Top 10 LED Display Screen Suppliers to South Africa

Are you looking for the best-LED display supplier in South Africa?

LED display screens make any business promotion more efficient and widely popular worldwide, so the demand has become huge.

Because of the high LED screen price, buyers need more professional LED display solutions.

When faced with many South African LED display manufacturers and suppliers, making the right decision will be challenging and difficult to evaluate.

Which supplier is a true professional and trustworthy for your business needs.

Therefore, we have explored various aspects such as product specialty, company size, and year of establishment: the list of the 10 most trusted LED display suppliers in South Africa for your reference.

(This article is regardless of the ranking)

1. Prismaflex International

  • Established Year: 1988

  • Tel: +27 11 823 5009

  • Fax: +27 11 823 5009 Glen Cowling

  • Website:

  • Address: 4 Herman Pieters Street,

    Hughes Boksburg 1459South Africa Gauuteng

Prismaflex was established in 1988, and Prismaflex in South Africa was established in 2000. This brand is one of the best-developed LED display suppliers in South Africa and the only true digital printer supplier globally.

The R&D department specializes in printing and is also an industrial manufacturer of advertising displays (LED screens and classic screens).

With 30 years of experience, it provides 350 employees, 200 products, 40 patents, and 10 subsidiaries for professionals in advertising, mass retail, POP, and municipalities.

2. Polycomp (PTY )Ltd.

  • Established Year: 1985

  • Tel: +011 608 2770

  • Website:

  • Address: 5A Fountain Road Eastleigh, Edenvale Gauteng, South Africa

Founded in 1985, Polycomp is a dynamic and fast-growing company whose products are widely used in the manufacturing, finance, advertising, travel, transportation, sports, and entertainment sectors

There are agents in Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States. They are currently establishing a market in South America.

They are planning to increase their market share in Europe and the Middle East. More than 50% of the products are exported. The integrity of the brand is extremely high. The quality products rank among the best-LED display screen suppliers in South Africa.

3. Skyco Media Technologies

  • Established Year: 2015

  • Tel: +27 11 026 7018 / +27 82 833 8881 / +17 72 700 3383

  • Email: [email protected]

  • Website:

  • Address: Unit 8, Rambo Junxion,400 Roan Crescent, Corporate Park North, Midrand Johannesburg, South Africa

Skyco media technologies were established in 2015 and are headquartered in Midland, Johannesburg, and have branches in Cape Town and Durban.

Skyco started as a small start-up company and has won praise from many customers along the way, which has enabled the company to grow rapidly.

4. Public Display Technologies South Africa

  • Established Year: 2003

  • Tel: +27(86) 112 3738

  • Email: [email protected]

  • Website:

  • Address: Block F Unit 57, Wild Fig Business park,1494 Cranberry St, Honeydew, Roodepoort,2040, South Africa

PDF was established in 2003 and is headquartered in Randburg, Johannesburg. With the company’s rapid development, PDT has also appeared in the southern and central regions of Africa. PDT relies on the average network of various South African retailers to operate normally at many points.

More than 98% of the time in the market-leading position, so PDT has perfectly established and maintained a network of digital media solutions.

The company initially focused on digital display technology and its applications in vertical fields in the corporate, retail, mining, and industrial sectors and is one of the most cost-effective suppliers of led billboards in South Africa.

5. Alive Advertising

  • Established Year: 1996

  • Tel: +011 440 1808

  • Email: [email protected]

  • Whatsapp: +082 775 4890

  • Website:

  • Address: 173 corset Drive, Johannesburg, South Africa

Founded in 1996, Alive established the first outdoor advertising electronic screen in South Africa. With the great success of the first outdoor billboard, it became a pioneer supplier of LED displays screen in South Africa.

Alive Advertising has more than 60 advertising networks throughout South Africa, from TZANEEN to UPINGTON, UMTATA to KIMBERLY, GAUTENG to DURBAN, and CAPE TOWN. Its national footprint attracts customers from all walks of life to 4.5 million viewers every day.

