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Are you looking for a reliable LED screen supplier in Dubai?

What is the price of LED displays in the UAE?

What are the advantages of many UAE suppliers?

The UAE is a country with huge consumption. From entertainment to healthcare screens, sports screens, commercial advertising screens, retailers, and many other industries are now racing to introduce LED ending solutions to obtain more efficient results.

As one of the world’s top shopping places in Dubai, choosing LED displays is an indispensable advertising tool to improve the quality.

With the continuous increase in the number of LED display suppliers in the UAE, it has become challenging to choose the best supplier.

The following is a list of the top 30 LED displays in the UAE, allowing you to choose your own LED supplier easily.

(The ranking has nothing to do with the order)

1. PixelPLUS


  • Tel: +971-50-451-9226\ +971-50-451-9226

  • Email:

  • Address: PO Box 15448 Deira, Dubai United Arab Emirates in PixelPLUSGargash

PixelPLUS is a leading LED system and solution company in the UAE. It focuses on high-end technological innovation of LED display systems and provides one-stop solutions. The company’s main products are divided into indoor LED displays, outdoor LED displays, and Lease stage LED products.

The company is very good at LED solutions for store signs, street advertising, meeting rooms, concerts and events, and schools. It is one of the more creative companies in the UAE LED display.

2. Blue Rhine Industries


Dubai branch:

  • Address: Blue Rhine Industries Lot Number: 597-673 Dubai Investments Park 2, Jebel Ali Dubai, UAE

  • Tel: +97148231444

  • Fax: +97148231445

Abu Dhabi branch:

  • Address: Blue Rhine General TradingPlot 155PO Box 52785, Mussaffah-33 Abu Dhabi,UAE

  • Tel: +971 54 998 7971

Blue Rhine Industries is a leading digital signage provider in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the Greater Middle East. With decades of experience in craftsmanship, it has perfected artistic creation and provided customized LED screen solutions, wayfinding signs, and indoor and outdoor signs.

Blue Rhine Industries is 3M’s selected partner and converter and has passed ISO certification. We have offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and now we have more than 2,000 projects implementing customers’ brands and products. We are one of the most influential companies in the UAE LED display.

3. Pixcom Technologies LLC


  • Established Year: 2004

  • Tel: +971 4 580 6222

  • Email:

  • Address: P.O. Box 252173, Dubai, UAE

Pixcom Technologies LLC is a leading provider of turnkey solutions for digital signage and advanced technology solutions. With 200+ customers, technology suppliers across leading companies in the UAE in the Middle East, including Nakheel, Emaar, Meraas, and Alda.

Pixcom Technologies LLC is the largest indoor and outdoor LED display installer and supplier in the Middle East (over 6000 square meters). The world’s largest and highest resolution OLED splicing wall was installed in Dubai Mall. The company is one of the most influential LED display suppliers in the UAE.

4. EMindSpace


  • Established Year: 2013

  • Tel: +97150 468 4201\ +9714 320 3470

  • Email:

  • Address: MindSpace MEDY16 – DY22, Dubai Dry Docks, Al Jaddaf P.O. Box: 41414, Dubai, UAE

EMindSpace is a digital signage company dedicated to becoming a one-stop solution provider for all signage services, with extensive expertise in designing and building customized digital signage solutions in Dubai.

The company provides a wide range of services such as video walls, LED displays, interactive kiosks, digital menu boards, outdoor digital signage, digital wayfinding kiosks, corporate digital signage, and digital signage rental.

5. KBC Media Group— Kreativetec Display Solutions LLC


  • Established Year: 2009

  • Tel: +971 4 3442544\ +971 4 3991677

  • Email:

  • Address: 601, 6th Floor, JBC 5, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, P.O. BOX 37299, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Kreativetec Display Solutions LLC

  • Address: Warehouse No 1, Al Quoz 2, 24B Street P.O BOX: 37299, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Tel: +971 4 3442544

  • Email:

Kreativetec is an innovative in-store display and digital signage solutions company. The company’s digital signage solutions include LED signs, LCD signs, digital kiosks, digital signage content production, indoor display shelves, window displays, digital printing, and event management.

