How can I have a much clearer LED screen?

Nowadays, most people are satisfied with the resolution quality and video quality of full-color LED screens.

BUT there are still some of them who think it is not clear enough, especially when you get more closer to look at the LED screen and for some special applications.

And today, we are going to share some points that can make your LED screen more clear.

Choose the smaller pixel pitch LED screen

Choose the smaller pixel pitch LED screen is the first option choice when you have enough budget, because smaller pixel pitch LED screen makes more resolution on the surface of the LED screen, it can be played more details of the videos or pictures.

Increase the contrast

The contrast is one of the important points that can make the LED screen clear or not.

Generally speaking, higher contrast, higher definition, better colorful.

There are a lot of helpful for the definition, details resolution, and greyscale by high-level contrast.

And especially for the many black-white contents video and pictures, high contrast makes the full color led screen shows better black and white colors.

In this case, choose a good driving IC is the main factor to increase the contrast.

Increase the grayscale

Grayscale means how many levels from black to white. So which means if you have more bits, more colors. It makes the LED screen looks more real.

Use the video processor

I can say, the LED video processor is a really good partner for the LED screen.

The LED video processors makes the LED screen shows more details of the content, increase the quality of the image output.

And let the LED screen works with the best status all the time.

Any way, there are still a lot of functions for the video processor, like more signal input, better brightness adjustable, etc.


When we choose the LED screen in the first place, it is important to discuss more details with your LED screen supplier about your demand.

Also, it is necessary to provide as much as possible information, including the installation site pictures, your budget, view distance for the main viewers.

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