7 Effects Of LED Lamp Beads On The LED Screen


As one of the most important accessories of the LED display screen, the lamp bead has a great influence on the LED display screen. The current requirements for LED displays are not the same, so there are many kinds of beads, such as plug-in classes and two kinds of patches. Different lamp beads use up the effect is not the same, so today we will talk about the impact of the lamp beads on the LED display; let’s have a look.

1. Brightness

Luminance is one of the important factors that affect the experience of LED display, especially the outdoor LED display is the most strict for luminance. The brightness of the LED display screen is larger, uses the current margin is also large; it is more energy-saving power to maintain the stability of the LED display.

Moreover, the brightness of the LED display’s lamp beads also had a great impact on the image quality. The light was low, and the overall tone and feel of the image displayed were not good enough to attract people’s attention; naturally, no one will pay attention to your advertising products.

2. The influence of visual angle

The light bead of an LED display is an important factor that determines the viewing angle of an LED display, but the viewing angle of different LED lamp beads is also different.

  • The maximum level of surface-mounted LED lamp beads is 160 °, and the maximum vertical is 160 °.

  • The Ellipse LED lamp beads have a maximum horizontal of 120 ° and a maximum vertical of 45 °.

  • The maximum horizontal and vertical diameters of the round LED lamp beads are 60 ° and 60 °, respectively.

For example, if the vendor of an LED display gives you a 150 °/100 ° viewing angle, that means the horizontal viewing angle is 150 °, and the vertical viewing angle is 100 °. The LED display is the most comfortable to view from this perspective. If you look outside this range, the brightness will be reduced by 50%.

3. Light decay rate

LED display lamp beads are divided into black and white lamp beads. The exterior color of the black lamp bead is black, used a few more commonly indoors; the white lamp bead is white, used a few more commonly outdoors. A full-color LED display consists of at least 10,000 lamp beads.

With time, LED lamp beads will gradually fade, and brightness will also dim; this is often said to be the light decay rate. The light attenuation rate of the LED lamp bead is related to its production process, LED chip material, and auxiliary material. This is also because the current LED suppliers have been studying how to reduce the light attenuation rate of LED displays.

4. Heat dissipation

Led bead cooling has the most direct impact on the life of LED lamp beads; just like other electrical appliances need cooling, the cooling effect of the lamp beads makes their life will be longer. On the contrary, with less heat dissipation, life will be much shorter.

The life of ordinary LED lamps is above 20000 hours; this working time is very long. The power supply controls LED light beads; we all know that appliances will heat for a long time; if the temperature reaches a certain level will occur internal electrical parts will be damaged. LED lamp bead is the same principle; If the heat dissipation is not good, so easily causes the phenomenon of dead light or a black screen.

5. Point spacing and dimensions

When you buy an LED display, the salesperson will confirm with you the installation location of the LED display you want to buy and the size and purpose of the LED display. Why would they ask that? That’s because it determines for you buy lamp bead size and point spacing of the LED display.

  • Point spacing is the spacing between each LED lamp bead.

  • The lamp bead size is the size of each LED lamp bead.

They all determine the clarity, sensitivity, and smoothness of an LED display. The smaller the distance between the dots, the smaller the lamp beads, indicating that the more lamp beads on the LED display, the better the image clarity, sensitivity, and smoothness. Close observation is also non-distorting and is often used at major sporting events, on-site high-end private cinemas, and aerial warfare surveillance.

The larger the spot spacing, the larger the lamp beads on the LED display, indicating that the LED display on fewer lamp beads, the picture clarity, smoothness, and sensitivity is not so good. They are generally installed outdoors for a higher position, viewing distance from the place.

6. Security

When purchasing an LED display, be sure to consult the sales staff about whether the LED display has an anti-static ability. LED displays are semiconductor devices and sensitive to static electricity. If it does not have an anti-static function, it will be due to static and caused by equipment failure; serious points may also damage LED display accessories. For all electrical appliances, safety is the most important; once the accident causes unnecessary safety accidents, the loss will be immeasurable. Therefore, the antistatic performance of LED displays is very important.

As one of the most important components of LED display, LED lamp beads for antistatic capability is also a certain way. In packaging and packaging LED lights, workers wear an anti-static device, anti-static gloves, and static rings to ensure static electricity safety during the manufacturing process.

7. Ability to display color

LED display in long time work, there will be dark, or color does not meet expectations of the phenomenon, mainly due to the LED display luminescence phenomenon we mentioned earlier caused by some color decline. The different color display degree is not the same, causing the color difference causes chromatic aberration; this is what we say the LED display spends the light phenomenon.

In order to avoid the color difference of LED displays, it is necessary to reduce the light attenuation of LED displays. The current of the power supply and the ambient temperature of the LED display has some influence on the light attenuation. So need to do a good job of cooling measures, as well as the use of the right voltage and current.

8. How to select LED display lamp beads?

After looking at the above 7 points, we can know that LED lamps for the LED display actually have a very big impact, then; how to choose a good LED lamp  Consider the following points carefully when buying:

  • Chip: whether it is stable, chip manufacturers are reliable; generally speaking, the more stable the chip, the longer the life of the lamp bead, and the better heat dissipation.

  • Packaging process: this is related to whether the LED lamp beads have the anti-static ability, as well as its overall aesthetic.

  • The ability to display color: every LED display in the factory will be a monochromatic test to detect whether the LED beads have chromatic aberration.

  • Reliable manufacturers: be sure to choose reliable LED lamp beads manufacturers, such as NationStar, Kinglight, and Hongsheng; on the one hand, they can reduce product risk; on the other hand, they have good after-sales service.


Above is the LED lamp bead for LED display 7 big influence, chooses the quality good lamp bead to the LED display screen to choose LED a reliable, safe partner. The same is true for choose with LED displays, reliable LED suppliers are also good partners for you.

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