As an important department of KBC Media Group, Kreativetec is known as one of the leading marketing communication groups in Dubai. Kreativetec is famous for its digital signage products. KBC Media Group also includes Kreata Global (Dubai’s most popular digital and comprehensive service agencies).



  • Established Year: 2012

  • Tel: +971 4 3458713

  • Email:

  • Address: Unit4A, Fakruddin logistic complex, (Next to Asterix Craft), Dubai investment park 2, Dubai, U.A.E

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, Butterfly LED is a manufacturer and supplier of LED display and digital signage solutions. Specializing in various LED displays, video walls, digital signage, and a wide range of applications.

Butterfly LED has the most talented and experienced employees from all over the world. It has exported products and services to customers in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and all West Asia countries.



  • Tel: +0564040289

  • Email:

DubaiLedScreen is a supplier of led video wall screens. Its main products include outdoor LED displays, transparent LED displays, LED curtains, indoor LED displays, etc. The full range of services includes installation services, system consulting and design, remote diagnosis, and technical support.

The company has been in Dubai. We support you in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and even Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and other neighboring countries. We are one of the fastest-growing LED display suppliers in Dubai.

8. UMH


  • Established Year: 2017

  • Tel: +971 501981874

  • Email:

UMH is a supplier of the most reliable products and system solutions for digital signage and LED display and is leading the GCC LED display industry.

UMH focuses on the development, design, testing, and commissioning of LED displays. LED displays have been successfully broadcast in various shopping malls, government buildings, hotels, banks, subway stations, billboards, and hospitals. They have more potential in Dubai. One of the companies.



  • Established Year: 2013

  • Tel: +971 55 379 4395\ +971 55 848 1480

  • Email:

  • Address: Shop No. BAL 06. Near Food Court. Ground Floor. Dragon Mart 1. International City. Dubai – United Arab Emirates

LED DISPLAY DUBAI is a Dubai LED display supplier. The company’s team is full of vitality and creativity. It sells and installs LED screens, manages and creates content, and provides high-quality programs to improve customer experience.

LED DISPLAY DUBAI’s top products and services include: outdoor LED display, indoor LED display, floor tile screen, monochrome signage, advertising solutions, etc.

10. Sagetech Technologies LLC


  • Tel: +055 48 123 99

  • Email:

  • Address: Tesla Motors Building, Exit 40 – E11.Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai – UAE.

Dubai LED display (Sagetech Technologies) is a manufacturer specializing in indoor and outdoor LED displays.

The company’s LED displays are supplied to the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and various parts of the Middle East and Africa. It is one of the companies that pursue LED display cost-effectiveness in Dubai.

11. Good Gold Electronics


  • Tel: +971-581-208930\ +971-503-288618

  • Email:

  • Address: Warehouse 035/02 (Between Dubai Textile City and Emirates Cluster), International City, Dubai, UAE.

Good Gold Electronics is a leading supplier of high-quality LED display screens, offering a wide range of innovative solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. Their products include Outdoor LED Screens, Indoor LED Screens, Poster LED Screens, Transparent LED Screens, LCD Video Walls, Floor LED Screens, Digital Signage, and Curved & Flexible LED Screens.

The unique features and benefits of Good Gold Electronics products include advanced technology, superior picture quality, wide viewing angles, low power consumption, and exceptional durability. Our state-of-the-art LED displays provide vivid and accurate color reproduction, making them ideal for use in a variety of settings, including advertising, events, broadcasting, and more.

Hikvision(Hilook) Middle East A-level Agents

Colorlight Middle East only authorized service provider and A-level Agents

Novastar Middle East A-level Agents

12. MAKERS24


  • Tel:+971 56 665 2700


  • Key Products: Various LED displays, robots

  • Address: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

MAKERS24 is a visual solutions provider that has grown to become one of the leading large display installation companies in the UAE.

