GOB LED Display

  1. What is a GOB LED Display? (pic)

  2. Features of GOB LED Display(video)

  3. Benefits of GOB LED Display

  4. Drawbacks of GOB LED Display

  5. Which type of LED display can use GOB technology?

  6. Application of GOB LED Screen

  7. How do we distinguish high-quality GOB LED displays?

LED displays are everywhere, and the entire LED display industry has undergone revolutionary changes.

Traditional LED is no longer the first choice in the market. As a new technology, GOB LED has a certain ability to resist the environment, especially for customers who need small-pitch pixel display effects.

This article will learn more about GOB LED technical applications’ characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages and teach you how to identify high-quality GOB LED displays.

1. What is a GOB LED Display?

The full name of GOB is glue on board, which is a new packaging technology. It uses a new transparent material to encapsulate the LED module‘s PCB surface and packaging unit so that the entire LED display can better resist ultraviolet rays, water, dust, and shock.

2. Features of GOB LED Display

  • High waterproof rating: 

It has an ultra-high waterproof rating of IP65 because the surface of the LED module is sealed with special glue, which can well protect the LED module from being affected by water. 

  • High shock resistance level: 

GOB covers the LED module with a specially designed anti-collision glue, providing ultra-high protection for the LED in various impacts.

  • High dustproof grade: 

GOB adopts new materials with high sealing performance, which are not easily contaminated with dust. If there is very serious dust, wipe it gently with a cloth, it does not affect the display effect.

  • Outstanding Visual Performance: 

GOB’s new material glue has ultra-high transparency to provide lifelike color and visual appearance.

3. Benefits of GOB LED Display

After the double optical treatment of the PCB board and the lamp beads, a better matte effect can be achieved on the led screen’s surface, and the display’s contrast can be increased to improve the final image effect.

GOB LED is mainly used for small-pitch LED display screens with a pixel pitch of less than 2.5mm, with a high playback effect in surface technology and actual playback performance.

  • Excellent surface flatness

Flatness is the basic requirement for qualified GOB LED modules. 

Today, the gluing technology of GOB LEDs is relatively mature, covering the surface of lamps and filling gaps with high surface flatness.

There is no need for a mask, the viewing angle can reach 180 degrees, and the wide viewing angle allows more viewers to see the content displayed by the LED display.

  • display evenly

GOB LED improves the consistency of the ink color on the LED screen and makes the eye color and brightness more uniform.

  • High protection capability

GOB LED has the functions of waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and other ultra-high resistance to external environmental influences.

  • Wide range of applications

GOB LED is suitable for small pixel LED display and flexible LED display, which can meet the high requirements of high flexibility and seamless display, and is more widely used in indoor applications

  • eye protection

Since GOB LED Screen does not emit ultraviolet and infrared rays, it does not emit radiation, which is very helpful for protecting eyesight.

4. Drawbacks of GOB LED Display

  • The difficulty of maintenance is great

This is one of the problems that GOB LED urgently needs to solve; although it reduces the risk of collision and knocking on the surface of the LED display, once it is damaged, it needs professionals and machines to repair it.

  • thermal change

Prolonged alternation of hot and cold may create potential problems such as partial degumming and discoloration of colloids.

In short, there is still a long way to go to solve all the current technical problems, such as GOB LED heat dissipation, improving the adhesion and flame retardancy of glue, reducing the difficulty of technical maintenance, and other research issues.

5. Which type of LED display can use GOB technology?

  • Small Pitch GOB LED Display

The biggest problem with fine pitch displays is that the tiny leads are easily damaged. Because the LEDs and pads are too small, a little force can break the lights, especially those located on the edge of the cabinet. 

For the four corners, GOB LED technology can perfectly solve this problem and ensure the safety of small-pitch LEDs to achieve a stable display the LED display.

  • Rental GOB LED Screen

We know that the rental LED display installed on the stage requires frequent assembly, installation, disassembly, packaging, and transportation, and it will inevitably be bumped during use. 

GOB technology can protect the LED rental display, reducing maintenance times and costs.

  • Floor GOB LED Screen

The traditional floor tile led screen usually adds a layer of acrylic cover to the module to protect the LED light surface from being stepped on.

When using GOB technology, it can provide better light transmission and visual effects and is highly waterproof. Dustproof and shockproof technology can prolong the service life of floor tile displays.

  • Transparent GOB LED Display

Because the PCB of the LEDs of the transparent screen is narrow, which makes them very fragile, and easily damaged if not paid attention to maintenance, GOB technology can protect the entire hollow module.

  • Flexible GOB LED Display

The flexible LED module is very soft and can be bent 360 degrees. If the soft module uses GOB, the stability of the LED screen can be greatly improved. 

At the same time, the GOB itself is waterproof and moistureproof, which can widen the scope of application scenarios.

  • Irregular Shape GOB LED Display

This kind of LED display is generally used for decoration and atmosphere. It’s usually crowded, especially in clubs, where people accidentally spill or get hit with the drinks on display when stimulated by the music. GOB technology can improve display stability.

6. Application scenarios of GOB LED Screen:

GOB LEDs can be used indoors and outdoors, among which indoor and semi-outdoor applications are more extensive. Based on SMD LEDs, the protection and durability are increased to resist harmful substances from the outside.

Therefore, it can be installed for indoor and semi-outdoor advertising and hosting events, such as shopping centers, gyms, malls, subways, churches, conference rooms, live performances, events, studios, concerts, etc.

7. How to distinguish high-quality GOB LED displays?

What is our standard for selecting the right GOB LED? The following 5 main requirements need to be strictly met:

  • High standard electronic components:

Having high-standard electronic components is one of the key factors in achieving a high-quality final product before potting.

Therefore, it is very important to choose electronic components, such as PCB boards, LED lamp beads, ICs, solder paste, power supplies, etc.

You need to know that the thickness of the PCB board should be at least 1.6mm, and the Chinese LED lamp bead brands should choose the Nationalstar or Kinglight lamp beads, use the power supply of MEAN WELL, and so on.

  • The trimming tolerance of the GOB module should be less than 0.01mm.

Why should the small tolerance be less than 0.01mm or even smaller?

Because the glue overflowing from the corners of the GOB LED module needs to be cut, if the cutting is not precise enough, the lamp feet may be cut, resulting in the entire LED module becoming waste.

  • The flatness of the GOB LED module surface.

When the LED display aging test, the flatness of the entire LED display can be observed; whether it is small potholes or unevenness, the special process of GOB LED guarantees excellent surface flatness, which contributes to the high-quality video display.

  • Whether the aging test lasts more than 24 hours

Burn-in testing of GOB LED displays should last at least 24 hours to ensure stability and minimize the risk of rework; why? The main reason is very simple – if there are problems such as deadlights and blurred display after the LED module is packaged, the later maintenance will increase the cost of money and time.

  • Packaging process

The special clear glue should accurately fill and cover the surface of the lamp and stick to the PCB board; there should be no air bubbles, air holes, white spots, or gaps of unfilled material; you can observe this through the LED display effect or after closing the LED display question.

in conclusion:

The above is the introduction of the GOB LED display. 

We will introduce the definition, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, product application, product use, and how to identify a high-quality GOB LED screen from 7 aspects.

Overall, GOB LED display can solve the problems of dustproof, moistureproof, anti-collision, anti-static, blue light hazard, anti-oxidation, etc. 

GOB LEDs are more resistant to the environment than traditional LEDs at small pitch LED displays.、

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