Dig Deep Into The Secrets Of LED Displays And The Olympics


With the development of the 31st Summer Universiade and the preparations for the Hangzhou Asian Games, you will find that with the development of LED technology and the renovation and upgrading of venues,  today’s venues have replaced traditional light bulbs and CRT displays; the content displayed on the screen has gradually changed from the previous numbers to text, pictures, and videos.

LED display screens have become the “soul” equipment of various competition venues. What makes LED display screens come to this point? Let’s find out why today!

1. Strong functionality, irreplaceable

  • High brightness: The LED display has the characteristics of high brightness, which can ensure clear and bright images in various light environments, making the rebroadcast content more eye-catching.

  • High resolution: The LED display screen has the characteristics of high resolution, which can present delicate, clear, and realistic images and videos, making the rebroadcast content more detailed and presenting details better.

  • Good color expression: The LED display has a wide color gamut and high color reproduction and can display rich, full, vivid, and lifelike images, making the rebroadcast content more vivid.

  • Large size: LED display screens can be made into various sizes according to needs and can even be spliced into larger screens, which can meet the needs of the broadcast site and allow the audience to see the broadcast content clearly.

  • Flexibility: LED display screens can be spliced and combined freely according to needs, adapting to the needs of different venues and environments. At the same time, they can also be installed on curved surfaces, making the broadcast screen more interesting and diverse.

  • High refresh rate: The LED display has the advantage of a high refresh rate, which can quickly refresh the picture, reduce the afterimage of the picture, ensure the smoothness of the dynamic picture, and make the rebroadcast content more real and natural.

2. High-definition picture to ensure the fairness and justice of the game

The large LED screen installed in the venue is more clearly visible to the audience in the venue. It is used to play exciting game images during the game, real-time game broadcast, slow motion, close-up playback, etc. Since the game needs to be replayed on a large screen, there are requirements for clarity, sensitivity, and clarity. When choosing a large screen for broadcasting, the image quality of the screen is very high. The LED display can fully meet these requirements, and the high-definition can reach 8K.

For example, the time difference between each runner in a sprint race may be as little as 0.01 second. This time difference is difficult to see with the naked eye, so an extremely high-definition LED display is required for slow-motion playback to ensure the fairness of the event.

3. Various forms, in line with stage design

LED flexible screens became famous at the Beijing Winter Olympics. At the opening ceremony, a giant LED scroll with a length of 147 meters and a width of 22 meters slowly unfolded at the venue. The huge picture scroll, the slowly rising ice platform, and the little stars on the ground are all unforgettable programs that constitute the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and all of these are stage designs presented on the LED screen.

LED displays come in many shapes. If it needs to be wavy, it can be made into a spherical shape with the LED soft screen. If you need a large size, you can splice it multiple times. Due to the diversification of LED display forms, it has become an indispensable presence in the opening ceremony.

4. Rich variety, suitable for various competition venues

The LED displays not only have various shapes but also many types. In addition to indoor competition venues, the Olympic Games also have many outdoor competition venues. The LED display is also divided into indoor and outdoor. Indoor venues use indoor LED displays by type, and outdoor venues use outdoor LED displays by type. For example, at the Snow Ruyi Ski Resort of the Winter Olympics, the 600-square-meter LED outdoor large screen will broadcast the competition live in real time.


The Olympic Games cannot be separated from the LED display. The high-definition, flexible, and rich effects of LED provide strong support for the large screen of the Olympic broadcast, the atmosphere of the opening ceremony, and the creation of stage effects.

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