What LED Display Should Be Used When Holding The Event? An Article Will Show You


LED display has become the new favorite of modern event displays. It not only adds more color and vitality to the event but also enhances the audience’s sense of participation and experience.

However, people who use the LED display for the first time at an event may have some problems with the LED display.

It doesn’t matter. This article is about answering common questions about LED displays used in events. Let’s take a look.

1. Steps to rent an LED activity screen

Renting an LED display is a process that involves multiple steps and considerations. Here are some key steps and suggestions to help you successfully rent an LED display:

  • Clear needs

First of all, you need to clarify the basic information, such as your activity type, scale, venue, and budget. This information will help you determine the size, resolution, brightness, and other technical specifications of the required LED display.

1). Choose a reliable leasing company

Understand the company’s qualifications and reputation: check the company’s business license, industry qualification, customer evaluation, and other information to ensure that the selected company has legal business qualifications and a good service reputation.

Examine the company’s technical strength: understand the size, technical level, and experience of the company’s technical team and whether it has professional installation and debugging capabilities.

Compare prices and services: consult multiple rental companies for quotations, compare the content and quality of the services they provide, and choose the most cost-effective company.

2). Sign a lease contract

After obtaining a cooperation agreement with the leasing company, the two parties shall sign a detailed lease contract. The contract shall specify the terms of the lease term, rent, deposit, transportation, and installation costs, as well as the rights and obligations of both parties.

3). Arrange transportation and installation

  • Determine the mode of transportation: Choose the appropriate mode of transportation according to the site and distance to ensure that the display screen arrives at the event site safely and on time.

  • Arrange professional installation: The leasing company should provide a professional installation team to ensure the installation quality and stability of the display screen. During the installation process, you should cooperate with the installation team to provide the necessary assistance and support.

4). Debugging and use

After the installation is completed, the technician at the rental company will debug the display to ensure that the display effect meets your requirements. You should follow the operating procedures during use to avoid damage to the display.

5). Rent refund and settlement

After the event, you should contact the leasing company in time to arrange the refund. Before the rent is refunded, it should be ensured that the display screen is intact and settled in the manner agreed in the contract.

2. What is the best LED display option for outdoor activities?

For outdoor activities, the recommended LED displays are as follows:

  • Full-color LED display:

With its rich color and excellent brightness, the full-color LED display can attract the public’s attention and is very suitable for outdoor environments.

Whether in strong sunlight or dark environments, the full-color LED display can provide a clearly visible information display effect.

In addition, the full-color LED display usually has high protection performance and stability and can adapt to the changing environmental conditions outdoors.

If the activity needs to be displayed for a long time, such as in squares, shopping malls, or stadiums, the fixed outdoor LED screen is a good choice. It is made of multiple LED modules, which can form a large-area display screen to meet the needs of large-scale events.

For occasions that require frequent relocation and movement, such as concerts, sports events, or road shows, the mobile outdoor LED screen is more suitable. This kind of display is usually lightweight and easy to install, which is convenient for rapid transfer between different venues.

When choosing an LED display, you also need to consider other factors, such as the size, resolution, viewing distance, and budget of the display.

Ensure that the selected display can meet the needs of the activity and has good visual effects and stability.

3. How can we determine how big the LED display is needed for the event venue?

To choose the size of the LED display required for outdoor activities, you only need to consider the following simple steps:

  • Look at the distance:

First of all, think about how far the audience will stand and look at the display screen. If the audience stands far away, then you need a larger display screen so that they can see clearly. If the audience stands close, a smaller display screen is enough.

  • Look at the venue:

Then, think about how big your event venue is. The size of the display screen should match the size of the venue. A large display may appear too crowded, while a small display may not be eye-catching.

  • Look at the content:

Next, consider what you want to display on the display. If it is a simple text or picture, a smaller display screen is fine. But if you want to play high-definition videos or complex images, you need a larger display to ensure clarity.

  • Look at the budget:

Finally, don’t forget to consider the budget. Usually, the larger the display, the higher the price. Therefore, you need to find a display of the right size within your budget.

