Outdoor LED Display Screen: Features And Benefits


With the continuous progress of the urban construction process, outdoor LED displays are increasingly used as the media’s advertising carrier, bringing a certain improvement to the city and flexible and changeable advertising forms. For example, the recent outdoor 3D naked-eye display advertising crazy retweets and likes worldwide.

So what kind of charm does an outdoor LED screen have? It has always been the best choice for advertising and the favorite of investors.

As a manufacturer of LED display screens for 7 years, explain the features and benefits of outdoor LED displays for you.

1. What is an outdoor LED display?

Outdoor LED displays usually appear in outdoor media and is mainly used for outdoor advertising.

Did you see it; there will be him where there are advertisements. Outdoor LED displays are on the roofs of buildings and in front of commercial districts, roadsides, traffic links, etc., where advertisements need to be displayed.

The area of outdoor LED displays is generally tens of square meters to hundreds of square meters or even larger. It can work in sunlight with high brightness and large viewing angle and has specific functions of being windproof, rainproof, and waterproof.

2. Features of outdoor LED display

1) The high degree of protection:

Especially in coastal cities, the steel structure of outdoor LED displays has a solid foundation, wind load, waterproof, moisture-proof, and many other factors, and is generally protected at IP65 or above, thereby prolonging the display life and enhancing reliability.

2) High brightness

In order to ensure the display effect, the outdoor LED display needs to adjust the brightness according to the outdoor changes. The outdoor LED display can reach up to 7500mcd/m²; even under the glare of the sun, the display is still very clear.

3) Large viewing angle:

The outdoor viewing angle can be greater than 120 degrees.

The size of the LED display can be customized, and the best size can be given according to your installation location. The large one can reach several thousand square meters, and the small one can get less than one square meter.

4) Long life:

Strong environmental resistance, the LED cabinet has the characteristics of wind and moisture resistance and is designed with safety grounding and leakage prevention equipment, heat dissipation capacity, and under the appropriate current and voltage, the service life of the LED can reach 100,000 hours. 

(Specifically, you need to refer to the place where you installed it, the frequency of use, the material of the LED display, the impact of post-maintenance, etc.)

5) Easy to interface with the computer, rich support software:

The outdoor LED display can directly access standard video, audio, and other network equipment and has strong compatibility.

3. The value of outdoor LED display

1) Marketing value

Outdoor LED displays are generally installed in the city’s core areas, such as central business circles, traffic arteries, etc. These areas often gather a large number of people. The dynamic and clear display of outdoor LEDs can quickly attract many audiences’ attention. , especially now that the display of outdoor advertisements has been upgraded, 3D naked eyes have become one of the most popular advertising methods. 

LED displays make advertisements novel and exciting, meaning they have higher marketing value.

2) Spread value

In 2021, a 3D cat on an outdoor billboard in Japan, because of the three-dimensional realism and cuteness of the displayed picture, only had more than 300,000 views on YouTube overnight, and what’s more, it took a long distance to take a plane Go to the scene to see the style.

This is the value of communication. In today’s global Internet age, creative advertising content and LED high-definition display very easily attract people’s attention, and they cannot help but share it with their friends and family, as well as major social platforms.

3) Creative value

LED display allows more creativity to be brought into full play and can be combined with 3D glasses-free, AR, VR, and holographic projection technologies to realize new creative content.

D’strict’s visual creative display has made the company famous, and many first-line luxury brands have requested cooperation to create creative and innovative advertising solutions for the brand.

Creativity is like a talented dancing girl who needs the stage of LED display to show her talent and graceful dance to everyone, which is also a platform for creativity.

4) Scenario value

With the maturity of the production process of outdoor LED display screens, more and more functions are realized, from the initial advertising display to entertainment and cultural dissemination, so that more and more application scenarios are available.

As early as 7 years ago, more than 90% of LED display screens were used to display advertising functions. 

Now it has developed into public media and cultural promotion, such as park theme construction, city landmarks, immersive experience, 3D naked eyes, and other application scenarios.

5) Brand value

The combination of communication and creativity achieves brand value, and outdoor LED displays can do just that; the form of information conveyed by the LED display is superior to other outdoor media.

At the same time, the high-end and texture of the outdoor LED display itself also endows the advertising brand and products with a “big brand” image. The larger the city center, the more it can display its brand value.

In conclusion:

The above are the features and benefits of outdoor LED displays. If you have any questions about outdoor LED displays, you can leave a message below or email us; we will be happy to answer for you.

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