How Does LED Screen Prevent Fire?

Due to the popularity of LED displays in indoor and outdoor places, the number of fire accidents caused by quality problems and design defects of full-color LED displays has increased. This has brought great risks to the safety of employees and caused huge economic losses to customers. With the increase in accidents, we carried out a more in-depth analysis: how to prevent fire accidents in the application?

Let's start with the source of the LED screen fire:

1. Wire rods

In most display applications, the more information the display displays per unit area, the higher the power consumption, which puts forward higher requirements for the power stability of the wire. In a wide variety of wire products, only the use of wire is in line with the national standards, to ensure its safety and stability.

2.Power supply

Power products that pass the UL certification are the best choice when selecting the same type of power products. Its scientifically effective conversion rate ensures the safety and stability of the electric load, enabling it to work in a hot external environment.

3.Protective materials

Under normal conditions, the aluminum plastic plate of outdoor LED display products will deteriorate quickly due to the hot and cold action of rain and heat. Rain and moisture can easily penetrate the screen during the wet season, causing short circuits in electronic components and fire accidents. The market of high fire rating display products is mostly fireproof aluminum plastic plates in the display external protective structure of the material. It has excellent fire resistance and a strong fire retardant.

4.Plastic kit

The plastic kit is mainly the material used in the base shell of the unit module mask. The primary raw material is PC glass fiber with flame-retardant properties. Not only does it have a flame retardant function, but it also withstands high and low temperatures and long-term use with no deformation becoming brittle cracking. When used in conjunction with a good sealing glue, it prevents rainwater from entering the interior and prevents short-circuit fires.

So, how to prevent LED display fire accidents?

1.A radiator, fan, or air conditioner should be installed for heat dissipation when the LED display is operational.

It is recommended to install a 1P air conditioner every 8-10 square meters to ensure the normal temperature inside the display screen. The unscientific application of air conditioning or radiator fans will cause uneven heat dissipation distribution. The abnormal temperature rise can easily lead to accidents inside the screen.

2.Install it correctly

Short circuits can be caused by human mistakes, such as the reaction of the positive and negative electrodes, or weak connection parts. Technically speaking, this means that professionals should carry out the installation, supervision, and inspection of LED displays.

3.Ensure a safe operating environment.

Avoid accumulating explosive and combustible items near the LED display because doing so could spark a fire. Because PCB or three anti-fire paints are not fire resistant and cannot survive high temperatures, some corporations prefer to cut expenses in manufacturing.


In other words, every little thing contributes to the task of LED display fire prevention. The quality of the LED display’s internal raw materials has a significant impact on both its fire performance and real service life. Just to make sure the raw materials are of a high enough standard to prevent any problems during use.

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