4. How much does it cost to buy an LED display for the event?

There are actually many cost factors to consider when buying an LED display screen for holding events, just as we need to consider the screen size, pixels, brand, and other aspects when buying a mobile phone.

Next, I will try my best to explain these cost factors in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

First of all, the size of the display is a major factor in determining the price. Imagine that the price of a mobile phone screen and a TV screen must be different. Because the TV screen is larger, the price is also higher. Similarly, the LED display is the same.

If you need a very large display screen to cover the entire event venue, the price will definitely be higher than a small display screen.

Secondly, the clarity and color of the display will also affect the price. The high-definition and brightly colored display screen, Which is like watching a high-definition movie, will improve the visual experience, but the price will increase accordingly.

In addition, brand and technology are also important factors in cost. The price of some brands of display screens will be slightly higher because of their advanced technology and reliable quality.

But it doesn’t mean that the expensive one is necessarily good. You need to choose the right brand and model according to your own needs.

In addition, if you need to customize the shape, size, or function of the display, you need to pay an additional customization fee.

It’s like we customize a piece of clothing, which needs to be made according to our own size and preferences, and the price will naturally be higher than ordinary clothes.

Finally, there is the cost of installation and maintenance. After the display is bought, professionals are required to install and debug it, which will also incur a certain cost. At the same time, maintenance may be required in daily use, which is also a cost that cannot be ignored.

5. How do we ensure the high-quality visual effects and content of the LED display during the event?

To ensure the high-quality visual effect and content of the LED display during the event, in fact, the picture of the display screen is clear and bright in color, and the content played is consistent with the theme of the event, bringing a good experience to the audience. I will explain in detail how to do this:

First of all, you need to choose a good LED display. This display screen should be clear enough, just like we take photos with our mobile phones. The higher the pixel, the clearer the photo. Therefore, when purchasing, you should clearly see the resolution of the display.

The higher the resolution, the clearer the picture will be. At the same time, the display screen should be bright enough to see clearly outdoors or in strong light. Also, pay attention to whether the color of the display screen is full. The richer the color, the more vivid the picture will be.

Then, you need to make the content. It’s like you want to put a movie on the display screen. If the content of the movie is good, the audience will like it. Therefore, you should design the text, pictures, and videos to be played in advance.

When designing, the text should be concise and clear, and the pictures and videos should be clear and interesting. At the same time, these contents must be consistent with the theme of the activity in order to leave a deep impression on the audience.

Next, you need to install the display screen. The location of the installation is very important, and it should be in a place where the audience can see it.

After installation, it is also necessary to debug to ensure that the color and brightness of the display are adjusted to the best state.

During the event, you should always pay attention to the display screen. If you find a problem with the display screen, such as abnormal color or flickering, you need to deal with it immediately.

At the same time, according to the progress of the activity and the reaction of the audience, we can adjust the content of the play to make the activity more exciting.

Finally, in order to give the audience a better experience, you can also consider adding some decorative lights or audio equipment around the display screen.

In this way, when the display screen plays wonderful content, the lighting and sound can work together to create a more shocking effect.

6. Do I need any regulations or permits to use LED displays in activities?

Using LED displays in activities may require compliance with some regulations and obtaining corresponding permission. Specific regulatory requirements and licensing procedures may vary by region, country, and the nature and scale of the activity.

Generally speaking, when using LED displays for commercial or public activities, it may be necessary to comply with relevant advertising laws, intellectual property laws, urban management regulations, etc.

In addition, if the installation location, height, area, etc., of the display screen exceeds a certain standard, it may also be necessary to apply for permission from the relevant departments.

Therefore, in order to ensure compliance with the activity and avoid possible legal risks, it is recommended to carefully understand the local regulatory requirements before the event and consult relevant departments or professional institutions for accurate guidance and advice.

At the same time, in addition to complying with laws and regulations, we also need to ensure that the content of the LED display is legal, healthy, and positive and must not contain illegal, illegal, vulgar, or other bad content. This is also one of the keys to maintaining the corporate image and ensuring the success of the activity.


The above is the whole content of this article. Has your problem with the LED active screen been solved? If you want to know more about the LED display used in the event, please get in touch with us.

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