After Using Floor LED screen, Customers Traffic Jam!

Q1) Who needs to read this article?

A1: Business owners who want to increase traffic, attract customers, malls, bars, etc.

Q2) What will help after reading this article?

A2: Learn about a secret weapon to increase customer traffic and attract new customers: floor LED screen.

The goal is: how to use it to help you to against competitors to form a differentiated floor LED screen advantage and finally get profit.

Q3) What is the core content of this article?

This article answers a total of three questions:

What can the floor LED screen bring to you?

How to use the floor LED screen to maximize the benefits?

How to choose the right floor LED screen?

1ST | Floor LED screens to make their profits skyrocket!

In 2019, the year that LED screens have been invincible!

Look at the 11th month of the month-a “profit pillar” that has risen from the ground. 

Its growth rate is 102.89% in the 10th month!

Why is the LED screen so hot? 

Quite simply, it can bring considerable (advertising traffic) and customer money spending.

And what we are going to introduce to you today is the rising star of LED screens: floor LED displays!

What is it? What can it bring? Please see the picture below!

As can be seen from the picture, the interactive and exciting floor LED screen attracted them.

In the past, companies were “looking for people”-companies were promoting in places with a lot of people, which made the high-volume advertising spots famous.

Now, the floor LED screen proposes, “Let people find businesses” —the magic power of the floor LED display is to inspire customers’ curiosity and attract them.

The place where the floor LED screen is located is where the traffic is.

It can be seen that the formula of “floor LED screen = flow rate” is standing!

Let’s solve the floor LED screen and get your profit password!

2ND | 3 rules: How to choose floor LED screen?

About “How to choose the most suitable of your floor LED screen” in this issue, we have talked in the article of “super weapons brick screen, to attract customers, increase the amount of long traffic device! “

It will provide you with some ideas that you can do. 

Our conclusion is:

What effect do you expect of the floor LED screen bring to you?

If it is used to display the theme elements in cooperation with other designs, select a display floor LED screen;

Select a non-interactive floor LED screen: If you only need to display the theme elements to fit with the designs.

Select an interactive floor LED screen: If it is used to provide customers with interactive play functions, to increase fun and playability.

Tips for interactive floor LED screens:

The interactive floor LED screen is divided into Radar and core chip; the effect of the core chip is better and more stable.

Where is the floor LED screen used for?

The floor LED screen is a special LED screen stomped by customers. 

It has an extra layer of protective mask shell. 

It has a PC board, tempered glass, and acrylic three types.

These three types of shells are different in terms of load-bearing capacity, water resistance, light transmission, and degree of color difference. 

Among them, the PC board performs best.

Our recommendations are:

Outdoors may not face various uncertain factors such as rain and crowds. 

It is recommended that you choose a floor LED screen with a PC board or a tempered glass mask.

The indoor pressure may be relatively small. 

If there are no special scene requirements, you can choose any of the three.

Friendly Tips: For the consideration of the safety of the instrument and customer experience, we recommend buying an interactive floor LED screen with a PC board, which can effectively protect the floor LED display.

The curtain is not damaged and can withstand heavy pressure. 

Especially in the scenes of car shows and wading water, PC board masks are your best choice.

Short-term or long-term use?

For short-term use, it is recommended that you choose the rental floor LED screen type, which will provide you with a lightweight, easy to transport die-cast aluminum cabinet materials;

For long-term use, it is recommended that you choose a fixed installation floor LED screen type, and it is recommended to use a protective iron cabinet.

For a more detailed explanation, welcome to review our previous article ( click here ) to jump.

Third, using a floor LED screen, these scenes can also make huge profits!

Each characteristic of the floor LED screen involves dimensions such as weight, humidity, interactive sensitivity, etc. 

Based on this, we can use the field of the floor LED screen divided into three types: 

entertainment venues, exhibition venues, and branding venues.

Application 1: Entertainment venues

This section will be based on the scene, from “the characteristics of the scene,” “the needs of customers,” “how to use the floor LED screen to meet the needs,” “how to choose the right floor LED screen.”

The above four perspectives will tell you: how can these three types of scenes be more profitable and smooth through the floor LED screen!

  1. Entertainment scene

This type of scene includes bars, shopping malls, supermarkets, playgrounds, etc. 

We recommend: buy with excellent load-bearing, water-proof, anti-slip performance

An interactive floor tile screen with stability at the same time! For example, use a PC board and a core tile of a mask to display the floor tile interactively.

What are the characteristics of such scenarios?

