Effective Strategies For Choosing The Correct Location For Your Outdoor LED Screen


Successful LED digital signage is very dependent on the correct installation location.

If you want to buy an outdoor LED display, in addition to the product itself and price, you need first to consider whether the installation location can achieve the expected return on investment. 

How to judge yourself to find the perfect location for advertising, this article provides you with ideas for choosing the location of the LED display screen; we hope to inspire you:

1. Questions to consider before making a decision

1) Which areas of your location have the most traffic?

Foot traffic is good for targeting your target market, helping you test ad type selection and installation placement.

So how to measure foot traffic:

  • Surveillance cameras:

You can view the traffic flow data for at least one year in the past,seasons and festivals or other events will also affect the traffic flow.

  •  Note:

Sales data for stores in or around the mall,manually writing down the counts (not recommended, as it is time-consuming)

2) Where does your audience spend their time waiting?

The waiting time is to watch the “golden time” of the LED display screen and in what second the most attractive advertisement is played, which is also the method to judge the best location for installation. 

The most common ones are when pedestrians and drivers are waiting for traffic lights, pavilions for outdoor rest, shopping mall entrances, etc.

3) Will the LED screen be placed within the field of view?

You can view it from different directions at the expected installation position ,whether the best advertising position is displayed completely, if the field of view is not large, it will greatly affect the advertising effect.

4) Can your audience easily read your display? How far do you want it to be visible?

In this fast-changing world, if you need to work hard to pay attention to a thing that does not concern you, you will basically ignore it. 

The kind of things that you can do easily seem to be more suitable for the current social situation.

Your desired visibility will affect the size and spacing of the screen, as well as the mounting position.

5) What is your target audience?

This is very important.

For customers who buy BIBI LED displays, their target audience for outdoor LED displays are advertisers, LED display investors, and local LED display sellers. These 3 types of sellers, their target The audience is completely different, and the service target is also different.

2. Where is the best place to the outdoor LED display screen?

1) busy street

This is a perfect location, there are many business circles around, and people will be willing to advertise in this place, and the rental price is very high.

2) Parks and Historic Places

This place has cultural attributes, and it is basically tourists from other places. 

In addition to promoting local characteristics, historical culture, and landmarks, you can also advertise on the LED display, such as local specialties, air tickets, tickets, etc.

3) Traffic intersection

Everyone encounters a red light when passing through a traffic link. 

During these dozens of seconds of waiting, pedestrians and drivers naturally pay attention to the video on the LED display.

4) Shopping and commercial buildings

In the past two years, the videos of outdoor advertisements clicked and collected by millions of people are basically in shopping or commercial buildings, attracting many people to come here, such as 3D naked-eye “big water tank,” “kitten,” and so on.

5) Square

Generally, there are many shops and restaurants around the square. At the same time, there will be a rest area on the square, with a lot of traffic. 

For example, in Times Square in New York, which we all know, you will find many LED displays displaying various prosperous and beautiful advertisements.

3. Matters needing attention when choosing the location of outdoor LED display

1) Display the distance

The viewing experience of the audience is very important. If there is an error in judging the display distance and people cannot easily read the displayed advertisement content, it is simply a failed investment.

For details, please click to learn: How to judge the viewing distance of the LED display?

2) Height placement

Optimal height placement is when mounted at video level or slightly above eye level.

3) Traffic-intensive area

These are the best installation locations, but it is necessary to understand the content and time of the advertisement and the target customers to maximize the LED display’s role.

4) The type of content displayed

According to your market research and user groups, LED display has excellent flexibility; different advertising content can appear in different time periods; suitable for different social groups.

For example, there are more office workers from 7:00-9:00 in the morning on Monday and Thursday so you can recommend some fast food advertisements, good office supplies, etc.

5) Brightness

This note is the product of the LED display itself. In general, the brightness of the outdoor LED display can exceed 5500nits. BIBILED’s outdoor LED display has a sensor that can automatically adjust the best brightness according to the outdoor environment, allowing the audience to achieve the best viewing effect.

In conclusion:

The above are aspects to consider for the best location for digital signage, giving you a convenient approach to a lot of thinking and planning.

If you have any questions about the installation of the LED display, please leave a message below or send an email to let me know, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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