Their years of experience in LED screens for retail, sporting events, festivals, concerts, and city center billboards have earned them very high ratings from customers. In more than ten years of working in the industry, they have completed more than 200 projects, and the company has more than 60 best-selling products.

13. Aztech General Trading L.L.C


  • Tel: (+971) 56 14 25 339

  • Email:

  • Key Products: LED display

  • Address: Al Nishwan Building, Near ADCB Metro STN, Karama, Dubai

Aztech General Trading L.L.C is one of the leading audio-visual systems providers in Dubai, UAE, and a loyal partner.

More than 20 years of comprehensive project work experience have made them comfortable with targeted solutions for hotels, entertainment, nightlife, catering, retail, and other industries.

From consultation to quality control, there is a dedicated person in charge of every step. We can help you scope your work, define your goals, recommend strategic solutions, manage installations, and provide maintenance and training services.

14. Umtech


  • Established Year: 2016

  • Tel: +971556397689

  • Email:

  • Key Products: LED display and LED display rental

  • Address: Al Quoz Dubai UAE.

Headquartered in Dubai, Umtech is responsible for the most technically demanding LED display solutions in the GCC. They are committed to providing a range of solutions, such as indoor and outdoor LED display solutions, to small business owners and large corporate entities.

All of their products have CE, CCC, FCC, and ETL certifications, which is enough to prove the excellent quality of the products. The company has completed more than 200 projects so far and has received very high praise from more than 170 customers.

With extensive experience in installation and maintenance, their team of experts can assist remotely or on-site. Alternatively, provide customers with training to perform simple fixes or allow them remote access to resolve any issues.

15. Adorn LED Screen


  • Tel: 0505 265 744


  • Key Products: LED display

  • Address: Opposite Burj Nahar Park, Burj Nahar Views, United Arab Emirates

Adorn LED Screen is one of the top leading LED screen companies in UAE and is also known for its reasonable prices. They offer complete LED screen solutions to their customers, including all new and advanced technologies. Very good at LED solutions for auditoriums, schools, hospitals, hotels, party halls, etc.

They have 10+ years of industry experience and are currently trusted by more than 100+ of the most popular brands. Their after-sales time is also customized based on the display you purchase.

16. Tricolor LED


  • Tel: +971 487 887 19

  • Email:

  • Key Products: LED displays, LCD video walls, projectors, sound systems, solar-powered smart workstations, and media players

  • Address: Al Qusais Ind Area 1, DUBAI, P.O. Box – 384 912

Tricolor LED is a team of professionals with over 15 years of experience experts in providing unique and professional LED digital signage formats.

There is no doubt about the professionalism of Tricolor LED. So far, they have won 25 awards in professional fields, completed 320 projects, and have more than 520 satisfied customers. If you are new to the field of digital LED screens, they are a relatively trustworthy company.

17. Dynamo LED Displays


  • Tel: +971 52 153 6838

  • Email:

  • Key Products: LED display, LCD digital signage

  • Address: Level 23, Tower 2, Boulevard Plaza, Dubai, UAE

Dynamo LED Display is an LED display manufacturer and supplier headquartered in the U.K. and Dubai. The team has more than 15 years of industry experience and has been focusing on all aspects of LED display research.

It is a very well-known LED display company that has done many large-scale projects, including but not limited to the LED-wrapped columns in the arrival hall of Dubai Airport, the largest LED display tower in the Muscat shopping mall, etc.

18. 2point0 Concepts


  • Established Year: 2011

  • Tel: +971 04 326 5376

  • Email:

  • Key Products: LED display

  • Address: P.O. Box 393749 Office # 4, EAMA Properties Al Marabea Street Al Qouz 1 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Founded in the United States in 2011 and incorporated in Dubai in 2015, 2point0 Concepts has become one of the MENA region’s go-to companies for digital signage, LED displays, and meeting room technology. Focus on digital signage, conference room solutions, and LED displays from L.

For customers they serve customers with a transparent, honest, and responsible attitude, and they have a display factory in the Al Quoz district, and anyone who wants to know more is welcome to visit.

