What Is Naked-Eye 3D Screen? How To Make A 3D LED Display?


How many outdoor-led billboards do you see on your daily commute?

Do you know how many people have an average attention span of 8 seconds? If advertisers don’t work their magic during that time, information is lost, so the video shown needs to be a creative, memorable, and spectacular outdoor visual experience.

The 3D digital billboard is one of the latest and trending billboard technologies enterprises use. 

3D naked-eye technology allows LED display creativity to have greater creative space; it is getting bigger and more prominent under the influence of new media art. Many advertisers scramble to tap the “golden potential” of 3D advertising screens.

Table of Contents

1. What is a naked-eye 3D-led display?

3D naked eye refers to the technology that achieves stereoscopic visual effects without external tools; the prototype of this technology was born during the Renaissance; in fact, it is an optical illusion.

Today, the widely used 3D naked eye LED display On-screen video technology uses parallax barrier technology.

What is Parallax Barrier Technology?

Let’s do a simple experiment:

Please close your left eye, use your right eye to see a point directly in front of you, use your finger to point out that point, close your right eye, and open your left eye to see the point.

Have you found that the point you are pointing to is shifted? The main reason is that the images received by our left and right eyes deviate; the reason why it is more accurate to aim with only one eye when shooting.

In fact, the 3D naked-eye LED display you see has a stereoscopic video, which is the same principle.

An opaque layer and a series of precisely spaced slits in front of the 3D naked-eye screen allow each eye to see a different set of pixels, creating a sense of depth and harmony through visual aberrations in the space.

2. How to make and design a naked-eye 3D led display?

The key components of a successful glasses-free 3D LED display.

How can a 2D wizard create a 3D effect? How do 3D-led advertising screens work?

You need to take into account the following 3 aspects:

First: Who is the protagonist of the 3D display?

You need to draw a 3D sketch or design a 3D rendering with graphic software and consider the distance, size, shadow, and perspective according to the size and position of the LED display.

It looks like the following picture: 

Second: flexible and curved LED display

The 3D screen is an angled, curved screen composed of two sides. The left screen displays the left view of the image, and the right screen displays the main view of the image. When people view the front and side of the object at the same time, it presents a realistic 3D rendering.

Third: Create special 3D video content

This is a very important factor—the video source, even a flat LED display, can present 3D effects. Of course, the cost of production in this regard is relatively expensive, and you can consult the local video production team for details.

3. What's the difference between naked -eye 3D video effect and the naked-eye 3D holographic projection?

Many people don’t know the difference between 3D billboards and 3D naked-eye holographic projection.

In fact, their essences are very different:

4. What's the difference between a conventional led display and a 3D led display?

1) refresh rate

Traditional LED displays do not require high resolution for general scenes, so there is no high requirement for hardware.

The 3D LED display requires 3840Hz high resolution and HDR high dynamic contrast, so the hardware needs to be configured and matched with a high grayscale driver chip.

2) video content

The traditional LED display does not need to customize the video content, the video compatibility is strong, and it can play text, pictures, and videos.

The 3D LED display needs to be constructed according to the point-to-point customization of the display resolution and the surface structure design to achieve a realistic naked-eye 3D effect.

3) Visual effects

The traditional LED display screen is two-dimensional and cannot display three-dimensional visual effects.

The 3D LED display is made of different radians, which can achieve better contrast and HDR high dynamic range, presenting a 3D picture to achieve an immersive experience effect in the scenery in the eyes.

4) Cost

Undoubtedly, the cost of a 3D LED display is higher than that of an ordinary LED display.

All in all, compared with the traditional LED screen, the naked-eye 3D LED display has high requirements for both software and hardware configuration, as well as product specifications and design.

5. What are the differences/difficulties between the software and hardware of the outdoor naked-eye 3D LED display?

In terms of hardware, naked-eye 3D LED displays put more emphasis on detailed images, so they have higher requirements for grayscale, refresh rate, and frame rate. What difficulties will arise in this regard?

1) 3D content production for video ads.

2) The brightness of the 3D LED display can be coordinated with the environment, requiring higher photosensitive elements to adapt to the environment.

3) The 3D LED display installation structure is integrated with the installation scene.