6. Stella vista Technologies Limited

  • Established Year: 1994

  • Tel: +27 11 466 2020

  • Email: [email protected]

  • Website:

  • Address: 62 Kyalami Boulevard, Kyalami Business Park, Halfway House, South Africa

Stellavista was established in 1994. The company was originally stardust electronics and was renamed Stella Vista when it was listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in June 1999.

StellaVista’s mission is to meet all visual communication needs and long-term solutions to illuminate the communication field-from small message board systems to giant multi-functional video screens in the sports, business, entertainment, and transportation markets;

StellaVista looks to be the most promising in South Africa Supplier of LED displays.

7. HD Media PTY LTD.

  • Established Year: 2015

  • Tel: +27 11 516 0001

  • Email: [email protected]

  • Website:

  • Address: HD Media H.O. 273 Pendoring Rd, Northcliff, Johannesburg, South Africa

The founder of HD Media founded the company in 2015. Today, HD Media provides services to many of the largest advertising companies in South Africa, installing more than 4,000 square meters of space in high-definition LED displays.

The company’s accomplishments are impressive. It is a pioneer in LED aluminum cabinets. It also installed nine fine pixels LED displays using advanced fiber-optic network technology.


  • Established Year: 2005

Cape Town

  • Tel: +27 (0)21 180 4888

  • Email: [email protected]

  • Website:

  • Address: Unit 60&62, Block F, Kara place, The Grove Business Park Paardekraal Close, The Interchange Somerset West, 7110


  • Tel: +27 (0)11 312 4194

  • Address:  Unit 1 Rambo Junxion Roan Crescent, Corporate Park North Midrand


  • Tel: +27 (0)31 569 3378

  • Address: Unit 1 West, Riverside Business Park 74 Prince Umhlangane Road Riverhorse Valley, KZN

One Digital Media was established in 2005. The founder has accumulated valuable experience in Siemens business services. The company has offices in Durban, Johannesburg, and Cape Town, providing a wide range of digital signage solutions.

One Digital Media’s supermarkets, courtyards, and bars in South Africa provide brands with numerous unparalleled advertising networks, allowing them to attract customers through their popularity.

9. Visual Advertising

  • Established Year: 2008

  • Tel: +043 731 2876

  • Email: [email protected]

  • Website:

  • Address: 27 Jackson Street, West Bank, East London,5201, South Africa

Visual Advertising was established in 2008 and had 10 outdoor digital screens in Eastern Cape Town. It also represents the subway project in the Buffalo City Government and the Umzimvubu Municipal Council for daily management.

Visual Advertising has also installed outdoor static billboards in East London and Maha and its surrounding areas. Visual Advertising has more than 200 local and national clients placing advertisements on its screens every month.

10. Power Screens

  • Established Year: 2008

Contact cape town office:

  • Tel:+082 782 4346

Contact Gauteng office:

  • Tel:+072 229 8784

Power Screens was founded in 2008. After being inspired by China’s LED displays, the company realized a vast potential market for LED displays in South Africa.

The company can provide comprehensive services and a complete digital signage network. The main products and services include: LED display screen, trailer-mounted mobile electronic display board, indoor LED display screen, outdoor LED display screen, LED screen technical support, graphic design, and so on.


The above is our list of the top 10 LED screen suppliers in South Africa. You don’t have to waste time and wrong suppliers through this list, significantly improving your business efficiency,get a quick overview of LED screen prices in South Africa!

The South African market is one of our bibiled company’s development strategies.

If you want to develop the LED display industry in the long term, choosing a Chinese LED display manufacturer is a good choice.

We have stable and long-term production and have advanced technology production equipment so that quality can be assured.

The following is an LED display case of bibiled South Africa:

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  1. It quite difficult to understand which of these companies has an interest in developing upcoming and young businesses especially when that business perceived to be a competitor.

    However, I am interested in purchasing an LED for my new company.

  2. A better company than all listed above is Stardust Media SA. A led screen supplier who provides the best prices in SOUTH Africa. Their quality is top notch and they are far overtaking many other suppliers.

    For far too long led suppliers in South Africa had monopoly and charged exorbitant prices, now Stardust Media has come along and will beat any price. Contact them

    Stardust Media uses luminex screens, a proudly South African company yes

  3. May I have your email address? we are the creative led display manufacturer, if you want led display, we could supply.

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