11 Factors Affecting The Cost Of Outdoor Waterproof LED Screens


When you want to buy an outdoor LED display screen, but you don’t know how much it will cost, or you are not sure whether you have considered the total cost of the outdoor waterproof LED display.

After reading the following article, you will learn about all the costs that need to be considered for after-sales service, from purchasing LED displays to installing them. This article helps you estimate the total cost budget of the outdoor LED display project.

1. Display screen size

This is a general cost consideration; the larger the size of the outdoor LED display, the larger the budget will be.

You can give feedback to the LED display screen manufacturer based on the installation location, viewing distance, content played, and the length and width of the led screen you predict.

2. Screen pixel pitch

The resolution affects the clarity of the display; it is determined by the pixel spacing between it and the display screen. 

The smaller the spacing, the clearer the picture, and the number of LED lamp beads per square will increase, increasing the price.

3. LED screen cabinet

The main function of the outdoor LED cabinet is to fix and protect the internal electronic components. It has the functions of being waterproof, dustproof, and stable. In addition, its appearance design plays an aesthetic role.

So how to choose the right outdoor LED display screen?

You can inspect it from 2 aspects, the rationality of the LED display cabinet material and appearance design will affect the cost.

1) The cabinet material of the LED display

There are generally three types: iron, die-cast aluminum, carbon fiber

Price: iron <die-casting aluminum<carbon fiber

Among them, the die-casting aluminum cabinet is the most popular because it is light in weight, reasonable in structure, high in precision, and seamless in splicing. It is not only favored by outdoor LED displays but also indoor LED displays.

(For specific details on the material of the LED cabinet, click to learn quickly)

2) Rationality of appearance design

A good-looking and reasonable design results from the manufacturer’s R&D department studying the design day and night so that the cost will be higher.

4. Install

The installation of the LED display is also a very important consideration. 

A good installation can bring great convenience to later maintenance and, at the same time, ensure the safety of the LED display screen.

So what cost factors need to be considered when installing LED displays?

1) The cost of the steel frame structure is determined according to the size of the LED display. The steel structure is used to fix the LED display, so the requirements for the steel structure are very high.

2) The labor cost is determined according to the size of the LED display screen; the larger the size, the more personnel are involved in the configuration.

3) Days to install

4) Determine which installation method is mainly determined according to the surrounding environment. The general outdoor installation methods are:

  • wall-mounted installation, 

  • suspended installation, 

  • built-in installation, 

  • column installation (single column + double column), roof-mounted standing installation.

If it is the same 50 square meters of LED display, the cost of the above installation methods will be different:

The cost of column installation (single column + double column) will be higher than other installation methods. No matter from the foundation, cement mixed column, or steel structure, it needs to be constructed separately, so it is generally installed in traffic arteries and wide places.

The installation cost of the other four installation methods will be lower than that of the column installation. The main reason is that they have fixed walls, and no additional construction is required. The specific cost depends on the actual scene.

5. Internal electronics

The quality of electronic accessories in the LED display directly affects the quality of the LED display. Therefore, you need to know.

The cost you need to consider for the raw materials of the LED display is as follows: 

The requirements of the brand, the more high-end or professional the brand, its cost will naturally be higher. 

If you want a higher operating system, the cost will be more, such as light sensors, temperature sensors, multifunctional external connections, wireless connections, and more.

So how to avoid being cheated in purchasing?

 You need to understand the lamp beads, IC, power supply, and control system of the LED display, these 4 electronic accessories.

(If you want to know the basics of the structure and composition of the LED display, click to learn now.)

According to the data sheets of buyers of Chinese LED display manufacturers in the past 10 years, these 4 electronic accessories are popular with Chinese brands of global buyers:

  • Lamp beads: Nationstar/Kinglight/Kn-light

  • IC: Chipone/Macroblock/

  • Power supply: Meanwell/G-energy

  • Control system: Novastar/Colorlight/Linsn/Huidu

6. Maintenance method

The maintenance methods of outdoor LED displays are divided into front-access maintenance and rear-back maintenance, mainly used for after-sales repair and maintenance of LED displays.

Generally speaking, the price of rear-back maintenance products is relatively low, and the efficiency of inspection and maintenance is high. However, if the place where you install is in short supply and the land is expensive, then front-access maintenance can help you save space and reduce the cost of land space.

So how to judge which maintenance method is suitable for your LED display screen?

  • Rear-back maintenance of large screens for outdoor buildings, screens installed on the roof, pillars that stand alone, etc.

  • Front-access maintenance: A space-saving and small-area screen is required.

(If you want to know the difference between the front maintenance and the rear maintenance of the LED display in detail, click quick learning) 

In addition to common maintenance costs, if you cooperate with a reliable company that extends the warranty period, the maintenance cost can be reduced.

7. Purchasing channel

Is it locally sourced or imported?

It is obvious; price: local procurement > imported procurement, local procurement costs more.

However, it would be best if you made a decision based on your actual situation, such as:

1) If you don’t care about the budget and value fast and local sales service more, you can directly purchase locally.

2) If your budget is limited or you want to save a lot of costs and have enough time, you can import from LED display screen manufacturers.

8. Electricity bill

Regarding the electricity bill, this is a long-term accumulated cost. The electricity bill greatly correlates with the LED display’s actual power consumption. Low power consumption means low electricity bills. Therefore, when purchasing LED displays a screen, you need to ask the supplier about the actual power consumption. 

(For how to calculate the electricity cost of an LED display screen, you can click to learn quickly)

How to reduce the power consumption of outdoor LED displays screen?

1) Plan your time reasonably

The LED display screen does not need to display for 24 hours, and the time can be set through application management.

2) Use a light sensor

High brightness means high energy consumption. The use of light sensors can not only ensure that the picture is not affected by the environment but also prevent the LED display from being in a state of high energy consumption for a long time.

3) Buy an energy-saving LED display

From a long-term perspective, energy-saving LED displays can save electricity bills.

9. Transportation expenses

Transportation costs are considered from import costs, transportation costs, and taxes.

Import costs and taxes need to be considered according to your country’s import policy and religious beliefs, and each country is different.

Regarding transportation costs, there are two transportation methods: sea and air. The specific transportation method to choose depends on your needs, for example:

1) If you have a lot of goods and enough time to import LED display screens, then the cost of sea freight will be lower, which is about 5 times less than that of air freight. The delivery date from Shenzhen to the United States is 25-30 working days.

2) If your project is more urgent or the goods are fewer, consider air freight, the delivery date of air freight is about 3 to 7 working days.

10. Address selection cost

The flow of people determines the cost of installing an LED display address.

In the digital age of “traffic is king”, places with more traffic will charge higher fees, and places with less traffic will be the opposite. Places with a lot of traffic are generally in the city center, shopping malls, commercial buildings, expressways, transportation links, theme parks, parks, natural scenic spots, and other places.

11. Spare parts

Spare parts are generally used for daily maintenance and maintenance. 

Spare parts can be purchased directly from suppliers, including power cords, power supplies, lamp beads, ICs, masks, LED modules, etc. 

Generally, a professional and reliable LED display screen supplier provides 2% spare parts and 2 years warranty for each order.


With the maturity of LED display technology, the manufacturing industry is becoming more and more standardized and efficient, and the cost of LED commercial advertising displays is also decreasing, which also shows that LED displays are becoming more and more common.

How to make your ad stand out is a very thoughtful question.

The above are the 12 factors that affect the cost of outdoor LED displays.

If you have other supplementary factors that affect the price, please leave a message below, or if you have any questions about the cost of the LED display screen, you can email us, and we will be happy to help you.

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