LED Display Screen Makes the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics More Exciting

The world-renowned 24th Winter Olympics was grandly opened in Beijing on February 4, 2022.

The LED display screen witnessed brilliant moments and helped the Beijing Winter Olympics.

For the first time, the entire Bird’s Nest large floor LED screen has realized full LED image, replacing the traditional floor screen projection, and the picture quality has reached 8K. 

After 5 months of high-intensity rehearsal and the extreme low-temperature rain and snow weather of minus 30 degrees Celsius in winter, the ground display system can continue to achieve stable operation, perfectly presenting the dreamlike and realistic beauty of Chinese technology to the world. 

It is the largest LED screen ground stage in the world. The ground stage LED screen display is composed of 46,504 unit boxes of 50 cm square, with a total area of 11,600 square meters. In addition, the five ice rings, ice cubes, ice waterfalls, snow torches, etc. the opening ceremony is also made of LEDs, and the beautiful performances are realized through technology.

    1. Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony  (Impressive stage effects)

    2. Beijing Awards Plaza (important awards)

   3. Yanqing Awards Plaza(important awards)

  4. Winter Olympics venues (sports events)

  5. Hundreds of cities and thousands of led screens to watch the Olympics in 8K (multi-screen simultaneous HD live broadcast)

The presentation of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics has achieved the perfect combination of digital technology and aesthetic innovation. In addition to the LED display screen manufacturers, there is also a whole LED industry chain such as chips, display control systems, video processing, and LED packaging of Chinese enterprises. Among them, Chipone provides LED display chips ICND2153 and ICND2055, Novastar and others provide control systems, and Kinglight and Nationstar Optoelectronics provide LED high-definition display packaging devices.

In cooperation with 4K, 5G, VR/AR/XR, AI, naked-eye 3D, holography, and other technologies, combined with special-shaped, transparent, and other screen designs and unpredictable lighting.

The LED display screen makes the Olympic events shine! 

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics are underway. 

Let’s cheer for the Winter Olympics, cheer for athletes, and look forward to the future together.

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