DIP LED Display

  1. What is DIP technology

  2. DIP LED structure

  3. Advantages of DIP LED

  4. Disadvantages of DIP LED

  5. Applications of DIP LED

DIP LED has played an important role in advertising LED displays for a long time, and everyone likes its high pit environment and excellent high brightness.

But why has SMD LED gradually replaced the position of outdoor LED display in recent years? Let’s take a look at DIP LEDs, shall we?


1. What does DIP LED mean?

DIP (Dual In-Line Package) LEDs are the traditional LED lights, and the packaging technology was developed first than SMD LED, COB LED, and GOB LED.

2. DIP LED structure

DIP LEDs have a cylindrical shape with a sphere-like shape at the top, which helps improve light projection and contains a single cell with a semiconductor crystal that emits light through a continuous current.

DIP can only produce a single color, so it needs a specific three-color LED (red, green, blue) composition so that the LED display can display rich colors.

3. Advantages of DIP LEDs

  • Has strong durability:

Since the DIP LED covers all the external resin encapsulation, plus the two pins of the DIP LED solder the LED directly to the circuit board, this type makes the system more durable with high environmental resistance.

The brightness of the DIP Screen is higher than that of the ordinary SMD LED display, which can reach a high brightness of more than 7500nits.

4. Disadvantages of DIP LEDs

  • Expensive:

Since it is not easy to implement mechanized production of DIP displays, manual operations are required in some links, resulting in low productivity and increased costs.

  • Not suitable for indoor installation:

The minimum pitch of the DIP LED display can reach P6, which cannot meet the high-definition image quality requirements of most indoor displays, and it isn’t easy to achieve the actual pixel resolution.

The maximum viewing angle that the DIP LED display can provide in the horizontal direction is about 110 degrees, which is incomparable with today’s display market.

5. Applications of DIP LEDs

DIP LED has solid environmental resistance, high brightness, and durability, which is very suitable for large-scale outdoor LED displays, such as outdoor traffic screens, shopping malls, etc.


in conclusion:

The above is the basic introduction to DIP LED. 

You can learn about it from 5 aspects.

If you want to know more about SMD LED, GOB LED, and COB LED, click to learn.

If you want to know more advanced knowledge, you can contact led screen professionals.

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