4) Special customization of content and display.

6. What new requirements do outdoor 3D LED screens have for each link of the 3D LED screen industry chain?

If you want a naked-eye 3D LED display with a high refresh rate, high grayscale, high dynamic contrast ratio, curved surface, and display hardware with a high level of video material production, choose a powerful and stable display device for support.

1) It is mainly the brightness and driver IC. 

The poor brightness adjustment and refresh rate will greatly reduce the display if a conventional IC is used; at present, the most used naked-eye 3D LED displays are SMD P5, P6, P8, and P10 products.

 Regarding the brightness of naked-eye 3D displays, during the day, especially at noon in summer, the brightness needs to be ≥6000 to ensure normal viewing. At night, according to the environment, brightness is adjusted.

2) From the perspective of 3D LED display manufacturers.

It is necessary to make efforts in the design of the core control system and products of the 3D LED display, in line with the display effect and high performance of the 3D LED display, the details of which include IC, control system, playback software, and content source creative design and so on.

3) From the perspective of the driver chip of the 3D LED display.

The 3D outdoor display has become the focus of attention today, which has inspired countless audiences to take pictures and punch in. 

Therefore, hardware configuration requirements must be met, 3840Hz high refresh rate, HDR high dynamic contrast, low power consumption driver core, etc.

7. The advantages of naked eye 3D

1) City landmark

We are familiar with the world’s first and currently the world’s largest 3D billboard by the Guinness World Records. It has become a beautiful scenery in Times Square, New York. In addition to the visual shock of the 3D display, it also remembers the unique and prosperous city of New York. 

Nowadays, more and more cities are disseminating urban culture and creative content through 3D naked-eye LED displays, creating unique urban landmarks.

2) ”Viral” propaganda

Immersive three-dimensional spectacular visual effects quickly attract people’s attention, crazy spread, and attention, and massive online attention will bring you offline traffic.

3) Rapidly enhance brand value.

Glasses-free 3D LED displays can bring a lot of traffic, which can quickly build brand awareness to the audience, thereby increasing influence and value.

4) Return on advertising revenue

The higher the influence, the higher the return on advertising revenue, which is why advertisers are more willing to place their ads in densely populated areas on commercial streets, even if the advertising rent is more expensive.

If your place is suitable for installing an LED display, act quickly~

8. Why are 3D digital billboards great for marketing?

Do you need a more attractive and realistic way to promote your business? Why do many people say 3D digital billboards are great for marketing?

The main reason is that 3D digital billboards can provide a stunning visual experience, adding depth of content that static images lack.

Marketing is a systematic project, and there are four main links to support the entire marketing system.

  • The first part: The product

  • The second part: How to make money

  • The third part: Sales channels

  • Fourth part: Communication Channels

3D digital billboards are the third and fourth marketing links; the company will face a survival crisis if any link has a problem. Therefore, it is very important to choose effective communication and sales channels.

1) Sales channel

The huge LED screen displays the QR code; you only need to scan the code to place an order or receive coupons and other sales channels, breaking the traditional sales method, without memorizing the phone number on the billboard or taking a photo with your mobile phone.

2) Communication channel: 

A 3D LED display screen provides a pause and a beautiful moment in people’s daily life, which is very suitable for building brand awareness. 

3D special effects provide a better audience retention rate, and the conveyed brand details are more in place and vivid.

9. How much does a naked-eye 3D-led display cost?

Unlike ordinary LED displays, naked-eye 3D displays require specific customized installation scenarios and screens. 

The price will naturally be higher than normal LED displays; for example, the price difference in driver ICs is about 31-5%.

If you’re asking about 3D. How much is the LED display?

We need to decide on the screen’s size, location, specifications, and content.

 The following is a reference budget. 

But these budgets are not included, considering each country’s different consumption, installation, advertising content production, etc..

Here, we list the following main factors for you:

1) Screen Specifications

  • Dimensions

The larger the size, the higher the cost of the LED billboard.

For an indoor 3D LED display, the size should be more than 3 square meters, while the outdoor 3D billboard needs to be more than 100 square meters, and the height from the ground should not exceed 10 meters.

