’s sense of participation. On the contrary, if you choose improperly, it may not only affect the display effect but also cause a waste of resources and safety hazards.

1. Understand the basic parameters of outdoor rental LED displays

When choosing an outdoor rental LED display, understanding its basic parameters is a crucial step. These parameters not only determine the display effect and performance of the display but are also directly related to its applicability in different scenarios. Below, we will introduce several key parameters of outdoor rental LED displays in detail.

Resolution is an important indicator for evaluating the display effect of LED displays. It represents pixel density and display clarity. The higher the resolution, the more pixels per square meter of screen area, and the more detailed and clear the displayed image. 

For outdoor rental LED displays, although its pixel density is relatively low, it can still maintain good clarity at long distances due to its high brightness characteristics. Therefore, when choosing an outdoor rental LED display, the appropriate resolution should be determined based on the actual viewing distance and display needs.

Brightness is another key parameter of outdoor LED displays. Due to the complex and changeable lighting conditions of the outdoor environment, the display screen needs to have a high brightness to maintain a clear display effect in the sun. Generally speaking, the brightness of outdoor rental LED displays must reach more than 2500cd/m² to meet basic display needs.

For specific application scenarios, such as outdoor billboards or sports venues, higher brightness standards may be required to ensure clear images under various lighting conditions.

Contrast is an important factor affecting color performance and picture layering. A high contrast ratio means that the display can present brighter, richer colors while enhancing the depth of the picture. 

In outdoor environments, due to differences in lighting conditions, the contrast level has a particularly obvious impact on the display effect. Therefore, when choosing an outdoor rental LED display, you should pay attention to its contrast index to ensure good visual effects in various environments.

The viewing angle determines the range within which viewers can obtain a clear picture when viewing the display from different angles. For outdoor rental LED displays, since they are usually used for long-distance viewing, the viewing angle range needs to be large enough to ensure that more viewers can clearly see the screen content. 

When selecting a display screen, you should pay attention to its horizontal and vertical viewing angles and determine the appropriate viewing angle range based on the actual installation location and viewing distance.

The refresh rate is an important parameter that affects the smoothness of the picture. A higher refresh rate can ensure that there are no water ripples and flickers during video playback while improving the ability to resist electromagnetic interference and ensuring the smoothness and stability of the video screen. 

For outdoor rental LED displays, since they need to run for a long time and withstand the impact of various environmental factors, their refresh rate should be maintained at a high level to ensure the stability and reliability of the picture.

2. Select a model according to the usage scenario

When choosing an outdoor rental LED display model, the usage scenario is a very important consideration. Different scenarios have different requirements for display performance, size, portability, etc. Therefore, choosing the appropriate model according to the usage scenario can ensure that the display screen can meet actual needs and achieve the best display effect.

For temporary events, models that are lightweight, easy to install, and disassemble quickly are the first choice. This type of display usually adopts a modular design to facilitate transportation and handling and is equipped with quick-installation brackets and interfaces to complete installation and disassembly in a short time. 

This not only saves time and labor costs but also enables quick evacuation after the event without affecting the normal use of the venue.

For long-term display, models with good stability and strong weather resistance are more suitable. This type of display is usually made of high-quality materials and processes, which can withstand harsh weather and environmental erosion, ensuring long-term stable operation.

At the same time, they also have high protection levels, such as waterproof and dustproof functions, to adapt to various complex outdoor environments.

For large-scale events, high-brightness, high-resolution, and large-size models are indispensable. This type of display can present clearer and more detailed images, attracting the attention of more viewers. At the same time, the high-brightness feature ensures that the display can still maintain good visual effects under direct sunlight.

A large-sized display screen can cover a wider viewing range and enhance the overall atmosphere and influence of the event.

In some special environments, such as the seaside, desert, and other extreme climate areas, or where special requirements such as explosion-proof and impact-proof are required, it is necessary to choose models with special functions such as waterproof, dustproof, and explosion-proof. This type of display uses special materials and designs to work properly in harsh environments, ensuring the smooth progress of events.

3. Consider leasing costs and price/performance ratio

When choosing an outdoor rental LED display model, in addition to paying attention to its performance parameters and usage scenarios, rental costs and cost-effectiveness are also factors that cannot be ignored. Reasonable cost control and price-performance analysis can help us find the display model that best meets our needs within a limited budget.

First of all, the prices of different models of outdoor LED displays vary significantly. Generally speaking, high-performance, large-size displays are relatively expensive, while lightweight, portable models with simple functions are more affordable. 

Therefore, when choosing a model, we need to weigh it based on our own budget and usage needs. If you have a limited budget, you can choose a model with moderate performance and a reasonable price; if you have a generous budget, you can consider a high-end model with better performance and better display effect.

Secondly, the lease term and cost calculation are also important factors affecting the lease cost. Different lease terms often correspond to different fee standards. Typically, long-term rentals have relatively low fees, while short-term rentals may have higher fees. Therefore, when choosing a rental period, we need to consider the actual situation and budget of the event.

If the event is longer, consider long-term leasing to reduce costs; if the event is shorter, you need to weigh the convenience and cost-effectiveness of short-term leasing.

Finally, price/performance analysis is a key step in selecting an outdoor rental LED display model. Cost-effective models usually have excellent performance and reasonable prices, which can meet usage needs while reducing rental costs.

 When conducting price/performance analysis, we can comprehensively consider the performance parameters such as resolution, brightness, and viewing angle of the display, as well as factors such as price and rental period. By comparing the performance and price of different models, we can find the display model that best meets our needs.

4. The importance of brand and after-sales service

When choosing an outdoor rental LED display model, the importance of brand and after-sales service cannot be ignored. Well-known brands usually represent high-quality products and good services and can provide us with reliable quality assurance and complete after-sales support.

First of all, well-known brands have accumulated rich experience and technical strength in the field of LED displays, and their products usually have high-performance parameters and stability.

These brands focus on product research development and innovation and can continuously launch new products that adapt to market needs and meet the diverse needs of users. Choosing a well-known brand means that we can get more reliable and stable products and reduce the risk of use.

Secondly, well-known brands usually have complete after-sales service and support systems. They can provide timely technical support and maintenance services to ensure that problems encountered during the use of the display can be quickly resolved. In addition, they can also provide professional training and consulting services to help us better understand and use the products and improve their effectiveness.

In addition, when choosing outdoor LED displays, we also need to pay attention to the reputation and service of the rental company. A reputable rental company can not only provide high-quality display products but also provide us with thoughtful rental services and after-sales protection.

They were able to recommend the appropriate model and configuration based on our needs, ensuring our event ran smoothly. At the same time, they can also handle the problems we encounter during use in a timely manner to ensure that our rights and interests are protected.


In the process of selecting outdoor rental LED display models, we must not only pay attention to their performance parameters and display effects but also comprehensively consider multiple aspects such as usage scenarios, rental costs, brand reputation, and after-sales service.

Through in-depth understanding and comparative analysis, we can more accurately find the display model that meets our needs, providing a strong guarantee for the success of events or exhibitions.

Finally, if you want to know more about renting LED displays, please get in touch with us.

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