19. Dadgar Trading LLC


  • Established Year: 2021

  • Tel: +97 15 476 02645

  • Email:

  • Key Products: LED display, 3D holographic LED fan, interactive display, LCD display

Headquartered in Dubai, Dadgar Trading LLC (DTL) focuses on its team’s professional digital display solutions and is the leading provider of digital signage solutions in Dubai.

Their prices are very competitive, and they are also very friendly to some projects where funds could be more abundant. And can provide customers with lower prices, the best quality, and fast troubleshooting.

20. Be Bright


  • Tel:+971 50 403 7863

  • Email:

  • Key Products: LED display, LCD digital signage

  • Address: Gubash Building, Al Khabaisi, Al Ittihad Road, Dubai – UAE

Be Bright is a digital display solutions company based in the UAE, and they have a wide presence across the GCC, India, and Africa.

Their mission is to provide customers with quality-first, latest, and innovative digital display solutions. To date, they have completed more than 1,600 projects with more than 14,000 square meters of display screens installed in 12 countries.

If you need help, try contacting them.

21. Rainbow LED Display


  • Established Year: 2010

  • Tel: +97145466633

  • Email: Info@Rainbowleddisplay.Com

  • Key Products: LED display, interactive LED display, LCD display

  • Address: 11 13a St – Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Rainbow LED Display is a high-quality technology company located in Yuf, Ajman. Their goal is to provide customers with a complete, high-tech display experience so that they no longer have to worry about digital displays.

Their dedicated team takes care of your digital signage solution from start to finish, including consulting, installation, hardware, software, content development, network management, and technical support.

22. DAC


  • Tel: +971 4256 7971

  • Email:

  • Key Products: LED display, LCD display

  • Address: DAC LED Advertising L.L.C, Office 4, P.O Box: 380170 25th Street, Al Khabaisi, Abu Hail – Dubai

DAC (Dubai Advertising Company) is a well-known digital display supplier in Dubai dedicated to providing you with LED display installation services.

Their solutions are very innovative for many places, such as offices, corporate buildings, commercial spaces, shopping malls, and even streets.

Additionally, they have a team of well-trained support staff who are always available to provide you with after-sales service, including but not limited to assisting you remotely or on-site.

23. DG Signage


  • Email:

  • Key Products: LED display, interactive LED display, rental business


DG Signage, a digital signage solutions agency headquartered in Dubai, UAE, is a pioneering digital signage company.

With years of experience and the best technology, we provide services to businesses in a variety of industries, including but not limited to strategy development, content creation, design and project consulting, installation, maintenance, and support.

Their staff are professionals with extensive experience creating fully customized and customized solutions and giving you the flexibility and scalability you need to stay ahead of the competitive curve.



  • Tel: +971 4 558 4611

  • Email:

  • Key Products: Mirror TV, transparent LED display, LED video wall, foldable LED display

  • Address: Road no. 327, 197 Umm Suquim Street, 354 Al Quoz Industrial Area 4, Al Quoz, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

NXT GEN UAE is a Dubai-based LED display company whose Mirror TV design has earned them a reputation as the UAE’s foremost local mirror TV experts over the past decade.

But they don’t just have Mirror TV. In recent years, their transparent LED screens have also been developing rapidly and become one of the company’s popular products.

They have an experienced team, innovative and classic designs, customized solutions, exquisite craftsmanship, competitive prices, and excellent customer service. This is one of the important reasons why they are loved by customers.

25. Dubai LED Screens


  • Tel: +971 50 205 6149

  • Email:

  • Key Products: Indoor LED screens, outdoor LED screens, control room screens, 3D LED screens and other LED displays

  • Address: Office #107, Ruby II Building, Sheikh Zayed Rd. Umm Al Sheif, Dubai, UAE

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, DubaiLEDScreens is a trustworthy and reputable LED screen supplier.

Their products are very comprehensive; whether they are small-pitch LED displays or LED floor tile screens, they are all available here. We are committed to providing you with a full range of cutting-edge LED screens for a variety of applications.