  • Protection level

For indoor 3D displays, the protection level is lower because it is less affected by the environment. 

In general, the protection level standard of outdoor LED displays is IP65. If the environment is very harsh, you need to increase IP66 or IP68; the higher the protection level, The higher the production cost, the higher the production cost.

  • Visual performance

This is the most intuitive test and the key. 

It mainly focuses on brightness, contrast, and grayscale, which directly affect the display effect of the LED display.

In short, the high quality and brand requirements of the electronic components of the LED display are required, and the cost will be high, but we recommend that you choose a stable and reliable, not too cheap.

2) Production of 3D content

  • Video complexity

This depends on your advertising content. 

The 3D effect of the LED display mainly comes from the 3D content.

The more complex the ad content, the higher the production cost, especially in detail.

  • Duration time

The length of your ad, and the longer it is, the more expensive it will be to produce.

Under normal circumstances, the production of the video is charged per frame, so what is a “frame”? One minute = 60 seconds, and 1 second = 60 frames, so 2 minutes and 6 minutes of advertising time are different, and the production costs are very different.

  • Production complexity

When the factory receives your design requirements, it needs to customize all aspects of the product. 

Usually, our production is divided into 5 steps:

1) Customer advertising needs

# Production plan

# Create content

# Fix the matching LED screen

# Complete the acceptance of finished products.

The specific official production period is as follows:

Static picture – dynamic picture, picture detail – LED scene restoration – three-dimensional scene – task, product animation – rendering output – post-synthesis – finished product output – complete video correction – upload picture

10. How does a naked-eye 3D-led billboard increase your profits in a short time?

In recent years, with the maturity of naked-eye 3D technology, the application scenarios of the technology are gradually broadening. 

Immersive and three-dimensional advertising forms have increased the conversion rate of brands by more than 40%, and 3D advertising is also involved. 

What kind of magic is it? So many advertisers and electronics manufacturers want one or more 3D LED displays at any cost.

Next, we will reveal why 3D LED displays are influential in increasing your business profits!

1) Influencer effect

Good LED display advertising content is a win-win situation. 

On the one hand, influencers have their own traffic from fans, vigorously promoting brand awareness on billboards and among the public; on the other hand, the visual display effect of 3D LED displays brings a new experience, which makes the audience’s eyes shine and gets more attention.

For example, the “Wave” of the 3D naked-eye LED display on the roof of SM Town in Seoul, South Korea, the “big water tank” ridiculed by countless netizens, and the Coca-Cola billboard in Times Square.

2) A more engaging way to advertise

Since 2020, 3D naked-eye advertising display has become one of the most attractive advertising methods. It has become an advertising trend in the United States, Japan, South Korea, China, and other countries. 

If you are in a region that has not yet started or has little use, you might as well try a naked-eye 3D display. Whoever enters the brand market first will be the winner.

3) Stimulate user engagement

Nowadays, 2D LED displays are very common. 

Without excellent creativity and marketing advertisements, it isn’t easy to establish brand awareness in the audience’s mind. 

At present, the naked eye 3D LED display can quickly attract the audience’s attention and have a high participation rate.

4) Generate more revenue

Many people give up because of the high investment in LED displays, but people with a long-term vision will soon find that because of the uniqueness of advertising methods and the characteristics of their traffic, they can exert the influence of advertising to more than 83%. , which will make more companies willing to advertise, and they only need to wait for a period of time to make a return.

11. 13 Key points for making a successful outdoor giant 3D naked eye display

1) enough pixels to create rich image detail

2) Need a more professional codec

3) Brightness should be greater than 6000nits

4) Customizable LED Display Cabinets

5) The monitor must achieve a better contrast ratio and HDR high dynamic range.

6) Advanced HDR Technology

7) Displays need the art of screen structure modeling

8) Best viewing distance and range

9) As light as possible, easy to install and maintain

10) More power and energy saving

11) Robust and reliable even in harsh outdoor environments

12) Integration with the surrounding built environment

13) Excellent video material

12. Application of 3D led screen

In many scenarios, 3D screens can perfectly display video content in places where people gather to achieve commercial purposes.

