SMD LED Screen—Features, Applications, and Benefits

1. What does the SMD LED screen mean?

2. SMD LED structure and design

3. What are SMD LED sizes?

4. Benefits of SMD LED screen

5. Disadvantages of SMD LED screen

6. The applications and uses of SMD LED screen

SMD LED is currently the main LED type of choice in LED displays. Why has it been the “protagonist” on the lead-led screen? Let’s take a look at SMD LEDs.


1. What does SMD LED screen mean?

SMD LED is an acronym for “Surface-Mount-Device, Light-Emitting-Diode”.

The technical feature of SMD LED is the use of 3-in-1 packaging, which means that 3 color lamp beads (red, green, and blue) are integrated into a system, and these tiny lights can be arranged in various patterns to create images and videos. 

2. SMD LED structure and design

The structure of SMD LED is similar to a rectangle, and it is mainly composed of fine electronic components such as LED chips and circuits, such as:

  • Support: Conductive support and heat dissipation.

  • LED chip: The chip is the main component material of the LED lamp and is a light-emitting semiconductor material.

  • Conductive circuit: PAD chip attach (PAD) and bracket, rotatable.

  • Epoxy resin: protects the internal structure of the lamp bead and can slightly change the color, brightness, angle, etc., of the lamp bead.

3. What are SMD LED sizes?

The LED type is classified with 4 digits: the first 2 digits of the length and the last 2 digits of the LED height (in tenths of a millimeter). 

For example, 3030 LED is 3x3mm.

The table below shows the most commonly used types of SMD LEDs:

4. Benefits of SMD LED screen

  • reliability

SMD LED display can use an automatic placement machine for automated placement, high efficiency, improved stability, and improved vertical accuracy of SMD on the circuit board.

  • Suitable for many applications

SMD LED displays are available in many sizes in the market, they meet most indoor and outdoor application use.

Generally, the voltage of each SMD LED is 2-3.6v, and the current is 0.02A-0.03A; with extremely low voltage and current, the power consumption rate is also low, and its energy consumption is 20% less than other types of LEDs. 

In the long run, it can save a lot of money because the LED display can last for nearly 50,000 hours, which depends on the type of product, the content played, and the length of time.

  • Flexible size:

SMD LEDs offer flexible size options whether you need a square or rectangular, small or large, flat or curved display.

  • Thin and light cabinet

The packaging method makes the cabinet of the SMD LED display light and thin, which is easy to install and easy to store.

5. Disadvantages of SMD LED screen

Although SMD LED technology has been developed for many years and has been widely used worldwide, technical problems still need to be improved, such as higher waterproof, anti-static, anti-glare, etc.

6. The applications and uses of SMD LED screen

Why are SMD LEDs the most popular type of LEDs on the market today?

Due to the mature technology, high product stability, and the factory’s large-scale production of automated equipment, the price has dropped significantly. Hence, the scope of SMD LED applications is also very wide, as long as there is a need for advertising, activities, and information. Install LED displays such as :

The shopping center is a densely populated place.

If you install LED displays here to play advertisements, you will get twice the result with half the effort, stimulate the desire of consumers to buy, and increase the income of advertisers and owners of LED displays.

Nowadays, there are more and more ways to receive various information. The installation of LED displays in churches is an important manifestation of keeping pace with the times, conducive to transmitting ideas, and attracting more people to participate in church activities actively.

  • traffic link

The LED display’s fast switching and eye-catching functions can convey traffic signals the first time, avoiding traffic accidents and congestion.

At the same time, when waiting for the traffic lights, the content played on the LED display in front of you can kill the boredom of waiting, thereby enhancing the brand’s influence.

The LED display can ignite the passion and happiness of sports fans and create a good atmosphere, but the sponsor’s brand can be quickly exposed, thereby enhancing the influence.

The LED display can bring a high-end and advanced good image to the company and, at the same time, help to improve the efficiency of the meeting, and the participants can quickly discuss the plan and make a decision.

  • advertising campaign

The LED display screen can quickly catch people’s attention through rich videos, vivid photos, and texts, and the display advertising content is much more profound than printed advertising.

  • Government agencies

The LED display can improve the efficiency of the government’s handling of official affairs, the display information operation guidance of the LED display, and the government cultural propaganda.

  • Recreation center

Entertainment centers such as bars, casinos, and sports competitions are equipped with LED displays, which attract attention and quickly convey entertainment activities with the ability to integrate into the environment quickly.

  • bank

The ability to quickly update the information on the LED display screen when the bank displays the exchange rate and handles customer information is beneficial for customers to have a good service experience.

  • public safety

When an emergency occurs, it is notified through the LED display, and the information is spread quickly and widely, thereby reducing the occurrence of accidents.

When the information needs to be updated in real-time, the LED display plays a key role in waiting for diagnosis and treatment, registration, and dispensing medicine, bringing good medical services to patients.


In conclusion:

The above is all the knowledge of SMD LED. 

We explain its definition, structure, advantages and disadvantages, application, size, and type from 6 aspects.

 If you have any questions about SMD LED, you can leave a message below, bibiled will reply as soon as a possible answer for you.

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