They are suppliers led by integrity and professionalism. They are dedicated to providing the best in terms of product quality and subsequent after-sales service. If you are also looking for a long-term local partner in the UAE, they are also a good choice.

26. Alpha Premium


  • Tel: +971 4 252 3253

  • Email:

  • Key Products: Indoor and outdoor LED displays

  • Address: Shop # 18, Naif Bazar Building, Deira Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Alpha Premium is a professional LED display supplier in the United Arab Emirates. They focus on LED display solutions for both indoor and outdoor aspects.

They have a total of 99 products and 24 years of LED display experience. They are the company responsible for the large-scale signage performance technology project in Dubai, UAE, which also shows that they are a trustworthy LED display supplier.



  • Tel: +971 4 370 6522

  • Email:

  • Key Products: LED display, projector screen, AV cable, LED display stand

  • Address: Al Khaleej Building, Office # 108 Karama, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

ANCHOR AV is a leading solution provider in the global industry, committed to producing and delving into the latest AV technology, creating intelligent and stable products that comply with international standards, and providing high-quality, superb calibration, and first-class audiovisual products.

The company is very good at creating innovative audiovisual technology. They have completed 2,700 projects so far and received 100% positive reviews.

28. Volkanoo


  • Tel: +971 55 261 4878

  • Email:

  • Key Products: LED display、

  • Address: Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman

Volkanoo is a supplier of high-quality, durable indoor and outdoor LED screens in Dubai, Abu Dhabi. It is very good at LED display solutions for shopping malls, airports, retail stores, corporate offices, control rooms, train stations, and other industries.

Their technicians are fully committed to manufacturing high-quality LED products without compromise, optimizing the parts inside the LED display to make it more stable.

Plus, they offer a professional support team that can help you at any time to ensure the LED screen is working properly. Software updates, component replacement guarantees, and extended warranty options are the main after-sales services they can do.

29. Clarity Solutions


  • Established Year: 2008

  • Tel: +971 50 6816917

  • Email:

  • Key Products: LED display, video wall controller, video wall bracket, high-definition projector

  • Address: 15/ SILICON AVENUE TOWERS, DUBAI SILICON OASIS, United Arab Emirates

Clarity Solutions is a leading audiovisual solutions provider in the UAE, having completed some of the most innovative LED video walls and LED digital signage projects in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Africa.

Clarity Solutions is an ISO 9001-certified company for the Middle East and Africa. 3-year on-site warranty, 24×7 call support, and flexible payment terms are advantages that make them the preferred choice among customers.



  • Tel: +971 4 327 4331

  • Email: Info@Rainbowleddisplay.Com

  • Key Products: Programmable LED poster display and other series of LED displays, LCD

  • Address: 705 B- Block Al Hudaiba Awards Building, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

FAB LED INTERNATIONAL is one of the leading technology companies committed to providing cutting-edge display solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of customers.

In addition to common LED displays, they also have their unique products, flexible concave and convex screens, soft mesh LED curtains, and programmable LED displays.

They have a professional installation team ready to install indoor LED screens and outdoor LED displays at locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the Northern Emirates. If it is your first time buying an LED display, they will arrange online or on-site technical guidance to teach you how to use the LED display.


The above is the list of LED display suppliers in the UAE. With this list, get the correct and efficient LED display solutions in Dubai!

If you want more choices, an imported LED display is a good choice, but you need to pay attention to:

  • You have plenty of time for your LED project, at least 2 months before using the LED display. (important)
  • Want to engage in the LED display business for a long time
  • Pursue cost performance, have a little understanding of electronic products, or have resources
  • Have import qualifications or relevant import resources help

As long as you have the first point and any of the following items, you can import LED displays. As an LED display manufacturer with 75% of China’s electronics manufacturing in Guangdong, we are most aware of the domestic LED display trends. 

From 2019 to 2023, the search statistics in China’s LED display data ranking list lists Chinese manufacturers, which are for reference only. 

If you need any help, you can send us an email at

The following are recent BIBILED display screen cases: 

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