Different Between Curtain LED Screen and Outdoor LED Screen

Q1) Who was this article written for?

Users who cannot distinguish between a curtain LED screen and a traditional outdoor screen.

Users who are ready to buy similar products.

Users are interested in learning about LED displays.


Q2) How will reading this article help you?

Learn about the features of the curtain LED screen and traditional outdoor display products and choose the right outdoor display for your needs.


Q3) What is the core content of this article?

Do you know anything about outdoor curtain LED screens?

Are curtain LED screens and traditional outdoor displays enemies? Or a friend?

Outdoor curtain LED screens, and traditional outdoor LED displays are applied to outdoor scenes, looking is a competitive relationship; it is not, why?

This article will help you quickly understand the difference between an outdoor curtain LED screen and a traditional outdoor LED display.

It will look at the three main features: lighting, weight, wind core load capacity, etc.


1. Comparison of lighting

Traditional outdoor LED display.

Due to the box structure, the light transmission is 0%, if the screen covers a large area, the building will be very dark, which will affect the normal activities of the people in the building, soon you will receive a large number of complaints letters in the building.

Outdoor curtain LED screens.

The hollow form of the screen body, the gap between the screen bar and the screen bar can be permeable to sunlight, and the light transmission rate of about 40% to 80%, even if a large area of the screen body covers the building, still effectively protect the building light.

So, in general, a large-area screen will use the outdoor grille LED screen is better, but if the area is smaller can consider the traditional display.


2. Comparison of weight and appearance

Look at the following picture, which box do you think would be lighter in weight?

From its looks, the material is less, the wispy grille screen is lighter, why?

Traditional outdoor LED display.

Maintenance methods: pre-and post-maintenance.

Cabinet material: iron and aluminum.

The weight and thickness are different due to different maintenance methods and materials, for example, the size of the rear maintenance of the traditional outdoor fixed iron box is 960X960mm, weight of about 50kg, the thickness of about 150mm; the size of the front maintenance 960X960mm, weight about 33kg, thickness about 90mm.

Outdoor curtain LED screens.

The dimensions of the outdoor curtain LED screen are: 500mm wide x 1000mm high, and the weight of the unit box is as light as; 6KG/pc.

The thickness is as thin as 67mm, and the steel structure weighs only 10KG/squared, which is the core highlight of the outdoor curtain screen.

The thin and lightbox is mainly based on its simple structure and box material, the box material is generally aluminum alloy, due to the simple structure, easy to get started, from installation to the use of the whole process is very convenient, using the modular design of rapid disassembly, the screen between the box splicing, installed in a fixed bracket can be completed, very convenient, single installation, only 10 seconds per square, than the traditional outdoor LED screen installation speeds up 60 times, can easily achieve fast maintenance before / after.


3. Wind load

Traditional outdoor LED display.

Due to the structure of the box, the screen is sealed, has low wind permeability, and low wind load, not suitable for installation in the year-round windy, high places.

Outdoor curtain LED screens.

Due to the grid of the screen body, making the screen body can be permeable to the wind, has strong wind resistance, and wind load is small, reducing the overall infrastructure of the display strength and weight.

When should you choose a curtain LED screen for your outdoor advertising screen?

It is highly recommended to buy a curtain LED screen if you meet the following three conditions.


1. The outdoor display screen demand area is large.

Large area to install the screen body in the building, at this moment, you need to consider whether the display is high transmittance; if not, the display blocked the outside of the building light, and indoor darkness all day, affecting the people inside the building life.


2. The environmental climate of the installation, whether it is windy all year round.

3. Whether the installation environment is better.

After the detectors estimate that the wall can not support the screen’s excessive weight, choosing the light material of the curtain LED display is the best choice for safety reasons.

The weight of the grille screen unit box is light to 6KG/pc, 75% less than the traditional outdoor LED display weight, the thickness is thin to 67mm, the steel structure only weighs 10kg/square, 80% less than the traditional outdoor LED display steel structure weight.

We recommend choosing the traditional outdoor LED display in the following demand.

1. The price will be lower than the curtain LED screen, due to the box structure, the traditional outdoor fixed display in the environment resistance is stronger than the curtain LED display.

If not large area advertising demand and installation of weight requirements, 80.33% of customers will choose the traditional outdoor LED display.

General curtain LED screen spacing is relatively large, 15 meters away from the viewing effect is better, but up close viewing is not as fine, clear, and colorful as the traditional outdoor display.

A traditional outdoor display will do if installed on an outdoor mall, where the user base is street pedestrians and visitors to the plaza, or on the side of the road.

6 Responses

  1. Hey guy I want to ask…can I use a curtain LED screen for indoor uses like for daily domestic use? I’m currently using a normal projector but I need something bigger for permanent use..

    1. Hi Dear Zenith, thanks for asking, generally speaking, we will prefer to use a transparent LED screen for indoor use if you need the transparency function, the pixel pitch of the curtain LED screen is too large for indoor use.

  2. We would like to set up an electronic billboard that operates like a TV on a building in a crossroads corner in a typhoon belt area. Which is appropriate, traditional or curtain type?

    1. Hi Alice, we suggest to use the traditional type, because the material is made of steel, For curtain type, the cabinet is not stronger to face with the typhoon weather

  3. Hi, I would love a led billboard on street lights poles of over (100 street lights poles). So what size am I going for and how much does it cost.

    1. Hi Emmanuel, thanks for your comment, already arrange our sales contact with you, you will receive the message from her soon

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