3D LED display is not only suitable for outdoors but also very suitable indoors; the application is very wide and mainly depends on your commercial use:

1) Business district center

2) Dooh or old building revolution

3) museum exhibits

4) High-speed rail, airport lobby

5) Exhibitions and events

6) Conference room, high-end hotel

7) Exploratorium with the mobile experience

8) Film and anchor industry

13. What are the limitations of 3D led screens in commercial applications?

3D led display is well worth your investment, but there are still some limitations to consider, such as:

1) The production cost of 3D content is high, and the price is mentioned in the third chapter of this article.

2) The led display screen is customized according to the 3D content; the 3D content needs to adapt to the screen’s shape, size, viewing angle, and other parameters, which will cause a problem. What if other display content is played? Will it be a good performance? It’s a question worth thinking about it.

3) The commercial value of creativity is often connected with new media advertising planning companies; how to create a visual feast that combines art and creativity is very important.

14.11 of the most stunning 3D advertising examples

1) Coca-Cola 3D billboard times square

In 2017, a nearly 100-year-old billboard in Times Square, New York’s Manhattan neighborhood, completed its “perfect transformation” and was upgraded to a “3D robot” advertising installation, which won two Guinness World Records, namely: “The Largest 3D Robot Billboard” and “The First 3D Robot Billboard”.

6th Floor High Floor LED Display: The display consists of 1760 independently moving LED modules that scale seamlessly to bring dimension, texture, and motion to still, video, and 3D content, so its 3D vision is more than just 3D video content and removable programmable LED modules.


In April 2019, the d’strict introduced a 30M*7M (Horizontal*Vertical size) LED display project, depicting NEXEN TIER’s infinite potential, “The Infinity Wall” in Nexen’s New R&D Center Lobby in Seoul, “Nexen UniverCity”.

When the flat LED display is transformed into a 3D space, the company’s core value and business philosophy are told through the “story mode”. Due to this unique display, the company’s brand instantly impressed people.

3) 3D Army of the Dead Zombie Tiger

A 20-meter-tall 3D zombie tiger has appeared in Piccadilly Circus, London, UK. The video content was produced by Netflix, the world’s leading media entertainment service, in celebration of director Zack Snyder’s new blockbuster “The release of Legion of the Dead.

The promotion of a new movie requires not only a high audience coverage but also the trailer must be attractive enough to trigger the audience to buy tickets to watch it. It is a good way to use new marketing and publicity.

4) 新宿の猫の新バージョン

In July 2021, a 3D giant tricolor cat appeared on an outdoor billboard in Shinjuku, Japan. Its real and lazy sleeping posture and cute appearance deeply captured the audience’s hearts, he number of broadcasts reached 300,000 overnight, and it has now exceeded 4 million.

3D LED display + cute cat, this group is the perfect combination of traffic code.

5) Public Media Art “Whale #2” by d’strict

In July 2021, the digital media art team d’strict under d’strict created new works, “Waterfall – NYC” and “Whale #2,” after months of preparation, which will be launched at One Times Square in Times Square.

d’strict boldly challenged and linked four vertical LED screens, occupying a large screen space of 1,400 square meters on the facade of the New York Marriott Hotel, presenting the most realistic naked-eye 3D effect. In the creation, whales represent the complex world. The eternal power passed on.

“When tenacious human beings begin to understand the profound meaning of coexistence with the epidemic, the world is gradually recovering its energy in pain relief.” 

The visual shock and the thematic content are deeply rooted in the people’s hearts, and “Whale #2” spreads its strength to the world.

6) Pubilc Media Art “Waterfall-NYC” by d’strict

From the original website design and production company to a creative design company using multimedia, D’strict has designed many very creative and impressive works. In July 2021, he created a public media art called “Waterfall-NYC” work.

Installed on the exterior of Times Square, Waterfall-NYC uses four vertical LED screens for a tower height of 102.5 meters, instantly becoming an iconic building of the city, creating a convincing and amazing.

7) Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Outdoor 3D Video Ad: A New Year Tiger

Samsung launched a 3D video ad to celebrate the Galaxy series, dubbed the “Cool Tiger” the 3D LED display is more detailed, and the tiger’s majesty and expression are interpreted very realistically, The determination to break the stereotype.

