LED Poster screen: give customers a “reason to buy.” |New products on the market.

With the rise of e-commerce, offline stores are facing a variety of impacts; most businesses are facing at least one of the following problems:

1. advertising expenses did not improve store profitability;

2. customer arrival rate did not improve;

3. customers enter the store but do not spend;

4. excellent product design in exchange for customer recognition;

5. a large number of flyers and posters, but the effect is mediocre.

Merchants struggle to solve the numbers at every turn, but it’s like a progress bar that never goes up to 99%, just missing the last 1%.

And it’s that insignificant 1% that determines marketing success or failure.

The reason behind this is generally: in the key aspects of advertising and marketing, the failure to use visual, acoustic, perceptual and other multi-sensory stimulation, so that customers have the motivation to “want to buy.”

BIBILED has launched a new creative “LED poster screen” to meet the needs of shops and users.

It has the following characteristics.

Ultra High Definition Picture Quality.

P2.5, P2, P1.75 small pitch LED screens to choose from, ultra-high-resolution offers more creative possibilities.

LED Poster Screen design for the interior.

The Poster LED screen will provide a high grayscale with unobtrusive low brightness and a fine, rich layering—no eye damage, more stunning.

Multiple flexible installation methods are suitable for different scenarios.

Hanging, hanging, upright, and many other ways to make the space design can make a big difference.

Self-sounding, seamless LED screen.

The “LED poster screen” allows product advertising ideas to appear in front of you, but not just in front of you.

What’s its biggest selling point?

Why do you have to choose?

(a) Extremely light, less than the thickness of a coat button diameter, and weighing less than 30kg, it’s a breeze to handle alone.

(b) Smart remote control, one phone, one-touch operation, wireless control.

The machine is shipped as a whole and is ready to be plugged in for use upon receipt.

In malls, shops, showrooms, conferences, cinemas.

Own it, bloom it, visually capture it, impress the customer.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.

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