Outdoor advertising screen
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Outdoor LED Display

Key features

1. Pixel pitch: 3.33/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 8/ 10.

2. Brightness: 5500-8500nits/m2.

3. Material: Steel/ Aluminum.

4. IP rate: IP65 front, IP54 back.

5. Maintenance way: Front/ back service

6. Application: Outdoor commercial place, supermarket, shopping mall, bank, hotel, etc.

Recently done project


1. Pixel pitch: 10mm.

2. Screen Size: 2.88m(W) x 5.12m(H).

3. Maintenance way: Front service.

4. Destination: Sweden.

5. Application: Outdoor LED advertising billboard.

Outdoor LED Display Specifications

LED TypeN/ASMD1921SMD1921SMD2727SMD3535SMD3535SMD3535DIP346
Pixel Pitchmm3.3345681010
Ingress ProtectionIPIP65 front/ IP54 back
Viewing Distancein/meter131/3.33158/4196/5236/6315/8394/10394/10
Driving TypeScan1/121/81/81/81/41/21/4
Module Dimensionin/mm12.6×6.3/ 320×16010×51/ 256×12812.6×6.3/ 320×1607.56×7.56/ 192×19210×51/ 256×12812.6×6.3/ 320×1606.3×6.3/ 160×160
Module PixelPixel96×4864×3264×3232×3232×1632×1616×16
Cabinet Dimensionin/mmCustomized/ Multiply by the size of led modules
Cabinet ResolutionPixelCustomized/ Multiply by the resolution of led modules
Module MaintenanceN/AFront/ Back access
Cabinet MaterialN/ASteel/ Aluminum
Cabinet WeightKG55/ 45KG/m2
Refresh rateHz1920/3840
Digital ProcessingBit14/16
Gray ScaleLevel16384
Color TemperatureDeg.K4,500-8,500 Adjustable
Brightness ControlN/A255
Contrast RatioN/A4000:1
Viewing Angle HDeg.140
Viewing Angle VDeg.140
AC SperationVAC90~264
Power Consumption(Max/Avg)W/m2800/250 ( Estimate )
Storage Tem.F/C-4 ~ 140F/-20C ~ +60C
Storage HumidityRH10% ~ 85%
Operating Tem.F/C-4F ~ 140F/-20C ~ +60
Operating HumidityRH10% ~ 85%
Lift time(50% brightness)Hour100,000
Installation TypeN/AFixed
Control ModeN/AVideo Sync

Outdoor LED Display Price

Outdoor LED Display: The Ultimate Guide

You are going to learn very deeply of outdoor LED display in 10 chapters.

Chapter 1: What is an outdoor LED display?

Outdoor LED display, as the new favorite of future outdoor display and advertising media, is widely used for media display, information release, traffic guidance, creative display, etc.

The area of outdoor LED display screens is generally from ten square meters to a hundred square meters.

It can work directly in the sun, wide view angle, and has certain functions of preventing wind, rain, and water.

It makes money by display dynamic advertising such as video content advertising.

Chapter 2: Who needs an outdoor LED display?

1. Shopping Advertising

2. Commercial Companies

3. Public Institutions

Buy outdoor LED display screens can make almost any business profit by attracting traffic through outdoor LED display advertising.

This is even more the case in a crowded environment.

Outdoor advertising LED display is a superstar to attract the viewers compare with the traditional static billboard by playing dynamic video advertisement content.

If you own a large advertising company, then you must have a large outdoor LED display screens.

Any empty facade or wall can be used to install an outdoor advertising LED display.

Then, the normal facade will become the best way to promote products, services, and any relevant information after becoming outdoor advertising LED display.

Chapter 3: Features of outdoor LED display

Installing outdoor advertising LED displays requires two challenges.

First of all, outdoor advertising LED displays must be mature in any environmental condition: rain, snow, wind, heat, etc.

And, under the condition of daylight, it must be bright enough to display the advertisement content perfectly.

Feature 1: High brightness outdoor LED display

Brightness is a basic feature because outdoor LED displays can be seen clearly, even in direct sunlight during the day.

However, the brightness must be readjusted at night as it poses a danger to pedestrians and drivers.

The outdoor LED display provided by BIBI LED can realize the function of automatic brightness adjustment.

During the day, the outdoor led display will automatically adjust to high brightness to adapt to working during the daytime, and it will automatically adjust to low brightness to suit working during night time.

To protect the safety of drivers and pedestrians and to properly play the outdoor LED display advertising content.

Feature 2: Anti-wind and waterproof Outdoor LED display

Our outdoor waterproof LED display is not only resistant to rain, but also resistant to high and low temperatures.

The surface of our outdoor waterproof LED display uses waterproof lamp beads and electronic waterproof glue, and the backside uses

waterproof rear doors and cooling system.

Therefore, no water can enter the outdoor waterproof LED display and damage the electrical components, and in outdoor high-temperature environments, the cooling system will make the temperature down.

BIBI LED uses a high-end design to ensure that our outdoor waterproof LED display can be used for 7/24 hours.

Feature 3: Energy-saving outdoor LED display board

Outdoor LED display is mainly used to play outdoor advertising by power.