As a South Korean multinational manufacturing group, Samsung has a long-term brand marketing vision. As of 2020, Samsung has the eighth highest brand value in the world, and a naked-eye 3D LED display is a very popular marketing method, allowing more people to understand the Galaxy series.

8) Final Fantasy Vll Remake Intergrade—Red XIII 3D Billboard Video

The 3D LED display was broadcast in Omotesando, Tokyo, Japan. The promotion is to hope that more players will participate in the game and attract players’ attention. The 3D visual effects fill the tension in the game and have a witty and exciting style.

The game is not only unconventional in advertising but also undergoes large-scale reforms in the game itself in terms of vision, gameplay, and story, which has aroused the excitement of many players.

9) Giant 3D dog leaps across Tokyo billboards

In July 2022, in the bustling Shibuya district of Tokyo, Japan, a huge 3D billboard Akita dog excited pedestrians. This is another exciting 3D video after Japan’s 3D Shinjuku “Cute Cat” and 3D Shinjuku Moe; the difference between cats is that this 3D Akita dog jumps and plays Frisbee on different LED displays, adding more vitality and realism.

This video reached over 2 million views on YouTube just 2 months after it was released, and it has continued to grow. People feel kind and happy about this creative and Japanese national dog.

10) Times Square 3D Billboard —House of the Dragon(HBO)

In New York’s bustling Times Square, every 3D ad on display is stunning; not long ago, on August 13, HBO brought one of the most ferocious dragons, Karax, to the upcoming series “House of the Dragon” Come to Times Square. LG large 3D billboard.

While the story is just over 20 seconds long, it highlights how scary and dangerous the dragon is, looking like it’s spitting fire from the building. It triggered viewers to play and watch like crazy; in 3 days Tik Tok views were over 273,000, and now YouTube views are over 800,000 and still growing.

11) Pubilc Media Art “WAVE” by d’strict

This is an outdoor 3D naked-eye LED display in the COEX block of Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

“Wave” In addition to the realistic waves in front of them, D’strict also specially added audio equipment to create the sound of waves on the seaside.

The work “Wave” in 2021, the digital media artwork “WAVE” stood out among 9509 works and won the gold award of the IF Award of the German Design Award with the highest score.

Today, the number of views on Youtube has exceeded 3 million, and TikTok is higher.

15. Future of 3D led display

The glass-free 3D LED display is a new commercial application that brings traditional outdoor media into a new era.

The combination of 3D LED display technology and installation art is the ultimate combination, providing a novel visual experience.

The future development trend is:

  • The related 3D LED display will be developed with a smaller pitch, higher-definition images, and more diverse screen shapes and will be integrated with other public art and even natural landscapes.

  • The core display control system of the 3D LED display has been improved with more stable and better picture quality enhancement technology.

  • Outdoor 3D LED displays will be popularized, and more excellent cases will emerge in the future.

  • Outdoor 3D LED display technology has been improved, no longer just relying on 3D video effects and multi-sided screens but directly using the visual effects of screen hardware to show more detailed 3D display effects.

  • Combined with other LED technologies, such as AR, VR, and holographic projection technology, to realize new application scenarios and creative content, create a deep sense of space and immersive visual experience, and bring a more intense vision to the audience shock.

  • More accepted and loved by the audience.

All in all, the development of 3D LED displays will pay more attention to the combination of visual effects and other technologies, expand more industries and services, and display content will be diversified and creative.

In conclusion:

Kim Gnatt, group director of business strategy for Coca-Cola North America with a long-term vision, said: ‘from the beginning, our brief was to create a pause-and-refresh moment in the crowded environment of Times Square. Our proprietary 3D technology brings our iconic brands to life in a unique and differentiated way that will hopefully catch people’s attention and make them want to engage for a longer period.”

Therefore, the Coca-Cola brand has created a new immersive world in the next ten years. If you want to improve your brand in an instant quickly, you can try the 3D LED display; the sooner, the better!

If you have any questions about the 3D LED display, you can leave a message below or email us directly, and I will answer you as soon as possible.

You are also welcome to discuss this in the comment area. 

What do you think of the 3D LED display in the next ten years?

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