First, entertaining occasions generally need to organize a variety of novel and exciting activities, such as a place where you can interact and play with people;

Secondly, whether it is a bar or a playground, usually there are many people and the weight is not small, and the organizer must consider the safety of customers;

Finally, in the entertainment scene, it is impossible to avoid the situation where wine, water, and beverages fall on the ground, and outdoor, you also need to face challenges such as rain.

What do customers need in such scenarios?

Customers often come to interesting places during breaks, and after a busy job, they just want to have fun and enjoy themselves. 

Therefore, sensory spurs, excitement, high levels of participation, and novel and fun activities can satisfy them.

How to use the floor LED screen to meet the demand?

You can install it where customers must go, or where you want to increase traffic.

The first point is used to attract traffic.

The typical representatives of this kind of scene are shopping malls and squares. 

The floor LED screen acts as a corner of the “magic video floor,” helping business owners to achieve various fantastic scenes.

Let customers immerse in it and play with various playmates on the screen, such as a piano that can be played with feet, a green playground that can play football, one step at a time, one flower, step by step generating lotus, walking in the universe.

The new and exciting floor LED screen can attract customers, and the surrounding shops naturally have more exposure.

The second point: combining the characteristics of the place and the theme of the event.

The floor LED screen can play the role of “making space” and “creating an illusion” in any place.

So you can combine floor LED display with the needs of corporate activities, and create video content in the floor LED screen, to allow your event theme to complete various ideals together.

For example, a bar with “spurs.” 

You can usually feel it here: crazy loudly music, dazzling lights, people swinging together.

The floor LED screen can be combined with the architectural features of the bar itself, or it can be consistent with music and lighting style. 

For example, let the frequency consistent with light and music with floor LED screen, and the video on the screen is also changed to a style with electronic audio, industrial, cyberspace. 

Since then, the sensory irritation has been strengthened.

Another example is the playground represented by Disney. 

They usually have a distinctive “theme,” where you can see beautiful retro castles, fairy tales, even if you can see in this room, see the snow-white princess and the vicious queen mother-in-law played by the actor.

The floor LED screen can complement this effect very well.

For example, it can show the ground surface in front of the castle, the river and water in the fairy tale, and the surrounding environment, the small dwarf people and small animals that have appeared in the anime movie. 

These scenes can complement the views of the park itself. 

Customers are being able to indeed be in the scene, and interacting with all kinds of horns will eventually give him the feeling of “incarnation of the main horns.”

Besides, floor LED screens can be installed in similar aquariums and ocean aquariums to create the ocean aquarium theme. 

Friendly reminder, the requirements for this kind of scene is for anti-slip properties are very high, and a PC board face mask will be the right choice.

The benefits are as below:

Today, this customer has been surrounded by all kinds of entertainment and visual impacts.

Creating space magic from the “foot” can bring perception to hallucination.

The guest “spatial illusion” attracted him to play. 

This novel feeling is one of the differentiated strategies for enterprises to win customers.

For enterprise operation models, floor LED screens can help them efficiently develop all resources in a limited space. 

From the saturated “ground” to the “ground surface itself” that no one can develop, this is one of the most resource-efficient approaches.

What floor LED screen should I choose? Why?

I said at the beginning: you can choose the core chip type and PC board face mask floor LED screen with a good load-bearing, water-resistance, and sensitive interactive function.

In terms of load-bearing, water-proof, non-slip properties:

Because whether they are playgrounds or bars, they are both significant in number and large inactivity. 

It is likely that: poor load-bearing effects may damage the floor LED screen, and companies need to bear the cost of repairs, while also giving customers a bad experience;

The poor water resistance will not only damage the floor LED screen but also bring potential safety hazards to customers, including a variety of possibilities, including electric shocks;

Floor LED screens need to be in direct contact with customers. 

Poor slip resistance can cause customers to fall, and the risk is very high;

In summary, this will affect the reputation and image of the company. 

If it is not handled correctly, it will cause a devastating blow to the company.

Since PC masks perform better on these three sides, it is recommended that you choose this one.

Regarding the selection of core chip interactive type floor LED screen instead of radar type

There are two main disadvantages of radar interactive floor LED screen:

It is not too stable. 

Once if someone touched or moved radar equipment, it will cause interaction failure and video dislocation;

Its range will be affected by the number of people. 

If there are too many people, its radiation range will be limited, and the problem of unrecognizable problems will occur.

Obviously, in an entertainment place with a large number of people and a large number of customers, it is difficult to ensure a good effect by choosing a radar interactive floor LED screen. 

Therefore, we recommend that you choose a more stable core chip type interactive floor LED screen.

Application 2: Exhibition Scenes

The typical representatives of such places are product exhibitions and art exhibitions, such as car exhibitions, art exhibitions, man exhibitions, etc. 