But if the power consumption is too high, it will increase operating costs.

The outdoor LED display board produced by BIBI LED uses the technology to reduce power consumption.

As a result, you can save a lot of money and resources to increase revenue.

Chapter 4: Installation of outdoor LED display signs

There are special requirements for installing outdoor LED display signs.

Considering the safety of installing outdoor LED display signs outside, you will need to apply for a permit from the government first.

Specific application methods need to refer to local regulations.

Outdoor LED display screens are generally from ten to several hundred squares, which requires using professional tools.

And the structure used to hold LED displays outdoor.

Therefore, we will recommend you to find a professional installation company to assist you with the installation.

After the LED displays outdoor are installed, we will provide remote technical support to teach you how to use it.

It’s very simple. 

Anyone can learn it in a short time.

Chapter 5: How to control an outdoor display LED?

Outdoor LED displays are usually used for advertising.

Therefore, his installation location is generally in a high traffic area.

And most of the outdoor display LED installation positions are very high.

In this case, we recommend using the cloud system to achieve an unlimited distance publishing method.

For example, you can change the outdoor LED screen content in China by the cloud system while the Outdoor LED screen in the United States or Canada.

We can use any computer with a network to log in to the cloud system to change outdoor LED display advertising content.

And you can control multiple outdoor LED displays by using one computer.

Chapter 6: How to make outdoor LED display advertising content?

Outdoor LED displays can attract a lot of attention because they can play videos or pictures.

However, just ordinary video content is not enough to attract more attention.

You need to make something more exciting and fresh, and this is the key.

We suggest that you can find a company that specializes in video content production and tell him outdoor LED displays

Width and height pixels, from which they can make dot by dot ads based on the pixels you provide.

Chapter 7: How much is the outdoor LED display?

The outdoor LED display price is mainly according to different pixel pitch and size.

The reference of outdoor LED display prices are as follows:

$9,950 for P10 SMD outdoor LED display 5.76 x.2.88m

$33,180 for P10 SMD outdoor LED display 9.6 x 5.76m

$132,710 for P10 SMD outdoor LED display 19.2 x 11.52m

Of course, this one on the upper side is just a reference.

The outdoor LED display price also needs to be based on different materials.

You can get the latest outdoor LED display China prices by contacting us.

Chapter 8: The Advantage of outdoor advertising LED display?

-1. The form of advertising

It can display dynamic advertising content, like the videos.

The outdoor advertising LED display can attract more traffic than a traditional static billboard.

The traditional static billboard is only able to show the pictures and text, and lack of creativity, people easy to forget.

-2. Release time long

Outdoor LED display advertising can work during all weather environment, and also 24 hours a day.

-3. Flexible charge

The customer can post their advertisement only for one month or two months.

It makes the customer have more traffic with lower prices, and the owner of an outdoor LED video display could have more profit, because a short time, higher cost compare in one month.

-4. Long using life

The life of an outdoor LED video display is always over 3-5 years; longer using life means you could make money in a long time without invest.

Chapter 9: What do you need to prepare before asking the outdoor LED display price?

There is some basic information on the outdoor advertising LED display you need to know.

And when you are asking the outdoor LED display price from an outdoor LED display manufacturer, you have to prepare the following information.

-1. What is the size of the outdoor LED display you need? Width and Height?

-2. Provide the pictures or videos of the outdoor LED display installation

-3. When do you need to finish the installation of an outdoor LED display?

After that, an outdoor LED display China supplier could offer you the best outdoor LED display solution.

Chapter 10: FAQ?

Q1. What is the leading time of outdoor LED display?

A1: The leading time is 15-20 working days; we do have the stock ready to ship sometimes.

Q2. How do I make the payment?

A2: We will offer you our company bank account ( SHENZHEN BIBI LED CO LTD ), the currency USD, Hongkong Dollar, Euro, Pound, Australian dollar, yen, Canadian dollar, Swiss franc, Singapore dollar, New Zealand dollar, and RMB.

Q3. What is the payment term? Could I receive the product before the payment?

A3: The payment term is 30% T/T and 100% T/T before the shipment. We do not accept delay payment.

Q4. How do I receive the outdoor LED display?

A4: We could arrange the shipment to your country port or door to door service.

Q5. What shall I do if I can not find you after the payment?

A5: You could easy to find any of us on social media anytime. We will reply you in 24 hours.

Q6. Will it be very complicated to import an outdoor LED display from China?

A6: We are very experienced in exporting an outdoor LED screen to the overseas market, we could share the information about the import issue. So it is not so difficult.

Q7. What is the warranty you offer?

A7: We will offer two years basic warranty for our outdoor LED display, and 5% extra cost for any additional year warranty, max is five years.

Q8. What is the difference between buying an outdoor LED display from China or bought an outdoor LED display from local?

A8: Almost 90% of outdoor LED display is made in China, so, the outdoor LED display price is better if you buy outdoor LED display from China.

But you could get better after-sales service from a local outdoor LED display supplier.

Q9. Where can I have the latest outdoor LED display price and solution?

A9: Please go to the link: https://www.bibiled.com/contact-us/, and leave your information, we will contact with you in 24 hours.