P4.81 Outdoor LED Screen&P4 Pole LED Screen to Germany

1. Product of details:

P4.81Outdoor LED Screen

Pixel Pitch: 4.81mm

LEDs: Nationstar

Cabinet size: 1000mm(w)x500mm(h)

Module size: 250x250mm

The total number of cabinet: 1pc

Cabinet material: Sheet metal aluminum

Control system: Novastar

Supply power: Meanwell

Maintenance way: Front Access

Package: Wooden Case

Shipping destination:  Germany

2. Key features:

  • Customized Cabinet Size and Design
  • Waterproof with IP65
  • Wide View Angle
  • Brightness: Up to 6500
  • Refresh Rate(Hz): >1920

3. Application:

It is used for outdoor commercial places, supermarkets, shopping malls, banks, hotels, etc.

1.Product of details:

P4 Pole LED Screen

Pixel Pitch: 4mm.   

LEDs: Nationstar.

Cabinet size: 640mm(w)x1280mm(h).

Module Size: 320x160mm.

The total number of cabinet: 1pc.

Cabinet material: Sheet metal aluminum.

Control system: Novastar

Maintenance Way: Back Access.

Package: Wooden Case.

Shipping destination:  Germany.

2.Key features:

  • The biggest feature of the LED poster screen can be wirelessly controlled through mobile 4G, WIFI and other ways to play video and other dynamic advertising LED display.


It is used for High-speed train, airport, Sales will, education, hotel, mobile phone shop, Auto 4S shops, etc.

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