We recommend that you buy products with good load-bearing properties floor LED screen. 

Because different exhibitions have two possibilities of interaction and pure display, the interactive function of the floor LED screen is optional.

What are the characteristics of such scenarios?

The exhibition can be divided into two categories: one is to the main items of the exhibition, such as auto show, LED exhibition, an exhibition of technology products or industrial exhibition; 

The other one is to people-oriented exhibitions, such as man exhibitions, painting exhibitions, theme exhibitions, and other art exhibitions. 

Overall has the following characteristics:

Some exhibits have an interactive experience function, and customers will experience it for themselves. 

The exhibition needs to consider the customer’s personal safety issues, and more importantly, the weight and quantity of customer’s will cause excessive pressure on the ground surface;

Some exhibits are heavy, such as vehicles, LED screens, and new technology products, which will bring huge pressure to the ground floor;

What do customers need in such scenarios?

The customers of the two types of exhibitions bought tickets to participate in the exhibition out of curiosity and appreciation of art and technology. 

Their biggest purpose is to experience “New,” “different,” “amazing” things, so their needs can be summarized as follows:

Demonstration effect: In both types of exhibitions, customers will watch industrial products and artworks, and they will have high expectations for the presentation form and effect of the exhibition;

Interactive experience: Customers will be interested in emerging products and artworks, want to experience it for themselves, and hope to get extraordinary experience;

No worries: Customers who pay to enter the venue will hope that they have spent the money and can buy what they want, but don’t want to be overly restrictive, such as not

can touch the exhibits and watch the products up close.

How to use the floor LED screen to meet the demand?

You can combine the floor LED screen with the product’s characteristics and various ideas.

The first method is to increase the color of science fiction / artistic simply as the base or background of the exhibit.

This is the most common practice and does not require the use of too much human, physical, or physical resources. 

You only need to play a specific video on the screen. 

But you need to set

Plan your video content and screen shape to match the characteristics of the exhibit.

Take the Robotics Science and Technology Exhibition as an example. 

Robots and humans are generally inseparable from keywords such as artificial intelligence, advanced sci-fi, and other scientific and technological advances.

The impression of the product also comes from various science fiction movies, so all kinds of video elements with film science fiction, color, and even some morphological structures will be a concrete solution for the floor LED screen.

You can try: Combining the changing video on the floor LED screen with the robot’s actions, behaviors, and sound effects, you can even create an amazing “intelligent old age show. “

Take the most commonly seen car show as an example.

In addition to being a high-consumption product, the automobile is also a technology product. 

Consumers are very concerned about their properties.

The best synonym for high performance is undoubtedly the dazzling technology and super high industrial level. 

Just like the automobile, you see in the advertisement were pass through harsh deserts and rivers.

The application of the floor LED screen can enable a car show to simulate the scene in an advertisement and allow customers to experience it with their own eyes and hands, which has achieved beyond the TV Advertising effect. 

People believe in “seeing is believing,” Even it is just a show, but it still very impressed to make the selling purpose achieved.

Friendly reminder: This type of exhibition only needs to cooperate with the robot screen and the car (or other products).

Automobiles (or other products) have high weight and capacity and do not have high requirements for interactivity. 

To reduce the error rate of the product, you can consider slip resistance.

The second method: an interactive, immersive experience exhibition.

At present, with the development of technology, regardless of whether it is a product exhibition or an art exhibition, more and more exhibitions have introduced immersive experience, which has an impact on the display effect.

Interactivity and creativity are even more demanding.

What is an immersive experience exhibition? This is a combination of technology, art, and creativity.

The attention of guests is a feast that is completely attracted, and all senses are affected. 

In other words, let the art scene you create “resemble the truth,” let customers are “immersive” and “feel deeply.”

For example, the Van Gogh Art Immersive Exhibition, this art exhibition uses LED technology and other means to change the original flat display instead of using space.

At the same time, the paintings were transformed from 2D to 3D and three-dimensional rendering, which gave the public a strong visual impact.

Friendly reminder: The advantage of using an immersive experience is that it can meet the “show-off” demand that consumers are increasingly keen on. 

Throughout well-known social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. 

Among them are consumers who are willing to show their own lives, they hope to show their differences in life experience, high-quality travel experience, etc.

And the immersive experience exhibition is very novel and will be one of their choices. 

Meanwhile, after the exhibition, it can be carried forward, transmitted, and disseminated spontaneously, and it can indirectly increase the visibility of the exhibition.

What floor LED screen should I choose? Why?

