LED Display Maintenance Tips In Autumn And Winter


The maintenance of LED display screens is related to its service life. As autumn and winter approach, the weather will become extremely dry, and the temperature difference between morning and evening will be large. Not only are people prone to getting sick, but LED displays are also prone to “sickness,” so the care and maintenance of LED displays are particularly important in autumn and winter.

This article will tell you how to maintain LED displays in autumn and winter. Let’s learn together!

1. What aspects of protection should we pay attention to for LED displays in autumn and winter?

In autumn, due to dry weather and large temperature differences, LED displays are easily affected, with symptoms such as reduced brightness, color distortion, dead spots, loose wiring harnesses, etc. Therefore, during the care and maintenance of LED displays, you need to pay attention to the following aspects of protection:

1) Moisture

In some subtropical areas, it often rains for several days in a row. Water molecules in the air accumulate in large quantities, so it is very important to prevent moisture.

1.1). Impact on LED display:

  • Corrosion:

In a humid environment, wind and rain may cause moisture to penetrate into the display screen, corrode the circuit board and components, damage the electronic components, and reduce the life of the display screen.

  • Short circuit:

In a humid environment, moisture accumulates in connectors, lines, etc., which may cause a short circuit and prevent the display from working properly.

  • Deterioration of display quality:

In a humid environment, moisture penetrates into the display module of the display screen, which may cause water to separate the module, affecting the display effect and leading to a decrease in display quality.

1.2). Protection methods:

  • Check the screen’s seal regularly to make sure there are no cracks or holes.

  • Installed screen and case with waterproof protection.

  • Place the LED display in a place with proper ventilation and heating equipment.

  • Installing appropriate ventilation and dehumidification equipment can effectively control indoor humidity.

  • Clean the display screen regularly to prevent mold growth.

2). static electricity

The dryness of autumn and winter is a period of high incidence of static electricity. Static electricity is very harmful to the electronic parts of LED displays.

2.1). Impact on LED display:

  • Damage to electronic components:

Static electricity may cause damage to electronic components, especially for sensitive circuits and devices. Static discharge may cause breakdown and short circuits, making the LED display unable to work properly.

  • Abnormal display:

Static interference may cause abnormal display on the LED display, such as flickering of display content, confusing images, color distortion, etc.

2.2). Protection methods:

  • Before wiring, apply an anti-static agent.

  • Before unpacking, ground the unit with your hands or anti-static gloves.

  • Place the LED display in the anti-static inner packaging box.

3). lightning strike

Thunder is normal on rainy days, especially during the rainy season. Protection against lightning strikes is also very important.

3.1). Impact on LED display:

  • Power system failure:

Lightning strikes may cause damage to the display’s power system, causing it to fail to work properly.

  • Circuit board failure:

The high voltage generated by lightning strikes may cause the circuit board of the display to malfunction, affecting the normal operation of the device.

  • Screen damage:

The strong current generated by lightning strikes may cause the LED display screen to be damaged, cracked, or unable to display.

3.2). Protection method:

  • Install ground protection devices to ensure that current can flow quickly back to the ground.

  • The ground is in accordance with the regulations of the power department and keeps the ground resistance within a certain range.

  • Regularly check the equipment’s grounding and protection devices using lightning arresters.

4). Dust

There are callbacks in almost every place in the world. Although they are very small, they are also very harmful to electronic products.

4.1). Impact on LED display:

  • Blocking light:

Dust accumulates on the surface of the display screen, which will affect the passage of light through the display module, causing the brightness of the display to decrease and the display effect to deteriorate.

  • Accelerated circuit aging:

Dust will accumulate on circuit boards and components, forming conductive paths that may lead to circuit short circuits and leakage, increasing the risk of display damage.

  • Affects heat dissipation:

Dust blocks the heat dissipation channels and fans, causing the display not to heat smoothly and the temperature to rise, adversely affecting electronic components and circuits and reducing the life of the display.

4.2). Protection method:

  • Maintain the site regularly and ensure that the environment around the display is clean and hygienic.

  • Clean the screen surface regularly, and do not use cleaners containing chemicals.

  • Install a filter to filter dust and impurities in the air.

5). Heavy snow

Snow is common in winter, and the snow is very heavy in many places. Do you know how to protect yourself when a blizzard comes?

5.1). Impact on LED display:

  • Snow accumulation:

During heavy snowfall, a large amount of snowflakes accumulate on the surface of the LED display, which may cause excessive load-bearing on the display surface and cause damage to the display, especially for outdoor LED displays.

  • Snow pressure:

A large amount of snow may put pressure on the structure of the LED display, causing the structure to deform or be damaged, affecting the normal operation of the display.

  • Temperature:

After the snow stops, as the temperature drops, the snow may freeze, which will affect the circuit board, power supply, and other components of the LED display, causing equipment failure.

  • Humidity is too high:

After the snow stops, if the ambient humidity is too high, it may cause the internal components of the LED display to become damp, thus affecting its performance and lifespan.

5.2). Protection method:

  • Check the casing regularly to make sure it is in good condition.

  • Clean regularly to ensure proper operation of equipment.

  • After snow, clear the snow on the display in time to prevent the snow from affecting the equipment.

2. Other daily maintenance

In addition to several aspects that require special attention in autumn, daily maintenance is also very important. Specifically, the following aspects need to be noted:

  • Regular inspections:

LED displays need to be inspected and maintained regularly, and problems found should be dealt with promptly, such as poor line contact, damage to the display surface, power supply, communication interface, and other failures.

The LED display needs to ensure a stable power supply. Do not plug and unplug continuously to avoid damaging the power supply.

  • Observe the display quality:

Regularly observe the display quality of the LED display, especially the performance in terms of color, brightness, clarity, etc., and deal with problems in a timely manner if any problems are found.

  • Regular cleaning:

The LED display screen should be cleaned at any time during daily use to remove dust and dirt from the display screen to ensure the cleanliness of the display screen.

Choosing a suitable LED display is also a very critical step. Choosing regular brands and good manufacturers will not only ensure better technical support but also enjoy better after-sales service in terms of later maintenance.


Autumn maintenance and daily maintenance of LED displays are very important, which can effectively protect the display from being affected and avoid failures.

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