First of all, we recommend that you carry out a classification according to the characteristics of the exhibition, and then summarize the requirements for floor LED screen in different categories, and finally make a selection.

Large product exhibition: PC with good load-bearing and non-slip properties.

Large-scale product exhibitions are always including Vehicles, LEDs, and related items such as metal ornaments, etc., have the ability to support the floor. 

Ordinary LED screens are easy to get crushed, so load-bearing needs to be taken into account.

Secondly, the product exhibition has the possibility of product movement (such as robots “walking”), and products with larger weights are easier to rub on smaller flat surfaces.

There are slips and impacts, but there is a problem with the stability of the product placement, and more importantly, it may pose a threat to the safety of viewing customers.

To consider slip resistance.

Therefore, we recommend choosing a PC mask type floor LED screen with a load-bearing capacity of about 2 tons and a non-slip texture panel.

Small product exhibition, general art exhibition: floor LED screen with interactive function, you can choose toughened glass, PC board, and other masks.

In exhibitions with lighter weight and smaller size, we generally recommend that you choose toughened glass or PC face masks. 

Because these two are good to display effect and load-bearing performance will not affect the screen once a customer steps on it.

For such art and small product exhibitions, in order to attract customers, they may also incorporate creativity to engage them interactively, so it is also necessary to consider interactivity. 

Such as if the display is for a single exhibit, the area of the interactive floor LED screen will not be very large; then, the interactive floor LED screen of radar type or core chip type can be selected.

Immersive experience exhibition: PC board floor LED screen with strong interaction function, load-bearing, non-slip, and light transmission needs to be considered.

As mentioned above, the immersive experience exhibition is to bring customers “realism” and “impact force.” 

The requirement for floor LED screen is to meet the needs of the exhibition hall.

For example, it complements the ordinary LED screen standing upright and naked eye 3D technology to create a “real illusion.”

Core chip type interactive floor LED screens: Only when their behaviors get feedback in the “fantasy” can they become more immersed in it and get better sensory experience. 

Therefore, the interaction function must be taken into account. 

To meet the immersive characteristics, we recommend that you choose the core-chip interaction with a low error rate.

The requirements for light transmittance, load-bearing, and anti-slip properties are high: 

First, customers have higher requirements for the light transmittance and display effect of floor LED screen; 

Second, for immersive experiences, there needs to be more creative fusion. 

At first, it may be that the exhibits are heavy and the number of customers is large. 

Second, customers want to invest in their hearts in the world of the exhibition; he may walk around and experience it. 

Therefore, load-bearing and non-slip properties are important.

In summary, in the immersive experience exhibition, we recommend that you use a core-type interactive PC mask floor LED screen.

Application 3: Branding Promotion venues

The typical representatives of this kind of place are brand LOGO logo, urban geography, landmark building, urban green fixed decoration, etc., we recommend you choose the non-interactive floor LED screen.

What are the characteristics of such scenarios?

First of all, few people step on it, not only the weight, pressure, and force, but also the interaction requirements;

Secondly, the finished product is generally not used for a long time, and it is rarely transported and rebuilt later.

Finally, it is used to shape the image of a business or city.

What do customers need in such scenarios?

The customers in this scenario are business owners or local governments, and they need to:

Cooperate with the LOGO or iconic image of enterprises, brands, cities, give people a deep impression and realize brand promotion;

Improving the surrounding environment and integrating into the city or brand scene, such as urban greening facilities.

How to use the floor LED screen to meet the demand?

You can combine the city and brand LOGO to design the floor LED screen.

For example, Alien design.

Different brands and city logos have specific shapes. 

To cooperate to form a better effect, you can design the shape of the floor LED screen, and it is not necessary to select only the square shape.

For example, color contrast or video content contrast strengthen the main body of the image: some logos have obvious theme characteristics, you can usually only in ppt or

the “reflection” seen in the advertising screen becomes a solid three-dimensional form. 

For example, a logo model plus a floor LED screen sparkling; the reflection reflects the logo designed in advance. 

This company or brand logo is placed under the office building.

What floor LED screen should I choose? Why?

Brand publicity floor LED screens are mainly used for display. 

They do not have high requirements for interaction and load-bearing. 

You can choose according to the display effect.

The thing to consider is the mask properties. 

Generally speaking: PC board = tempered glass> Acrylic.

Here I still recommend you to choose a PC board mask; the reason is as follows:

Your logo needs to be used for a long time. 

The PC board face mask can prevent water and good load-bearing, so it is not easy to be damaged and suitable for long-term projects.

The PC board mask has good light transmittance and generally does not have color differences. 

While taking into account other attributes, it can also ensure the display effect.

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